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Meow...No I'm not crazy
Something I want to save :3
Thank god I stopped x3

May people join my Poirot inspired mystery rp?

Pm me for details :3


The blinding morning light filled the once darkened room revealing one young Seeker in a lazy form of sleep. The futon was most comfortable and his head was covered by the fluffy blanket which assisted keeping the sun's gleams from rudely awakening him. Lukas slowly though opened his eyes to find the light's presence. Yawning under the covers, he then rose into a full stretch and began to adjust himself to the day life.

"Oh...That was a pretty darn good sleep if I do say so myself...Ugh time to get ready for breakfast I guess..."

Arising, Lukas then sluggishly dragged himself to the washroom for his daily business.


Raymond was oddly already up and about. He had changed from his recent wear from yesterday and had donned new garments. His eyes glanced to the outside's beautiful scenery as Caliban's amulet reflected the sunshine from the window.

"I wonder what will happen today..."

Ruffling through his hair and green jacket he then walked out his bedroom door to the courtyard for some fresh air. Halgn was already out presently and was wandering the rooftops for some good quality time for himself.


Yuuji rubbed his hands in a pleasant mood. The limo had finally pulled into a traditional looking mansion in the rural district of Tokyo and the opposite side of the city, ironically, from the Shiba Castle.

"Tomorrow morning...But first please rest yourselves. Mr. Daigo will see you tomorrow. Have a nice time in Japan my friends..."

Politely the doors were opened by the Yakuza and the front doors of the mansion were opened. Each person's luggage was unloaded and placed down the walkway for them to take.
Roland gave sigh of relief as familiar surroundings gave him nausea from the past memories. He nudged Aeon to remind him something about his gift.

"I hope you remember Meso Titans aren't the easiest things to summon. I suggest practicing a bit before going into a real fight. Well I'm definitely going to hit the hay for tonight...."

Exiting the limo, Roland strolled over to his luggage and lumbered into the front doors without a hesitation.

=Frisk=The Best~

Frisk inspected his new treasure as Nordrake flew him over the bright city of Tokyo. Even if it was evening, Nordrake flew high enough that people wouldn't notice them.

"I believe this artifact will help me with finding...That thing. Well while we're here. Might as well enjoy myself..."

How about Huntik? :3

The Spiritomb...

Darwin gave a look at Carnie before taking note of the cracks in the ground. He gave a sigh before running off and trying to find Rika's bow.

The Toxicroak?

Carnie had noticed Darwin had rushed off from the audience then remembered the contest for the third test out of Rika's new investment. He gave a slight smile before tossing a map of Great Canyon with directions to the quarry to Kiwi.

"Here I'll lend you my map for this one. I want it back though in mint condition please. Now if you'll excuse me."

"Crockpot" Carnie then gave a mighty leap before running after the Spiritomb.

I'm a Mudkip?...

Lukas gave a slight sweatdrop at the situation. First it was a fight, then a heated argument, a punishment was dealt out, some guy screamed in pain trying to put the Earth together, and finally everyone was happily trying to form a little trip to this Great Canyon. What a strange town.

He gave a look at Zori still with a bit of a confused face.

"You guys go through this often?"

The Exotic Merchant...[/size]

Kinetic gave a sigh as he buzzed over the wonderful view of the nearby forests close to Treasure Town. He looked at the load he was carrying in his treasure bag. Sure there were really cool things in there but there a living being as well. Kinetic was still wondering why he was taking in the little guy. Maybe he felt connected to the kid? He was just a kid anyways.

"Wake up little feller...You know that place I was talking about? We're almost there."

The reply made Yanmega grin. He usually wasn't this chatty amongst people or customers. Let alone let them hang around him when he worked.

"I still can't believe you can carry me, Mr. Kinetic."

The Gallade, Darryl, and the Munchlax, Beh~
The Odd Crime Fighting Duo~

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