This Soquili is looking for some sort of plot.
Stallion's Name: Rakesh
Image of Soquili:
If your Soquili has grown to adulthood/been tagged within the last 2 months, please link to the appropriate Soq Arrivals post: N/A
Describe your soq's personality/interests: Rakesh is flamboyant, florid in his speech, and what he believes is a perfect gentleman. He also wants to be the mystic on the mountain that everyone comes to for advice. Wandering around, performing ceremonies and rituals, Rakesh is looking for wisdom to collect and dispense. He wants to help, but finds that sometimes his gentlemanly ways get in the way for some reason. It is almost as if they don’t believe that he is sincere. This frustrates Rakesh and will cause him to retreat into himself and go off into the wilderness for a while.
What is your soq looking for in a mare? Someone that will love Rakesh and his flamboyance for what he is, not asking him to change it.
Any specific limitations/requirements?: No evil or manipulative.
Fling or Lifemate?: Fling, Lifemate, or Permanent Partner
Looking for a plot? What kinds? (Rped or Background?) RP
Breeding slots left: 4/4
How do you want others to contact you?: PM
How long should this entry be left up/stay valid for?: 3 months