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The Golden Vaults of Reeves's Escapades
This was a journal once simply for keeping my many interviews with fellow Gaians. Now it is also the place where I archive memorable quotations, moments, and all around awesome stuff. Enjoy!
Reeves: Welcome back to the Reeves Interview Headquarters, everyone! Now, when I said I'd revive the interviews, I meant it!
Random audience member: I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!
Shut up! (Cocks shotgun and fires) Ahem. Anyhoo! Everyone please welcome BK veteran Ribbish! Great to have you, man.

Ribbish: Great to be here Maury....I mean Reeves!
So let's cut to the chase. Let's begin with your name: Why Ribbish?
Well it started back when I was about 12 or so, and I was signing up for a new online game. Back then I had no real solid username, and I really had trouble coming up with something interesting (my neopets account was "stonecoldjay" xd ). So I was spacing out and watching Zaboomafoo and he burst into one of his songs, "I feel (animalname)ish how about you?". Earleir that day I had been playing football with my friends and had come close to breaking a rib when I was tackled onto a big rock, so I responded to dear ol' Zaboo (cause I'm crazy like that) "I feel ribbish". I really liked the sound of it, and had no trouble signing up with it, so it kinda stuck. biggrin
Wow, quite a mouthful of information on that. xd
Yeah, it's a long and boring story. razz
Nah, on the contrary, it's quite interesting. Though I have to ask...Neopets? Really? razz
surprised YES

I freaking loved neopets, I've always been big on pet games like neopets, pokemon and digimon, plus at the time most of my class was into it, and I wound up getting a girlfriend because of it. cool
Well...that's splendidly awesome. xd
Hell yeah, she was great. She used a blue Kachara and I had a blue lute. :3 Wow, is it bad I still remember the petnames?
Nah. That'd mean we're horrible for knowing all the NPCs on Gaia. Which brings us to...how you got to Gaia! What year did you join, and come to think of it, what got you to join?
Well, I attempted to join originally back in the summer of '04, but Gaia was having problems sending out confirmation e-mails, and I kind of forgot about it until October '04 when I was bored and decided to give it another try. My best friend in the world and honorary brother Bruce (Ness cool actually introduced me to Gaia as "a place to pickup chicks." xd I wound up falling for the Avatar system and stuck around.
Ah, right, Ness8. What ever happened to him?
He's still around, he doesn't post much, he's probably lost interest. Right now he's engaged to the love of his life, and is working to get his life on track, doing some schoolwork and trying to find a better job. He works at Tim Hortons and I'm never letting him live it down. :3 (Timmy's is the Canadian version of Starbucks, except without the douchiness)
Oh, right, I've heard of Tim Horton's. I still find it to sound more like a business office or a law firm. xd
Ahaha, careful saying that to Canadians, we love our Timmy's. (I swear, they spike the coffee with cocaine! O_O) You should SEE the line-ups at 7:30 in the morning, they lead halfway down the street!
I SAY WHAT I WAN'! (Snaps fingers) Er, anyway! Describe your early experiences on Gaia, up to when you became a GDer.
Well, I started out in Extended Discussion, because it seemed like a good place to debate things. The topics were smart, the debate sides well thought out, but unfortunately neither side EVER refused to budge in an argument, even with overwhelming proof. What I thought was an intelligent place was really full of blind ignorance. >_<

Eventually I worked my way to the GD, it wasn't too much better, but was more lighthearted and fun, so I spent many months there. One day a thread was made, a bunch of the prommies got together and made a fanthread of sorts, called TGWDGASAABT, (The Gaians Who Don't Give A s**t About Anyone But Themselves). They invited me to hang out. After a while we got trimmed by a mod (MODS? IN MY GD?!) and Vampy's Soul came to me with the idea for a guild. That was essentially the start of my illustrious and infamous GD career. cool
And what guild was this?
We kept the name from the GD thread, but that was when we shortened it to TGWDGASAABT. Damn letter limits in guild names : P
I heard that a lot of Gaians have been a part of that guild, including BKers. Did you recognize anyone in said guild from the forums at all?
Well for BKers I do remember Neitsabes and Marius's from the old guild, and I think Cunty McCuntface has posted once or twice in the BK, but the majority of our guild has left Gaia. sad
That's right! THE CURSE OF A REAL LIFE AND PRIORITIES! (Shakes fist at the heavens)
Bah, who needs a real life when I has a virtual one. cool Hmm, that's it, I'm protesting Real Life! *gets a picket sign*
I'll arrange for us to meet up at the virtual city hall! What's our chant?
Hmm, how about "REAL LIFE GRAPHICS SUCK!" But yeah, back when TGWDGASAABT started dying, with most members leaving Gaia for real life, was when I ventured back into the GD, still corrupted, and you found me. Some of my earlier posts in the BK reflect what a whiny elitist I was. xd
That actually answers a bit of my next question - your arrival at the BK and how it came about. Anything else you'd like to cover, though?
Sure. I used to get invited to tons of guilds, but yours stuck out like a sore thumb. You guys all seemed familiar, the way the BK was, was just like TGWDGASAABT was back in it's prime, albeit a lot more populated and a lot less elitist. I'd also seen a few of you around the GD, including Theodra, and found you guys to be totally rad. After a week or so with you guys, I knew I'd finally found my home. heart
Awww. Should I put in happy, sappy, and somewhat crappy violin music now? lol
Hmm, let's go with elevator music, everyone loves elevator music *DA CH DA DA CH DA DA DA DA CH*
AHHHHH! (Runs straight into a wall)
ACK! Are you okay?!
murhahfbgsbsuyr...er...sorry, what? Where was I? BK questions? What?
Not you! I was talking to the wall! *Hugs wall* Did the big mean girl hurt you? It's ok now I'm here... xd
...I'm gonna go cry in the corner now. xd Anyway! So, you have been a BKer for quite a while now. What is your favorite part about the BK, besides the people, and why?
Oooh, good question. I'd have to say all the fun we have on the holidays, and the unavoidable joke-drama and random character creation, like The Chistmas Ninja. Hell, a large chunk of your profile quotes are from times around the holidays : P

Oh man, I remember the Marriage thread, picking random BKers tomarry each other for no reason xd
Yep. It's in the Memorable Threads subforum.
There’s so many great times had in the BK. From the joke drama to random threads that just took off running, and even the events wind up kicking copius amounts of butt.
Well, that's one of the BK's many quirks and perks...and something else that rhymes.
..and Turks maybe? Bk would be so much cooler if Reno and Rude joined cool
Hey! I'm Reeve+s! X3
Psh, Reeve wasn't a Turk! He was head of Sectr 7 Tourism or something talk2hand
...You make-a me saaaaad. razz Though I do have a friend named Reno. True story.
SAYWHAAAAT?! Does he have red hair and hang out with a bald dude?
...maybe? ninja IT WILL BE ARRANGED!
OKAYTOTALLYWE'LLSEEWHATHAPPENSI'LLGETTHEHAIRSPRAYANDSHAVER and sooooo onto more miscellaneous questions to wrap things up.
Oh god I can just picture you sneaking up on a guy with an electric razor and a mischevious grin.
And so can I. cool So! What do you think is the best and worst thing about Gaia...besides the obvious bad stuff? razz
Well, best thing I would say right now are Evolving items, they make every Friday exciting, and are an awesome gamble to make money. You buy an EI and it sucks, you lose, you buy an EI and it rocks, you're in the money! It's like a faster way of playing the stocks with Sealed Letters.

As for worst, I'd say its the constant abuse from Gaia's sponsors. Sure, it was a cool idea at first, but now Gaia just seems like such a sellout, even designing features for the sponsors (Rally).
Plus the recent change in Gaia items and such, am I right? :XP
Oh yeah, and even the quality of items are going down, the only things that seem to have any thought put into them lately are the EIs, even the DIs make me sad every month
Well, I was referring more to your most recent topic in the BK.
Oh, well yeah, it's really stupid of them to go and ban the tobacco items, ESPECIALLY for those people questing for the more expensive ones, like the long drag. Earlier in the GCD I saw someone had only been a few thousand gold away from getting it when they dropped this bomb.
That just blows, doesn't it?
Yep. And with the recent polls Gaia took, a good chunk of Gaians are over the age of majority, which means it's their choice to smoke if they want to or not! They really gave us a big "******** you and your free will" with that announcement. I wonder how many people will start smoking just to spite Gaia.
Eh, I wouldn't wish for a smoking epidemic. But that's another discussion for another time. Next question: What is your favorite Gaia item and why?
Oh easy. My Angelic Scarf. It was the one Item I've always wanted, and it took me so very long to get, it's kind of become a badge of honor to me, that after working so hard for three-four years I finally managed to scrape together just enough to buy it (And I even got a discount).
That's awesome. How much did you end up spending for it?
I estimate about 6.5 million or so. I paid in items though so the price is dependant. I paid with Seal and Penguin slippers, an Angelic Pendant and I think I threw in Golden Laurels.
Ah, yes, the laurels. Back when Gaia made good items for the Olympics. xd
Ahaha. xd
Now, I know you admire and are friends with a lot of Gaians, especially BKers. But I want you to think about a select few. Which three Gaians stand out to you the most, and what do you most admire about them?
Ooooh, dangerous question madame. Let's see, Cheesy, because even though his life is tough, and it gets him down sometimes, he still bows his head and powers through it, I wish I could be half as tough as he is. NogginDew, he's SUCH an extrovert, 90% of the time when we finish our conversations its either because one of us has to go to bed, or because he's going out to do something with all his friends. (Dude went to a nude beach, how do you even FIND a nude beach?!). And as for number 3 I'd say....I'm not sure. 1 and 2 came so easily but it's so hard to pick between the rest of you! xd
Try the best you can. razz
Hmm, I must say You, Vio, and Mea then, equally, for actively chasing your dreams, and letting nothing or no one stop you.
D'awwwww. whee I'll give you the bribe later...I mean, uh, let's move to your final question!
If you got to meet God face to face, what do you think would be the first thing you'd say to him?
"How about we get a beer?"
Nice. xd
I know, weird. But I really have no big questions or concerns for him. Minor curiousities, like what happened to Jean Benet, but everything else I understand.
Oh, trust me, I'm kind of the same way. Well, thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed! It was fun!
Come back any time! I had quite a bit of fun daaaaahling! Also, I totally just noticed Noggin's avatar is the polar opposite of mine ^_^
Oh, yes, indeed, good sir, on both counts. And join us next time at the lounge for a good time, yes...(Takes a long drag from a cigarette) What? I called it headquarters earlier? I DON'T CARE!

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commentCommented on: Fri Dec 04, 2009 @ 07:36am
Awww, I got a namedrop! Thanks, Ribs!! <333

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