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Random Occurences From An Undercover Troll
Notes and stories/stuff I find interesting about school or life in general. :P
[x] I like skinny jeans. (love them, want more of em)
[/] Music is life. (its a big part of my life)
[ ] I write/wrote poetry/song lyrics. (nope, I suck at that x'D)
[x] My hair covers part of my face (bangs)
[ ] I wear band shirts (only have one and it's really huge Dx)
[ ] I know who Jeffree Star is. (who?)
[x] I wear/wore converse (wore, I don't care for em much)
[ ] I wear/wore vans. (nnnope)
[x] I wear/wore eyeliner (like almost all the time)
[x] I have/had/want my lip pierced (had. I let it close up :T)
[ ] I listen to The Used (who?)
[ ] I'm in a band. (nope that'd be cool though I guess)
[ ] My screen name had/has an x in it. (nope)
[/] I like My Chemical Romance (they're alright)
[x] I also like/liked Green Day (they're good)
[ ] I know what mosh means. (wat)
[ ] I sit in corners often. (nahh)
[/] I hate MTV. (sometimes)
[/] I take pictures of myself a lot. (sometimes :B)
[ ] Especially ones where you can't see my whole face. (I delete those xD)
[x] I am lost without a cd player/my iPod/mp3. (YESS)
[/] I have/had thick rimmed glasses. (they're not very thin nor thick usmilies/icon_smile.gif
[x] I have no issues with bi/gay people. (is one meself xD)
[ ] I hate the president. (nahh I can't hate ANYBODY)
[ ] I have/had a Mohawk. (I wish but my mom says NO =3=)
[x] I've worn black nail polish. (its alright)
[ ] I like/have liked Slipknot. (idk if I've ever heard them)
[x] I hate who I live with. (god do I)
[x] Black is a good color. (its alright with other colors)
[x] Right now I am listening to music. (Catgroove xD)
[ ] I know what hxc means. (wat)
[ ] I know what sxc means. (wat)
[ ] Myspace = love. (barf)
[x] Hot Topic doesn't scare me. (It's alright, better than most stores)
[x] I wear/wore studded belts. (I haz two :3)
[ ] I Like Hawthorne Heights. (who? what?)
[x] I have worn tight jeans. (love em)
[ ] I have/want/wanted to dyed/dye my hair black (Nahh)
[x] I'm sensitive. (maybe too much)
[x] I write/draw on myself. (a lot. yay blood poisoning! ouo)
[/] I've been called emo before. (only a few times)
Total = 20

Multiply it by 3 Re-post with the title "I am _% Emo"

sooo I'm 60% emo. I guessed as much xD

Poet Anderson
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