sadly my stories r never finished...

so let me start a new one... XD well just a summery maybe..?

So a girl is really fat, and she's not so proud of that. but she has a boyfriend, but he doesn't really dig fat chicks, and prompts her to lose weight, but insists that he still loves her even if she isn't completely athletic, but she should be smaller.

she tries to lose the weight, in fear that another skinny girl is going to show up one day and be everything he dreamed of. With long hair and muscles from her aerobics and yoga, not a drop over weight and fit and ever so eye catching to a young man that has a fat girl friend that he probably only likes for her personality. But the weight just isn't coming off like she'd like it too... if at all really.

so is there a skinny girl who takes away big girls man? or does he have a fear of someone loving every thick part of her and taking her away? or maybe there is both someone else for them and they separate to be happier in life?

idk im too lazy to write it out XD