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Epic Magikarp's Fishing Journal
This shall cover everything from different OCs to random posts to fill in the blank letters.
Dream about N.
For some reason in my dream I couldn't talk. I don't know why, I just couldn't. So, I was running around in Dragonspiral Tower looking for a key to a locked room. Or, at least I think it was Dragonspiral, but I didn't know it yet. Any how, I went into the room and found the key being guarded by Golett statues. Being a foolish hero, I waltzed in and took the key. on my way out of the room the Goletts animated themselves and attacked! Like a hero I took out my duel hand blades and beat them all with out a sweat. Then came out Golurk. I knew I'd have a problem beating it, so I let out my trusted shiny Kabutops. The Kabutops and I fight like we share a mind, which explains my fighting style. Soon, the Golurk was beat and we left victorious. Once back to the locked door we enter and find a party! No one else had their pokemon out, so I put my pokemon away and started walking around. It was a normal party as far as I know, only held in a really weird room. Eventually I got bored and tried to leave from another exit other then the one I came from, but stopped when I saw an egg on some kind of stage. So, I climbed up the stage and got the egg. Once I had the egg I fell down a slide and into N. N was weirded out at first that I fell into him, but eventually started talking to me.
The dream continued on for a while of just N talking to me. ( I used a notebook to talk back to him.) Then Ghetsis attacked me while riding Bouffalant, telling N he could be around me because I used action replay!
I spent the rest of the dream trying to kidnap N....

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