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P's Rantings
Peri's little corner to rant about anything Peri feels like ranting about!

Seriously. I see a complete lack of capslock! What is this? Anyway it's been forever since my last journal entree, and it seems like all my stalkers are craving for more of my awesome words for them to have eye-orgasms while reading. You know who I'm talking about, person who just 'happens to have ran into my journal' but has been vigorously looking through my recent posts/my guilds/comments/everything to try to feel close to all this. ;D So I'll try to make it good, but as always it'll end up in a long winded rant about some useless crap you don't care about. So yeah, it'll be good.

>:0 Well I'm playing my Pokemon HG and decide to finally breed my Brodoof with an Eevee too have weird fox-beaver babies. But I want egg moves so I decided against it, let my Brodoof stay stupid cute forever. >o> So I want to teach an Umbreon Curse, because ******** you, Umbreons are adorable! Well that and after Battle Frontier with the whole 'random Pokemon being given' thing, Umbreon + Curse was really neat. XD Used it like five billion times and Umbreon just b***h slapped everything into submission... which is saying a lot since it doesn't have hands to b***h slap with! Well Bulbapedia says it can't learn it from Brodoof, I gotta make it have weird sex with a Torkoal, and don't even know if I HAVE a Torkoal. >_> So I look through my box and notice a ton of Pokemon I didn't even know I had. Like Toxicroak... but no Torkoal, sad day. D= Ah well, at least now I noticed I have tons more that I should be using. >:0

>o> Oh who am I kidding? Probably just going to take Brodoof and finish Kanto with him. Then have wild buttsecks with Red. Because really, isn't that everyone's dream?

I had another rant too that I told Lone I would continue on here... like ten hours ago. It was about Pokemon RPs! >:0 Just joined a PMD one, so it's hopefully going to live up to my standards. Not saying much though, I have low standards when it comes to roleplays about Pokemon. Wait, five minute break. Gotta go build up my anger with uh... Supernatural Forum. Nothing makes a good rant than hearing obese teenage bitches go on about how they're actually psychic vampires. >:0 OKAY, that worked. Kind of, now I just want to go on a homicidal rampage in a high school... like I would do that here, with everyone having guns schools are actually very safe. D=

Anyway its about all the stupid bitches in RPs. >C Especially in Pokemon. Yeah sure anime logic applies to those so legendary =/= unique, but ********. That's no reason for every single chick with the same lame history to have an Entei or a Mew or a frikkin' Jirachi. Seriously, you don't need a Pokemon full of legendaries to have an interesting character. >:0 What's worse are the bitches who have a team full of Eevees. EEVEES ******** EVERYWHERE. Bitches be tripping on Eevees that's just how many Eeves are all over the place. Every RP too. They have to have at least ONE chick with a Espeon, Umbreon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon. Oh and of course their regular Eevee which is usually shiny. >C Yeah sure it's not like I haven't had a legendary in a Pokemon RP before... only a Jirachi though. D= Well, I didn't HAVE a Jirachi, I WAS the Jirachi. My job was to be a huge d**k to everyone and fail to grant their wishes and instead spend my time being a douchebag with wish granting powers.

What's worse are the people who assume that just because a Pokemon is their favorite, they're godly in an RP. >C Oh yeah, you ******** love your Lucario, I get it, you want to suck your Lucario's steel d**k, but that's not enough of a reason to why your Lucario is able to outspeed a Ninjask without using a priority move. What? Aura Sphere is able to 'lock-on' a target and never miss, so it's completely incapable of being dodged, even though you just had your furry dodged ******** despite the clear speed difference?! >C You kiss your mother with all that bullshit you're speaking boy? I put up with it with you BSing my ghost types, despite the fact that every fighting move you used ghosts are immune to, but s**t man. I know aiming for the horn works in this RP, but with that logic hypnosis should have been 100% accurate. >:C


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Serendipitous Coma
Community Member

Tue Oct 26, 2010 @ 11:01pm

"...has been vigorously looking through my recent posts/my guilds/comments/everything to try to feel close to all this."

... :'D I feel special~

>:'o I agree~! On ze Poke RP stuff. D: -gave up on them- Can't agree on the HG stuff because don't have HG. >:

..Am I a less secretive stalker because I commented..? D: ...Oh, vell. 8D HI PERI, I'M STALKING YOU~ <3

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