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Just another journal..
It is a... journal of a wolf..
Ugh... I came back to my moms house.. And I want to ******** die... The car he picked me up in is filled with trash, thrown around bags, open drinks and old food. And then when we get to the house, there is crap everywhere.. food all over the kitchen.. An a** load if paper on the table, a vaccine in the side if the room, the movie bins look like someone tossed the movies in it. There is cups and plates in the living room. Then when I get to my room, it's clean except for the fact that there are chords all over the floor, I had some out but they weren't scatterd around. And someone had tossed clothes on my floor. Then today I brung it up to my mom and she said it was me and my sister's fult for not cleaning. I am only here every other week, and when I am here I clean up after my self. My dads house is allways clean. We clean up after are selves so we don't clean up after eachother. And now my dog is freeking out and my mom naturally blames me. There is a donut on the couch, and again, my mom blames me. Everything I do I clean up after, if I cook I clean it up. as I haven't messed with the dogs since I've been here... My mom keeps yelling at me and blaming me for crap.. And trying to make me feel guilty now.. And my dad is telling me to be nice to her.. Ugh... the only thing that is keeping me from going back to cutting.. Is her.. I love her much.. she is my reason for living... but still.. I cry.. Buecause I would give ANYTHING to be able to just leave now and be with her right now... these next few years will be bitter-sweet I guess.. Because ill have her allways.. But I still have to wait to be with her.. why can't I just leave all this behind and go now.. ;n; .. I'd do anything.. just to be able to leave this behind me and be by her side forever...

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