This Soquili is looking for some sort of plot.

Stallion's Name:Bellrauthien Relandori
Image of Soquili:User Image
Describe your soq's personality/interests:
He values family and will do anything to see that they are safe and remain happy. He does what he can for his mother, Naerdiel to make sure that she never feels lonely. Even though he has grown and 'left home' he is not far from his parents in case they need him. He is very brave; doesn’t make a promise he can’t keep and he tries to always be kind. If he says that he will do something, then he sees it through to the end no matter what happens. Rau loves his family and wants nothing more than to give the gift of little ones to keep the Relandori line alive however he wants to make sure he finds the right love for him/his family.
He tries to be strong for everyone but it isn't good for him. He is holding everything in so that he can be the support that is needed. There are times where he goes off to be by himself to just let it all out.

{Lyrics from Clean Bandit - Rockabye }
"No one's ever gonna hurt you, love
I'm gonna give you all of my love
Nobody matters like you"

There was a time where he was questioning himself and what is best for him. He discovered an interesting part of himself with a few one night stands. The young stallion realized just how vulnerable he can be though he tries not to be weak/vulnerable. Bellrauthien has come to realize that he wants to find the kind of happiness that his parents and grandparents share. But more than that he came to the realization that being vulnerable isn’t that bad.

He is protective of what is his and will put up a front for 'outsiders', not hesitant to turn to violence if its required. He can be powerful, strong and violent if he absolutely must be but he doesn’t like to be like that. The only time you will see this side of him is when you threaten him or those he holds close.

What is your soq looking for in a mare?
He is seeking someone who he can trust completely, someone who he can be vulnerable with, someone he doesn’t have to be strong for all the time and someone who can possibly introduce a new side to him that he didn’t know was possible. This someone should be okay with how close he is with his family even if s/he aren’t close with their family.

Also s/he welcomes being spoiled by him and his love/affection.
Any specific limitations/requirements?: It doesn't have to be a mare, it can be a stallion. It doesn't have to be a full sized soquili either.
I prefer edits but if their personalities and appearance go well together I will consider no edits.
Fling or Lifemate?: He has 3 flings lined up already - I am looking for his mate.
Looking for a plot? What kinds? (Rped or Background?) I am looking for his mate now because I want to try and RP their relationship. I am very very slow but still want to try. If all else fails I will do background but would prefer to do RP/ at least try it.
How do you want others to contact you?: PM or Discord Niya#6095
How long should this entry be left up/stay valid for?: 3 months