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PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2006 6:59 pm
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So your Pae'il is in love? Ready to settle down and start a family? Well you've come to the right place!

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  1. Only Adults,
Hallowed and Luminary stage Pae'il can breed.
  • You may not breed two of your own Pae. Each Pae must have a different owner.
  • Offspring number and gender depends on the potion your Pae drinks.
  • Breeding Pae must be actively RP'd. Links to 2 RPs showing an established relationship are required. If they are not, a 1bil+ bribe will be required.
  • You may not sell any extra babies. If your Pae has more babies than you can handle, we can find a good home for the baby.
  • You may give any of your babies to friends, or you can decide to keep any extras for yourself.
    • If you choose to give your baby from a breeding away, you also forfeit your choice of baby. Owners of the babies get first choice of babies from a breeding.
    • You may not claim a baby from your own breeding to give to someone else. You can only gift a baby if there are three.
  • You may only submit an application when the thread is open.
  • You may submit as many different applications as you like.
  • If I ask you if you've read this thread, the correct answer is "Buttermilk."
  • You must wait one month before breeding a Pae that has just grown into an Adult.
  • When we open Breeding, our decision making process will depend on the conditions of the slots. Most of the time, it will be done flaffle-style.
  • Current offspring must be at least the Teen stage before a couple can breed again.
  • Pae'il can only ever breed twice. Additional breedings can be earned with participation in the metaplot.
  • For RP purposes, the following rules apply:
    • Only female pae'il can become pregnant and only if their mate is male.
    • Same-gendered couples have 2 options:
      • One of the pair can get hit by Iordanes and temporarily change genders for the conception or gestation.
      • Same-gendered Pae'il can choose 1-3 babies, requesting them from Millie, the Fairie of Life. The magical!babies delivery fairies will deliver the little buntings in a basket when the time is right.
      • Same-gendered Faun couples can choose 1-3 acorns from the Nursery Garden. They do not inherit their parents' genetics. There is a chance at different sub-types with this method. (Ex. Fauny)
      • Same-gendered Naiad couples can choose 1-3 pearls from the Cave of Life. They do not inherit their parents' genetics. There is a chance at different sub-types with this method. (Ex. Aernyn, Betta)
    • Genetics:
      • Pae'il can inherit their parent's edits if the same-gendered couple exceptions do not apply. (Don't worry, sometimes, same-gendered couples can have babies with edits, especially if a breeding additive is used.)
      • There is only a 50% chance the breeding will produce a hybrid, or new sub-type of Pae'il.
      • The other 50% is a baby that is the same type as either parent.
      • Purebred couples have a higher chance of having extra babies.
      • Mixed-type couples have a lower chance of having extra babies.

    User Image
    - Pae'il have a 5% chance of identical twins. Identical twins will only ever be of the same gender.
    - There is a 1% chance for heterochromic eyes. (Two different colors)
    - Shetani, Wilwarin, Nymphs, and Capricorns are available through breeding ONLY.
    - Mixed Breeds (an obsolete hybrid classification) offspring will always result in 25% chance of Shetani.
    - Pae'il only have a 50% chance of inheriting their parents special features. (line edits)
    - Some Pae'il will have recessive traits that may only show up in their offspring (this works only when two of the same type breed)

    All breeds of Pae'il may breed with each other, regardless of gender. Naiads and Fauns are perfectly capable of breeding with an Angel, Demon, etc. Who knows what special features they may come out with. wink

    User Image
    - Cosplays and Adult Special Edition Pae can breed.
    - Only PHYSICAL differences (ie, ears, special hands, etc.) can be inherited. NOT clothing! Any clothing that may be passed on is at the discretion of the artist, but the parent will lose whatever item is passed on.

    Disclaimer: Owner of Shop reserves right to refuse/decline ANY request to breed. Also, owner of the shop can breed her own pae'il at her discretion and may also permit staff or owners to do so as she sees fit or for the good of the current metaplot.
    Disclaimer II: If you receive a baby from a breeding and are told at that time that the baby will be integral to the shop plot, the shop reserves the right to rehome the baby if you leave the shop or otherwise abandon the Pae'Il in your care.
    Disclaimer III: If one partner from a breeding goes inactive, the other may "claim" the abandoned offspring if the parent and other child are actively RP'd. Terms for this include: 1 year inactive the shop; 6 months inactive on Gaia. This is also conditional on Antidia's permission, as some Pae'il are better off remaining absent from the plot.

    11.15.2015 - Removed the Special Wolf Additive Breeding Option for the Halloween 2009 possessed Pae'il

    09.04.2014 - Significant changes made to potions and a few rules, please read!

    01.25.2014 - Rewrote rule 14 to change how same-gendered couple breeding works so that it is a little more comfortable. Also added perks for purebred couples and changed the chances for hybrids in order to keep them rare and special.

    05.24.2013 - tweaked some grammar errors, added the condition about inheriting clothing, added the Naiad and Faun RP exceptions regarding same-gender couples.

    02.08.2013 - updated a few outdated phrases, added a couple new conditions/rules and deleted obsolete ones. More changes regarding hybrids will be coming.

    08.20.2009 - revamped the breeding procedures. We now only do breedings via applications. We will have bribe slots available once in a while.

    08.02.2009 - removed birth defects chances, as with the additives it was a bit redundant. add that you cannot get a slot immediately after already getting one. add that adults must be adults for 1 month before breeding.

    06.08.2009 - Elders can breed like all adult Pae'il. 'Mate' has been removed from all new certed Pae'il.
  • PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2006 8:05 pm
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    Please read thoroughly, this may become confusing. Ask questions if things don't make sense. If it's clear that this information was not read, we will throw out your application without warning.

    User Image

    1. When applications are open, please post your application in this thread.
    2. Default method for choosing couples will be artist choice, because we will focus on choosing couples in established and documented relationships. Alternate method will be flaffle-style. We will roll to see which couples are chosen, and if chosen, please send trade to Guardian_Iris if relevant.
    3. Chosen Couples will be announced in the thread with the We're Expecting cert.
    4. When chosen, please post in this thread, the reply to the provided prompt, or RP the circumstances that lead up to your Pae finding and drinking the potion. You may create a [PRP] in the main forum if the scene would take a while, just link it in this thread. This RP is required, and pregnancy counter will not start until Pae'il have consumed the breeding potion.
    5. Pae'il are pregnant for 2-4 weeks real time, 1 season In-Character time.

    User Image
    User Image
    1. Fer'Til Potion - FREE for RPed! 1bil min for non-RPed.
    ~ You want to have babies? Take this! ~
    - 2 babies - 100% chance
    - 3 babies - 25% chance
    - owners can lock in baby amounts or baby genders with item bribes.

    User Image
    2. Mu'l Ti Potion - UNAVAILABLE except if previously won
    ~Intermediate breeding potion that makes Pae very fertile.~
    - 2 babies - 100% chance
    - 3 babies - 25% chance
    - genders are random - 100% chance


    [b]Pae'il 1[/b]:
    [b][In-Character]Who raised this Pae'il?[/b]
    [b]Pae'il 2[/b]:
    [b][In-Character]Who raised this Pae'il?[/b]

    [b]Desired Potion[/b]:
    [b]Any Bribe Additions?:[/b] (Not RPed bribe, gender guarantee bribe, etc)
    [b]Additives[/b]: (include any won in contests, or pre-purchased)

    RPed Couples Only
    [b]Link to 2 most recent RPs showing established relationship[/b]:

    [b]Please answer the following questions honestly, and as completely as you can.[/b]
    [b]1. Why do you want to breed these 2 Pae'il?[/b]
    [b]2. How would the breeding impact the RP, and the characters?[/b]
    [b]3. When did they first meet? What were the circumstances?[/b]
    [b]4. When did they first fall in love?[/b]
    [b]Have you read this thread?[/b]



    PostPosted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 7:18 pm
    User Image

    These are special types of breedings that will be available from time to time.

    User Image
    This type of breeding works like a bribe.

    How it works:
    1. These will be available on a 'if the colorist feels up to it' basis. Some months we're swamped, others we're not. If not chosen for one month, try again the next.
    2. Offer an Evolving Item, in any generation or stage of evolution as not only payment, but the additive for the breeding potion.

    What you get:
    1. Guaranteed 2 babies, 10% for a 3rd as with normal breedings. You also get to choose the genders.
    2. Each baby will contain line edits relating to one of the poses of the EI.
    3. Each stage of the offspring will contain a different edit, to 'evolve' much like the item.
    4. The Adult stage will contain clothing or item options from the EI, and if applicable, the same wig option.

    1. Evolving Items offered must value 50,000g or higher.
    2. If the EI you want to use is valued less than 50k g, you are welcome to make up the difference with gold.
    3. Only Evolving Items are available for this, at this time.
    4. Work with the breeder if you'd like to use a Monthly Collectible, or Random item Generator prize.
    5. All edits are at the discretion of the Breeder.
    6. Breeder has a right to reject any EI based on their comfort level for drawing the edits.

    User Image
    A new way to breed!

    This option is for those RPers who have Pae'il that are unlikely to ever settle down with a mate and play house, but still would like to add offspring to their story.

    How it works:
    1. We'll open 'DNA Donations' in which Pae'il owners will be allowed to post in this thread that they'd like to donate their Pae's DNA to be used in a future breeding. (We will keep an updated list)
    2. When you choose this type of breeding, the Random Number Generator will decide who the father or mother of your Pae's baby will be.
    3. You will be required to RP your pae finding this special breeding potion.

    What you get:
    1. One baby; gender and DNA will be random
    2. You may elect to get a second baby, for no additional cost, but the second baby must go to a newbie who will stay and RP. If the Pae is left inactive for longer than 6 months, it will be rehomed at Shop's discretion.

    1. The fee for this type of breeding is 10,000g.
    2. All regular breeding rules apply.
    3. You may purchase additives for this potion, for their posted price.
    4. EI Breedings are available for this type of breeding. Same terms apply.
    5. Only one breeding using this method is available per person. EVER. So don't waste it just to get another cheap pae.
    6. If your Pae'il is in any way blood related to any inbred Pae, you may not donate DNA. (If you are unsure, please check the "Family Trees" thread.)

    Application for donating your Pae's DNA:

    [b]Pae Name[/b]:
    [b]Why are you donating this Pae's DNA?[/b]

    You may post this code only when Applications are open during the 1st-15th of every month. Your Pae will remain on the Donator list until you request it be removed. Remember, this works like a sperm bank. You do not get a baby pae'il from doing this. If you are after the single baby, you must post the code below requesting a DNA Donation Breeding. We'll roll a random number from the donations to determine the mother or father of your Pae's baby.

    **** Each Colorist will have 1 bribe slot per month. There is no set price for this, but be aware that most of us are extremely busy offline, so the bribe has to make it worth our while to drop everything to color your breeding. (ie, bribes will be expensive. Bribes also do not include edits unless specifically discussed with the colorist.)

    Current list of DNA Donators:
    1. Montana
    2. Amara
    3. Momoiro
    4. Lethe
    5. Joi
    6. Dagen
    7. Alicia
    8. Leitha
    9. Okeanos
    10. Elizabeth
    11. Esmee
    12. Rosewing
    13. Cheyenne
    14. Axl
    15. Devyn
    16. Rainbow Dash
    17. Diona
    18. Shakira
    19. Bastet
    20. Eztli


    To apply for a DNA Donation breeding
    [b]Pae Name[/b]:
    [b]Why would you like this pae to be a single parent?[/b]

    Hit the rewind button!

    This option is for those RPers whose Pae'il are second gen or higher, but have NPC parents! For example, a breeding hybrid we have given away, or an Adoption Thread Pae'il with parents or older in their backstory!

    How it works:
    1. If you have a Pae'il who is 2nd Gen or Higher, but has no PC parents, you can enter this type of "breeding"!
    2. This works a lot like a normal breeding, except the base for the parents are your Pae'il! They may have a few unexpected features that did not make it into the children.

    What you get:
    1. Two adults, one male and one female unless we are told otherwise. If you wish for them to have the possibility of breeding in the future, they must belong to two different people.
    2. You may choose to request only one parent -- this is fine!
    3. If you are a 3rd Gen or higher and are looking for grandparents/great-grandparents/etc instead, please mention this in the form!

    1. As relevant, all regular breeding rules apply.
    2. You will receive one (1) to two (2) pae'il only! Two is assumed to be the default unless we are directed otherwise.
    3. The Pae'il will be Male and Female unless we are told otherwise, as these are the genetic parents of the pae'il. Naturally, all breeding rules that apply to normal pae'il applied to these parents -- so if, for example, two men went to Iordanes to have your 2nd Gen or Later Pae'il, that's fine too and we will compensate for that!
    4. The parents will not be clones of their younger generations, and will likely have features not found in the kids! If you apply for this option, you accept this.
        Naturally, the further generations away from the made pae'il your pae'il is, the more differences can be expected.

    To apply for a Reverse Breeding
    [b]Pae Name[/b]:
    [b]What Generation are they?[/b]
    [b]If Gen 3 or later, are you looking for an earlier generation than Parents? If so, which one?[/b]
    [b]What are the parents names, and their owners?[/b]
    PostPosted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 7:19 pm
    The Faerie of Life
    Helping you to have the child of your dreams!

      In a cottage nestled deep in the Loki Nei forest lives the The Faerie of Life. It is a warm little cottage, with a small chimney that constantly billows soothing white smoke. There is a small white picket fence, with a flower bed and vegetable and herb garden on each side of the walkway leading to the door. The interior of the house is warm and inviting, which is fitting for the grandmotherly Faerie that owns it. The carpet is lush and the walls painted soft pastels. The living room contains a high backed chair and a couch in front of the fireplace, with a small coffee table between them. Also there is a small rocking chair with a large assortment of knitting supplies nearby.


      When you enter the house you are immediately overcome by the scent of the most comforting aroma known only to you.

      A very kind, very gentle older looking faerie, who by the way, looks far to tiny for a house of this size, greets you with a warm smile. "Welcome, welcome! I'm Millie, and its a treat to meet you! Come in and make yourself at home."

      She offers you cookies, and tea and then soon excuses herself, only to disappear for at least 10 minutes.

      When she returns, she has a very plain looking potion bottle in her hand. Compared to her tiny body, its a rather large bottle, even looking too heavy for such an elderly female to be carrying around. Heaving it with much obvious strain, she manages to pour only a few drops into each of your teacups.

      "Drink up, drink up!" She sings, appearing to be even more excited than the loving couple in her presence.

      Millie -- along with her friend Kalandandra, the Potion Master -- was held captive by the Erote Pothos for the last two years, and forced to brew breeding potions against her will. Normally the caring and loving Fairy of Life knows everything about new life on Telrunya, but because of Pothos' deceit, there are now dozens of lives on the island she cannot account for; babies born of deceit and betrayal.

      Babies should be born of love.

      No more "magic baby baskets". All fairies who aided in the development of these magic babies have been ordered to find new jobs, by Millie.

      Iordanes, God of Androgyny, will aid Millie providing babies for same-gendered couples. Male+male couples will have to decide who will carry the babies as a female for full gestation.

    Did you know...
    random facts about breeding pae

    1. The potion is a magical drought designed to aid a pae'il in conception. It does not create the baby, but rather, makes a pae'il fertile. As a side effect, it can be used as a mild love potion, as it enhances love feelings in pae'il. It will not create false feelings.

    2. Millie DOES make house calls. PM Guardian Iris with your plan, and we can work out a schedule for RPing out the delivery.

    3. Millie is all-knowing about all pae'il life; past, present and future. Even if the pae'il don't know they are about to breed and create life, Millie does. wink (with the exception of the oops!babies caused by Erote arrows.)

    4. It seems Millie and Kaladandra are drinking buddies. 0_o;; Mysterious breeding potions seem to be popping up in weird places.

    A Special note about Hybrids
    Hybrids are defined as any Pae'il who's parents are of different alignments. Angels, Demons and Faerie Pae'il have been inter-breeding for so long, their offspring have become their own alignments: Nymphs (Fae+Demon), Shetani(Angel+Demon), and Wilwarin (Fae+Angel).

    Magic influences life.

    Current Hybrids:
    • Angel + Demon = Shetani
    • Angel + Faerie = Wilwarin
    • Demon + Faerie = Nymph

    • Angel + Naiad = Coatl
    • Angel + Faun = Valkyr

    • Demon + Naiad = (Wyvern) Coatl
    • Demon + Faun = (Gargoyle) Valkyr

    • Faerie + Naiad = Sprite
    • Faerie + Faun = Flutter

    • Naiad + Faun = Capricorn




    PostPosted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 8:15 pm
    Expecting Couples
    "We are so blessed!"

    PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 6:09 pm
    Pae Name 1: Sunny Jones
    Owner: sailornorthstar
    Pae Name 2: Tristen
    Owner: tartara
    Potion: Eis Yul Potion  



    Generous Giver

    PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 6:36 pm
    Sunny jones looked around her had had flown off earlier that day and she had ground her self in a garden. her hat sat on one of the pickets of the fence. ""There you are." she took her hat off the post and put it on. "Tris I found my hat." she called out to Tristan. She saw that Tristan fallow her to the house.

    the house seemed to be homely and looked to be the type of house that made her want to enter it With Tis with her they walked up the path to the house.

    Sunny Jones knocked on the door when there was no answer she looked at Tris and smiled and opened the door. The smell of chocolate chip cookies and chocolate wafted to her. "This smells so good. Chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate sounds so good."

    An old looking fae was sanding before them. "ooh I am sorry I did not mean to both you."
    The fae smiled and then looked the two over before she ushered them in. Welcome, welcome! I'm Millie, and its a treat to meet you! Come in and make yourself at home."

    Sunny Jones smiled and then looked around She ans Tris sat down and sunny moved her hat so she could see better. She saw the cookies that she had smelled and when offered one she took one with a smile. "Thank you The smell great,"  
    PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 7:08 pm
    He smiled at the woman as she dissapeared and then reappeared with a large bottle. The male blinked, entwining his fingers with Sunnys. Something felt...off. Like the female had some sort of mission. But to avoid being rude he picked up his drink and took a small sip, watching as his love did the same. "Thank you." It was surprisingly good. Tristen lightly frowned. "What is this?" But the woman only smiled all knowingly. "Uh...alright...sunny, come on. I think we have intruded enough." The love fae quickly led the female out sweatdrop  



    1,650 Points
    • Team Jacob 100
    • Happy Birthday! 100
    • Brandisher 100
    PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 10:30 am
    Pae Name 1: Tawny
    Owner: spookyx7
    Pae Name 2: Sebastian
    Owner: Dream WhiteWitz
    Potion: Eis Yul  
    PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 7:33 pm
    Sebastian grunted as he glances around at the scenery. He went walking with Tawny earlier.. well, they are still out walking when they both came across this cottage-like with the white smoke constantly billowing out of the short chimney stack. "Tawny.. come here and look at this," he said, crossing the fence and glancing around.
    Sebastian hestiated before he knocked, hearing no call-outs had made him opened the door and walk in. Taking a quick glance around, the place had gave him a homey feeling as if it had returned him back to childhood when his mother will cuddle up with him with a thick blanket and sharing a hot cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream. "Hello?" he called out. Before he knew it, he was confronted with the elderly-looking pae'il. "Hi.. I'm sorry... but your door was unlocked and I was," he stuttered. However, the elderly woman started talking fast and disappeared and reappeared with a rather unusual large bottle.

    "Umm.. Tawny," Sebastian called out hestiantly, seeing his beloved mate enter the small rustic cottage. Nodding to the elderly female, he grinned lightly as he picked up one of the teacups and took a sip of it. "Pretty good," he said to the faerie, giving his mate a nervous look because he didn't want to offend the female faerie. He knew how hard they can hit or slap if insulted in any way.



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    PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2006 9:21 am
    Tawny followed Sebastian into the small cottage. It was warm and felt homey. She smiled at the faery when she appeared. "It's nice to meet you." She said to Millie with a smile. She didn't know why, but this place just made her feel happy.

    Millie dissappeared and reappeared with a large potion bottle. Tawny turned to Sebastian and then took a large drink of her tea. It was warm and tasted like nothing she had ever had. "Thank you! I think we should go now." Tawny waved to the fae and then pulled Sebastian out the door.
    PostPosted: Sat Jan 27, 2007 2:36 am
    (( PRP RP with Dagen and Warslik accidently drinking the breeding potion

    It couldn't be played out in one post each, so we did a whole RP for it.

    Everyone else is welcome to do the same (start a prp in this subforum), otherwise one post here in this thread is fine. 3nodding heart ))  

    Vice Captain

    Sparkling Fairy


    PostPosted: Sat Jan 27, 2007 2:30 pm
    Pae Name 1: Reira
    Owner: kemo_chan
    Pae Name 2: Tiki Jim
    Owner: immortalmina
    Potion: Kae Yul
    Link to most recent RP showing their relationship: The Sunset, which recently ended, as well as Meet the Folks, which has just started. Each of their journals summarizes their time together as well.  
    PostPosted: Sat Jan 27, 2007 2:37 pm
    Pae Name 1: Fre
    Owner: FeowynMouse
    Pae Name 2: Raken
    Owner: Tatara
    Potion: Kae Yul Potion
    Link to most recent RP showing their relationship:A Day With Twins  



    PostPosted: Sat Jan 27, 2007 4:10 pm
    kemo_chan, immortalmina, FeowynMouse and Tartara, please post the genders you want when you respond to the prompt.

    Also, you may RP out, in a PRP post in this forum, the scene for them deciding to drink the potion, if you don't want to just post once each.

    If you choose to RP in a seperate thread, you do not need to follow the prompt, but please keep these few points in mind:

    - Millie knows ahead of time when, who will come to her cottage for a special potion. You may NPC her if you like. Her personality is that of a very kind, caring old lady. (think the sweetest Gramma in the world)
    - Her home smells like the one thing that would be the favorite to whomever smells it. (example, if your favorite scent in the world is cinnamon rolls, that's what you'll smell.) The scent will always lead to her living room where there is a teapot and teacups sitting waiting.
    - The potion itself tastes of Nectar and is very pleasing. No one will ever spit it out because it tastes bad. To someone that doesn't like Nectar, it will taste different. This potion is a love potion of sorts. It does not create false feelings, but will enhance the ones that already exist.

    - you may RP that Millie sent the potion to your pae'il if you want them to drink it in a different location
    - you may RP your pae'il stealing the potion
    - you may RP your pae'il acquiring the potion in any manner you like.
    - You have complete creative freedom, as long as the setting of the cottage and Millie's personality are maintained.

    If you do chose the PRP option, please post a link back here, with your gender choices when you are finished. We will lock the thread for you when its finished.

    There is no obligation to do the PRP, you may respond to the prompt if you chose to.

    Congratulations! And Good luck!
    :[ Role-Play Information ]: ~ Basic RP Info & RP/Plot Requests

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