This Soquili could go with or without plots.

Stallion's Name: Maldito Noche "Malice"
Image of Soquili:

Describe your soq's personality/interests:

Maldito, or rather Malice as he prefers to be called is just as his namesake would presume him to be.
He is is not a very kind fellow, loves seeing others in pain and loves to mentally torture others.
But he is not without his grey area.
He is consumed by a need to be self-assured - that he is the best, he is the strongest and most vicious.
But this is not his true side as he loves staring at flowers and gets easily flustered around pretty mares and stallions.
He travels a lot, hating to sit still, but is a bit bitter that his wings cannot carry him far aloft or allow him to glide for long.
He also does not speak much as talking pulls at the skin that surrounds the sharp horns near his cheeks.
But his sharp eyes are very good at showing his words.

What is your soq looking for in a mare? He is not per se looking, but I feel like he would follow for another bitter soul like himself, or a gentle mare OR stallion who can calm his inner pain.
Any specific limitations/requirements?: I feel like darker colors would look best, or maybe white or grey? But I'll go case-by-case dependent on the plots/RP that can be offered.
Fling or Lifemate?: Possible LM, but fling more likely.
Looking for a plot? What kinds? (Rped or Background?) A bit of both?
How do you want others to contact you?: PM please, or AIM if you have it.
How long should this entry be left up/stay valid for?: 3 months.