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And lo, there were words......
My musings, random insanity, and tidbits of nonsense, and sense...And every time someone reads one of my entries and doesn't leave a comment, THE TERRORISTS WIN.
wow..my dreams worry me xD
So I just woke up from a dream I had, and I woke up laughing.

In the dream, it was a cloudy grey day, I was outside in the middle of a HUGE field of grass...and there were some guys playing soccer on it. I started running, well, sprinting really, and it felt so good to be moving and covering distance and seeing the huge expanse of field around me...but anyway. One of the guys playing soccer kicked the ball, and it rolled in front of me..so I started, you know, kicking it along as I ran. Eventually, I slowed down and came to a stop with the ball, in front of a muddy-ish wet patch on the ground. One of the players walked up to me, some guy maybe a little bit older than me, and he was smiling and laughing, and in some sort of like, drunken retarded fratboy voice, he says to me...

"Hey man, that reminds of the time I was playing Mexican Soccer...that's where the ball is made of s**t, I used to just crap everywhere in my apartment, so I had a lot to make one with."

xd ... rofl

At this point I woke up laughing and thinking "WHAT THE ******** IS WRONG WITH ME...and why did I dream THAT?" xd

Sidenote, I think he called it "Mexican Soccer" because I've heard the term "Mexican Waffle" which is a very classy prank/way of getting revenge on someone...that's where you s**t on their laptop keyboard and then close it, thus the waffle effect.

The end.

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Voleur de Thym
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Mar 04, 2009 @ 01:59am
I think you need to stay away from Mike for a while...

commentCommented on: Wed Mar 04, 2009 @ 08:10pm
hahahahaha whaaaaaaaaaat


Community Member
Luthien Inglorion
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Mar 05, 2009 @ 09:05am
... sometimes I think you need help.

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