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What boredom does to me...
Bored, so I am just going to list some ways of how to earn a bunch of gold. Yes, I will tell you what ways you should never use to earn gold, too.

ZOMG game-fest: Point blank, join a 4+ person crew, go to doll shrine, wolf lair, or where ever and go through that a few times on normal+ setting. Crews have shared drops, so everybody earns gold when somebody makes a kill.

earn and sell: Earn and sell, wtf? Just my way of saying, earn tickets or some other item you can get from playing a game and sell them in the marketplace for a bit cheaper of a price than the lowest price at that time. I've found that if you save up to around 200+ tickets and sell them at {whatever amount you choose} per ticket and set the time limit to under 6 hours, you can usually get a notice not even 5 minutes after putting it up for sale that your tickets were sold.

got money and have nothing to do except go online: Seriously? Do I need to say it?
BUY A GAIA CASH CARD, SEND MONEY TO GAIA'S MAILING ADDRESS, DO SOMETHING THAT INVOLVES YOU GETTING GAIA CASH, SPENDING IT, SELLING THE STUFF YOU HAVE MORE OF THAN YOU WANT/NEED, SO YOU CAN EARN A BUNCH OF GOLD EASILY AND FAST! Seriously! I did that for a month once and got 4 items taken off my wishlist, helped some friends out, and STILL had some gold left over to spend on some smaller things that I wanted.

Now here are the ways you SHOULDN'T earn gold, EVER.

HA- ker-slap!: This is THE biggest no-no to all members of gaia. I may not be a moderator, but I will tell you that you should NOT hack people. It makes people unhappy, creates a mess for the gaia team to clean up, and makes you look like a ridiculously crappy person to even be seen in the same thread with the people you know, let alone on the friend list of that person. And in some cases, if the person you hacked is a person you know IRL and they know it was you who hacked them, the following results may occur; slap to the face, punch to the coconuts/gut/jaw/shoulder, roundhouse kicked in the back/stomach, and many other painful things such as being stabbed with a spork or having soccer balls kicked so they slam off some part of your body.

S-s-scamper away: Scammers; everybody hates scammers. They con you out of anything they know you have that they want. You don't want to be a scammer. Scammers not only are shunned by a lot of people, they also get a perma-ban put on their accounts if caught in the action of doing so after a number of times.

Bot I likez teh goldz: INSTA-PERMA-BAN! {translation: instant, permanent ban} Bots not only irritate people, but also make them want to personally show up on the fronts steps to the house of the person that created the bot and turn them into dust with an angry expression on their face. Another thing about them, is that they tend to cause staff members of gaia to go a bit looney in trying get the bot off the servers. I don't mean looney like "ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-he-he-he-he, I love when beavers dig those big holes in the ground under water that lead into those big wood piles they make because they look so cute"... No I mean looney as in "GAH! I HATE THIS BOT!!! *slams head against a wall until hospitalized or un-consious* *is back at desk two hours later with detesting look on face* What the heck is it that I have to do to get this thing off our servers?!".

Please note that I apologize to both staff and members of gaia for any/all things I may have said that they took as being rude and offensive.

Well, there you go. This is what boredom will sometimes do to me. {Along with sinuses going hay-wire and lack of sleep}

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