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Tags: Sachie Whitby, vampires, toybox, minishop, cats 

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Sachie Whitby

King Vampire

17,800 Points
  • Cat Fancier 100
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
  • Cool Cat 500
PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 7:25 pm
2012 Donations

January 2013

Fayt_of_Redemption - Elegant Floral Fan

December 2012 Christmas Gifts

D_Negel - Frostbite Blade
Anonypanda [Secret Santa] - Planchette Communicator
BabyDucklingLove - Warm Button-down Fleece Coat
Voievoda - FMAB Briggs Soldier Coat
THeSLuSH - Marceline Bat Companion
Malomy - Winter Memories
LilChibiusa - Intelligence Bonus
lailahy - Sheriff Law
AliceLoathesWonderland - Red Rose Mood Bubble
Miss Conception - Noire Chevalier, Steel Heeled Jack
J Lone Wolf - Wooden Stake
anonymous benefactor [gift] - Jiang Shi
Slick Southpaw - Moneybags
anonymous benefactor [gift] - Bewitching Minstrel

September 2012
Hikari Aijuntani - B&W Virgo Mood Bubble
Mademoiselle Alvinette - TM (Time Piece) ~ birthday git
anonymous benefactor [gift] - Quaint Neighborhood
Omnom Kitty [gift] - Gray Stripe PomPom Scarf
KissMeHappy - Rotten State of the Mark

August 2012
Ridley Starsmore - Tsumani KO Raging Shirt
lailahy - Alchemist Cache

June 2012
Nayulecrise - 2mil gold [towards OMG]
WG Secret Santa - Elegant White Satin Coat, Maximilian the Snowdog, The Watchmaker 3rd. Gen
Lieutenant Commander Data - Catastrophe! [gift]

April 2012
NanaBananaFana - Crystal Crab Claw, Green Sorcerer's Book
Carpe Noctem Vixen - Golden Giftbox Formula
Waltzkrieg - flowers
WG Gift Fairy - Purple Pinstripe Vest

March 2012
Slick Southpaw - Leather
Vacuous Heart - December Birthstone Crown, February Birthstone Crown, November Birthstone Crown
Quietis Umilta - Leather, Golden Giftbox Formula x6
The Incorrigible Thalim - Tickets & Tokens
Nyumonster - Leather
xxx_Stabarella_xxx - Leather
OrchidDreamer52 - Leather
AliceLoathesWonderland - flowers
Perverse - Royal Scepter Onyx

Febuary 2012
OrchidDreamer52 - leather x5
TillxGone - unspecified non-questionable donation
TillxGone - unspecified donation #2

January 2012
Christmas Gifting Kitty - Brass x46
anonymous benefactor [gift] - January Birthstone Crown
Time Lady of Gallifrey - Black Heart Droop Chain Belt, Purple Heart Droop Chain Belt, Yellow Heart Droop Chain Belt
anonymous benefactor - Stainless M1911 Sidearm
Tussies - flowers and ink
PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 7:27 pm
2011 Donations

December 2011 Christmas Gifts
Omoea - Long-Stem Black Rose
Magical Gift Fairy - Strawberry Cheesecake
Arashitsuki - Dapper Gent's Royal Red Vest
anonymous benefactor - Red Top Ornament
anonymous benefactor - The Case of Pietro 7th Gen.
Omoea - Mabase's One Life
Alistair Krowe - Monthly Collectible Letter for December 2011 (The Wasp)
T y l e n o l. - Halo of Kannon
anonymous benefactor - Archangel's Blade
Paopu Chii - Dapper Raptor, Bel Gondoliere
anonymous benefactor - Royal Wizard
Waltzkrieg - Marquis Laurent
anonymous benefactor - Dapper Raptor
charlieslaysvampires - Czar's Banner
anonymous benefactor - Dashing Gentleman Silver and Black Cane
GCD Elf 802 - Hot Blood Drink
Malomy - Philosopher's Cache (Banana Seed)
anonymous benefactor - Count's Vengeance
anonymous benefactor - Black Silk Boxers
Uncle Haijin - CYMKitten Toys
GCD Elf 882 - Formula 1: Golden Magical Giftbox
anonymous benefactor - The Gravedigger
AliceLoathesWonderland - Vampire's Drained Victim
anonymous benefactor - BuBu Kitty Plushie
Denham - Mana Seed
AliceLoathesWonderland - Lady Longshot
Princess Angelishia - Festive Peppermint Cupcake
luver_of_life - Formula 2: Tsunami KO Indigo Shirt, Formula 2: Tsunami KO Royal Shirt
anonymous benefactor - Egyptian Jewelry Box
Madame Malady - SDPlus Special #006 Artist Ivan
Halfling Heroine - November Birthstone Cape
Paopu Chii - Sir Percy
anonymous benefactor - Black Silk Boxers
Malomy - zOMG Ribbon

December 2011 Donations
Malomy - 10 Pink Fluffs
AliceLoathesWonderland - 37 Pink Fluffs
Myin - 75 Strawberry Cheesecakes
`r a i n b o w. - Golden Giftbox Formula, War of the Warlord
Seteppe - blue daffodils
Tall Dark and Snarky - Deinoct's Oath, Antique Keymaster, ink, Pink Link, 4 gold shop items & 50k
luver_of_life - 2 Vaudeville Canes, 9 Reversible Hair Pins

Prior Quest Thread Donators
klein_framboosje - Deluxe Blue Daffodil - Bouquet with Green Ribbons, Deluxe Blue Daisy - Green Bouquest with Black Ribbons, Purple Daisy - Bouquet, Single Blue Carnation - Bouquet, Single Pink Carnation - Bouquet, Single Pink Daffodil - Bouquet x2, Single Purple Daisy - Bouquet, Single Purple Daisy - Black Bouquet, Single Purple Daisy - Blue Bouquet, Single Sunflower - Bouquet x2, Single Sunflower - Green Bouquet, Single Sunflower - Yellow Bouquet, Single White Carnation - Blue Bouquet x2, Single White Carnation - Red Bouquet, Single White Daisy - Blue Bouquet
charlieslaysvampires - Viking Love
T y l e n o l. - Majnun
T y l e n o l. - gave me her entire collection of ink and flowers
F I R E C A N D ii E - flowers
Chrystal Liena - Deluxe White Carnation - Black Bouquet with Pink Ribbon
Nanaremilamina - Deluxe Yellow Daffodil - White Bouquet with Black Ribbon, Deluxe Yellow Daffodil - Yellow Bouquet with Black Ribbon, Deluxe Pink Daffodil - Bouquet with Black Ribbon, Deluxe Blue Daffodil - Bouquet with Blue Ribbon
Bonus Room - flowers and ink
Instant Obliteration - flowers
VKiera - Spring Rose
Achriya - lots of flowers and ink
Ankoko - Deluxe Pink Carnation - Black Bouquet with Black Ribbon
Baronne de la Nuit - Nitemare Parasol [wish list item]
Gossun - gave tips
GreenInkling - flowers
II Hikaru Matsumoto II - ink
PQ and Retrostacja - flowers
The Wandering Man - flowers and ink
Ridley Starsmore - bouquets
GreenInkling - flowers
xRian - 6 deluxe bouquets
Ankoko - Nihonshu Geisha
TicTacsAreGoodForYou - flowers and lots of ink [like really, lots of it]
TicTacsAreGoodForYou - bouquets
GreenInkling - lots of ink
Little Miss Scarypants -- ink trade
Chisa Gyaru - lots of flowers, some ink [including pink & purple!!!]
xl Cyanide Candy lx - bouquets
Ghoul Mistress - flowers & ink
Zany Czar - flowers & ink
Scheize - flowers
DemonicTruths - flowers
GreenInkling - flowers
Jackie the Pumpkin - ink
klein_framboosje - flowers
xX-SnuggleBugg-Xx - Luxurious Queen of Pentacles, Talsi's Sash
Malomy - butterflies

Sachie Whitby

King Vampire

17,800 Points
  • Cat Fancier 100
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
  • Cool Cat 500
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