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like a diary but not really
I like to think I tried my best
Nightmares, again..
I will admit that I have an odd sleeping pattern. And that I eat before bed. Whether or not this makes me LUCID dream.. I don't know. But that is a thing I do a few times. While nightmares are not always fun, it doesn't mean I don't like having them. They show me a different world, just as much as dreaming.

I guess.. you wouldn't think it was a nightmare by just reading this.

. . : : Dream Start : : . .
I was a boy.. In a completely different house, but it all felt so natural that I didn't call attention to it.. for the first part. I had stepped out of my room... I think I was asleep before then. I made my way to the bathroom and there was blood on my hands. Not only on my hands, but along the walls and floors. I knew it was my parents who were fighting again. I was still very shocked and scared that my hands were covered in blood. I quickly washed my hands and let everything be.

When I went back to my room there were these two girls. Friends, I guess.. We shared a room, but I don't know why. While my appearance was a boy and I felt comfortable.. deep down I knew I was a girl. It passed quickly as things started to change. The walls were washed, everyone was awake and acted as if nothing happened. Back to the girls, they were.. normal.. but I think they were cosplayers because they were dressed up as.. something familiar. And they wanted me to join in, but I couldn't get a word out. I do remember talking, though.

Then, I heard a baby crying. I started searching around the place, probably looking crazy. Walking into the living room, my mom was there, I stopped next to her. She assured me that there was no one crying and that I was just hearing things. And maybe I was.. And I just stood there for a while.
. . : : Dream End : : . .

Then I woke up.. thinking about the thing. Its short, I know. But there are things I forgot/don't want to mention specifically. Plus, I can't word it right.

This could make a creepy story. There are some holes, but they can be fulled. That is to say, it's been a while since I had a lucid nightmare. And even then, I didn't have much control this one.

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