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PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:46 pm
Cobalt the Guardian Wolf


PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:48 pm
Table of Contents

01 -- Welcome
02 -- Table of Contents
03 -- About
04 -- Past Life
05 -- The Team
06 -- Relationships
07 -- Photo Album
08 -- RP Log
09 -- RP Requirements
10 -- Personal Items
11 -- Information
12 -- Random Facts
13 -- Credits


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PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:49 pm
About Cobalt

Age: 18
Sex: Male
Birthday: August 1st
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Gemstone: Peridot
Animal: Wolf
Senshi: None yet
Alignment: Good
Planet: Epiyon


Height: 5'7"
Bodytype: Skinny, lanky and pale
Hair: Long, choppy layers (ref). Black in colour.
Eyes: Round, happy eyes, one brown and one blue
Fashion: Cobalt wears cowboy clothes. A flannel shirt, straight-legged blue jeans, and cowboy boots. He also always wears a brightly coloured bandana around his neck.


Fur: Coloured as a blue merle Australian Shepherd
Eyes: Heterochromatic, as is common in Australian Shepherds. One blue eye and one brown eye.


Personality Traits:

  • [+]Energetic -- possessing or exhibiting energy, especially in abundance; vigorous

    Cobalt is a young dog with a young dog’s unending supply of energy. Life is an adventure with new and exciting things to discover around every corner. Cobalt pursues his goals with an inspiring amount of energy and vigour. No idea is a bad idea and no plan is unworthy of pursuit. Cobalt is your greatest cheerleader and the ultimate yes-man.

    Cobalt’s energy can be infectious, but it can also be annoying to the wrong kind of person. Just as a toddler can be cute until you’ve fed them too much sugar, Cobalt’s enthusiasm is great in small doses, but intolerable if you’re forced to endure it for too long.

    As a guardian, Cobalt strives to inspire his senshi to greater and greater heights. He thinks an active body is a healthy body and he insists on rigorous training regimes (though, sometimes it’s probably just that he wants a jogging partner). He’s a great personal trainer and a great motivator, so lazy senshi had better beware!

  • [+]Confident -- having strong belief or full assurance; sure

    Cobalt goes into every situation with the assumption that he can do anything he puts his mind to. He knows that he will succeed, simply because he wants to succeed. He has faith that everything will work out for the best in the end.

    Cobalt often doesn’t have a reason for his confidence, aside from his overwhelming belief in positive thinking. Cooler heads might question his confidence, but Cobalt will only respond with a serene smile and an “I believe in you.” However, all of the faith in the world won’t make a difference if the challenge is simply too great to overcome. Cobalt, in all of his current memory, has not had to deal with a particularly unwinnable situation, so to him they simply do not exist. He has never developed the necessary coping mechanisms to deal with failure on a large scale.

    When Cobalt puts his faith in someone, he is their supporter for life. Cobalt knows that his senshi will succeed at anything they attempt because a) he’s trained them and he has faith in his training and b) they’re strong, capable people, they can’t fail if they put their minds to it!

  • [+]Brave -- possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance

    No matter if it’s truly bravery or simply stupidity, Cobalt is always willing to face the unknown and tackle any challenge. He doesn’t believe in things that go bump in the night and he knows that he’s more than a match for any mortal threat, so there’s no reason to be afraid of danger. Besides, what’s the point of worrying before something bad happens? You can’t let your fears hold you back.

    Bravery is all well and good until something truly bad happens. While Cobalt is under the belief that you must get back on the horse, no matter what, that is not always the best solution. Sometimes one must go home, lick their wounds, and reassess the situation.

    For Cobalt and his senshi there is never a mountain too high, never an enemy too strong. He will lead his charges straight into any situation with the full confidence that they will succeed. Facing your fear is 90% of the battle.

  • [-]Impatient -- restless in desire or expectation

    Cobalt’s energy and enthusiasm as barely contained at the best of times. When he gets a thought into his head, he wants to act on it yesterday. He has no patience for petty delays, particularly nonsense like planning. His impatience gets him into more trouble than he’d dare admit.

    Cobalt’s impatience can be frustrating at the least, and downright dangerous at its worst. Running headstrong into dangerous situations is never the right answer, no matter how brave or confident you are. Cobalt’s impatience has the very real possibility of getting him and his senshi into trouble. If his impatience ever directly led to failure for his senshi, he would be absolutely crushed. But he doesn’t have time to think about such things.

    The senshi that have the pleasure of falling under Cobalt’s jurisdiction will have to work hard to reign in his impatience. A few verbal smack-downs from Luna would not be out of line either.

  • [-]Accident Prone -- having or susceptible to having a greater than average number of accidents or mishaps

    To describe Cobalt as clumsy is an understatement. While he doesn’t actively seek out trouble, he also doesn’t try very hard to avoid it. He gets so focused and so involved in what he’s doing that he fails to see the bigger picture. He can’t see the forest for the tree, so to speak. Especially when he’s running headlong into the tree.

    Most of Cobalt’s accidents are pure carelessness. If he took a deep breath and calmed himself down before leaping to action, he would avoid most of his accidents and injuries. It’s not uncommon to see Cobalt with a scrape on his face or a slight limp to his walk. Sooner or later his luck will run out and his injury will be more than just a scrape or a sprain.

    Cobalt doesn’t realize the impact of his carelessness and clumsiness. If he were to get seriously injured and laid up for weeks or months, where would that leave his senshi? There are people counting on him. What’s worse, Cobalt could end up getting one of them injured, something he could never live with.

  • [-]Rowdy -- rough and disorderly

    Cobalt tends to let his energy get the best of him. He often forgets his size and that can spell disaster in a household. One overly enthusiastic tail wag, and there goes your homework. Cobalt loves to play and absolutely loves spending time with his favourite people. If you don’t feel like playing, well that’s just too bad.

    Cobalt is kind of obnoxious. He’s like those annoying jocks that haunt every college residence. It seems he’s always moving, shouting/barking, and looking for fun, when he’s not sleeping or eating.

    The senshi have their hands full with this canine. Hopefully they’ll also have a child-proof house and understanding parents.


  • Running -- Cobalt spends a lot of his time running and jogging. His morning ritual includes a run through the forest trails at sunrise. Afterwards he spends a typical day exploring and playing. Be it running through an unexplored cavern or running from the city animal control, it makes no difference to Cobalt. He is a wolf with a ton of energy and a natural instinct to run. It's no wonder that the majority of his training regimes involve running in one way or another. When he’s confined to the indoors or can’t release his energy with a refreshing jog, Cobalt feels it build up like an uncomfortable pressure or tension. The energy wants to be released and he loves releasing it.

  • Watching TV -- Once Cobalt has spent his energy reserves, he likes nothing more than to curl up on the couch and enjoy a good tv show. While the television can’t hold his attention for too long, Cobalt has come to enjoy certain sci-fi shows about certain Vulcans and Klingons

Favourite Food: Prime rib, rare
Least Favourite Food: Salad. You don't make friends with salad.

Family: Cobalt spends his time drifting in and out of the animal shelter. He'll be adopted by a family, spend a small amount of time with them, and then run away. Strangely though, every time he's picked up by the city animal control, no one comes to claim him, so he's cycled through the adoption process again. So long story short, no family to speak of.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:50 pm
Past Life

None yet ;_;



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PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:52 pm
The Team

Sailor Andromeda -- Not found yet (quested by Shikamaru Silyvant
Sailor Alpheratz (Alpha Andromedae) -- Not found yet
Sailor Mirach (Beta Andromedae) -- Not found yet
Sailor Almach (Gamma Andromedae) -- Not found yet
Sailor Sadiradra (Delta Andromedae) -- Not found yet

PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:53 pm

None yet ;_;



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PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:54 pm
Photo Album

None yet ;_;

PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:56 pm
RP Log


A Flash of Insight





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PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:56 pm


★ 7 solo entries- min. 500 words each


★ 8 regular rps - min. 750 words each
★ 4 battle rps - min. 750 words each
★ 1 Open RP - min. 500 words
★ One training RP with Luna, Artemis, or another human-form Guardian - min. 500 words
★ One RP awakening a new senshi - min. 500 words
★ Minimum one (1) month since acquisition

PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:57 pm

None yet ;_;



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PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 2:00 pm


Gray wolves are slender, powerfully built animals with large, deeply descending ribcages and sloping backs. Their abdomens are pulled in, and their necks heavily muscled. Their limbs are long and robust, with comparatively small paws. The front paws have five toes each, while the back paws have four. The forelimbs are seemingly pressed into the chest, with the elbows pointed inward, and the feet outward. Wolves are very strong for their size, possessing sufficient strength to turn over a frozen horse or moose

They are also capable of running at speeds of 56–64 km per hour, and can continue running for more than 20 minutes, though not necessarily at that speed. In cold climates, wolves can reduce the flow of blood near their skin to conserve body heat. The warmth of the footpads is regulated independently of the rest of the body, and is maintained at just above tissue-freezing point where the pads came in contact with ice and snow.
Wolves' heads are large and heavy, with wide foreheads, strong jaws and long, blunt muzzles. The ears are relatively small and triangular. Wolves usually carry their heads at the same level as their backs, raising their heads only when alert. The teeth are heavy and large, being better suited to bone crushing than those of other extant canids. The canine teeth are robust and relatively short (26 mm). The animal can develop a crushing pressure of perhaps 1,500 lbf/in2 compared to 750 lbf/in2 for a German shepherd. This force is sufficient to break open most bones.

Gray wolves are the largest extant members of the Canidae, excepting certain large breeds of domestic dog. Adult wolves are 105–160 cm in length and 80–85 cm in shoulder height. Wolf weight varies geographically; on average, European wolves may weigh 38.5 kilograms (85 lb), North American wolves 36 kilograms (79 lb), and Indian and Arabian wolves 25 kilograms (55 lb).

Gray wolves have very dense and fluffy winter fur, with short underfur and long, coarse guard hairs. Most of the underfur and some of the guard hairs are shed in the spring and grow back in the autumn period. The longest hairs occur on the back, particularly on the front quarters and neck. Especially long hairs are found on the shoulders, and almost form a crest on the upper part of the neck. The hairs on the cheeks are elongated and form tufts. The ears are covered in short hairs which strongly project from the fur. Short, elastic and closely adjacent hairs are present on the limbs from the elbows down to the calcaneal tendons.

The winter fur is highly resistant to cold; wolves in northern climates can rest comfortably in open areas at −40° by placing their muzzles between the rear legs and covering their faces with their tail. Wolf fur provides better insulation than dog fur, and, as with wolverines, it does not collect ice when warm breath is condensed against it. In warm climates, the fur is coarser and scarcer than in northern wolves.

Their sense of smell is relatively weakly developed when compared to that of some hunting dog breeds, being able to detect carrion upwind no farther than 2–3 km. Because of this, they rarely capture hidden hares or birds, though they can easily follow fresh tracks. Their auditory perception is very sharp, being able to hear up to a frequency of 26kH, and is greater than that of foxes. Their hearing is sharp enough to register the fall of leaves in the autumn period. Their eyesight is not as powerful as that of dogs, though their night vision is the most advanced of the Canidae.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian shepherd is a breed of herding dog that was developed on ranches in the Western United States. Despite its name, the breed, commonly known as an Aussie, did not originate in Australia. They acquired their name because of association with Basque sheepherders who came to the United States from Australia.

For many years, Aussies have been valued by stockmen for their inherent versatility and trainability. While they continue to work as stockdogs and compete in herding trials, the breed has earned recognition in other roles due to their trainability and eagerness to please, and are highly regarded for their skills in obedience. Like all working breeds, the Aussie has considerable energy and drive, and usually needs a job to do. It often excels at dog sports such as dog agility, flyball, and frisbee. They are also highly successful search and rescue dogs, disaster dogs, detection dogs, guide, service, and therapy dogs. And, above all, they can be beloved family companions.

The breed is an energetic dog that requires exercise, and much needed attention, and enjoys working; whether it is learning and practicing tricks, competing in dog agility, or any other physically and mentally involving activity.

Dogs may show reserved and cautious guarding behaviors. They are kind, loving, and devoted to those they know. They are very loyal to their owners, and are rewarding dogs if treated well. Because the breed was developed to serve on the ranch, a job which includes being protective of its property, it is inclined to bark warnings about neighborhood activity, but it is not an obsessively barking dog.

The Aussie is intelligent, learns quickly, and loves to play. This means that a bored, neglected, unexercised Aussie may invent its own games, activities, and jobs, which to a busy owner might appear to be hyperactivity: for example, an Aussie may go from being at rest to running at top speed for several 'laps' around the house before returning to rest. Without something to amuse them, Aussies can become destructive. Aussies also do best with plenty of human companionship: they are often called "velcro" for their strong desire to always be near their owners and for their tendency to form intense, devoted bonds with select people.
The Australian shepherd has a reputation as a highly intelligent and versatile stock dog with a range of working styles. A good working Aussie is quick, thoughtful, and easy with its stock. The ability for the breed to adapt to the situation and think for itself makes it an excellent all-around worker. For this reason the Aussie is often chosen to work unusual livestock such as ducks, geese, and commercially raised rabbits.


Cobalt is a chemical element with symbol Co and atomic number 27. It is found naturally only in chemically combined form. The free element, produced by reductive smelting, is a hard, lustrous, silver-gray metal.

Cobalt-based blue pigments have been used since ancient times for jewelry and paints, and to impart a distinctive blue tint to glass. At the same time, miners had long used the name Kobold ore (goblin ore) for some of these minerals. These were named for problematic Earth-spirits, because they appeared to be ores of copper or nickel, but in simple smelting yielded no metal, but gave poisonous fumes. In 1735 such ores were found to be reducable to a new metal (the first discovered since ancient times), and this was ultimately named for the Kobold. Today, some cobalt is produced specifically from various metallic-lustered ores, for example cobaltite (CoAsS), but the main source of the element is as a by-product of copper and nickel mining.

Cobalt is used in the preparation of magnetic, wear-resistant, and high-strength alloys. Smalt (cobalt silicate glass) and cobalt blue (cobalt(II) aluminate, CoAl2O4) gives a distinctive deep blue color to glass, ceramics, inks, paints, and varnishes. Cobalt occurs naturally as only one stable isotope, cobalt-59. Cobalt-60 is a commercially important radioisotope, used as a tracer and in the production of gamma rays for industrial use.

Cobalt is an essential trace element for all animal organisms, as the active center of coenzymes called cobalamins. These include vitamin B12 which is essential for mammals. Cobalt is also an active nutrient for bacteria, algae, and fungi.

Cobalt is a ferromagnetic metal with a specific gravity of 8.9 (20°C). Pure cobalt is not found in nature, but compounds of cobalt are common. Small amounts of it are found in most rocks, soil, plants, and animals. It has the atomic number 27. The Curie temperature is 1115 °C, and the magnetic moment is 1.6–1.7 Bohr magnetons per atom. In nature, it is frequently associated with nickel, and both are characteristic minor components of meteoric iron. Mammals require small amounts of cobalt which is the basis of vitamin B12. Cobalt-60, an artificially produced radioactive isotope of cobalt, is an important radioactive tracer and cancer-treatment agent. Cobalt has a relative permeability two thirds that of iron. Metallic cobalt occurs as two crystallographic structures: hcp and fcc. The ideal transition temperature between hcp and fcc structures is 450 °C, but in practice, the energy difference is so small that random intergrowth of the two is common.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 2:00 pm
Random Facts

Did you know...

  • That Cobalt was won through the La Luna I/T advertising contest? Eulie won with 88 points. The second place player had 84 points.

  • That Cobalt was the second approved wolf guardian and the third guardian in general? Lifitari and Adele were the two guardians in play before Cobalt.

  • That there's no real reason for Cobalt's name? It originally came from the quest for Sailor Alpheratz, who owns a dog. Eulie was inspired to pick the name Cobalt for a blue merle Australian shepherd, and the name stuck.



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PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 2:02 pm

Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi
La Luna © Amasis and --CosmicNeo-QueenBunni--
Art © Amasis and --CosmicNeo-QueenBunni--
Cobalt © Eulie

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