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Full Moon wo Sagashite, Mermaid Melody, SGT,Frog/keroro gunso, Ouran High School Host Club 

Tags: Ouran High school Host Club, keroro gunso, Sgt. Frog, Mermaid Melody, Full moon wo sagashite 

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SGT.Frog/Keroro Gunso ~ Character Creation

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2010 5:52 pm
CREATE YOUR OWN CHARACTER! ((photos are optional! if you want your character to have an extra ability run it by me first))

Here is the layout

Gaia name:
PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2010 4:06 pm
((i just copied this from the other thing if thats ok.))

name: Seyuyo Azumaya (she didnt have a name of her own, so Koyuki offered hers)

race: Human....shes assuming...

Position: Ninja/Mage (she calls herself a 'hybrid' jokingly, because she is not full ninja and she isnt really a mage she just has weird powers...so annoyingly Hakura's nickname for her is 'prius')


personality: has a lots of mood swings, but is mostly happy. she is a total hopeless romantic, and she tries to keep on everyones good side. she is the peacekeeper, but she wont take crap from anyone! except giroro. then she just laughes.

hobbies: she likes drawing A LOT, and she spends most of her time doing that or practicing her ninja/mage skills.

best friend: Hakura Nishizawa
Father: Akio (last name?)
Mother: ? she only knows her name (Haru) and that her and Akio's love was forbidden
Boyfriend: she is secretly dating mutsumi saburo (though i can change this as there is someone playing him!)


She was born in the same ninja village that Koyuki and Hakura trained at, but she didnt stay long. on the day she was born she was brought to the grandmaster by a mysterious man who claimed to have 'found' her abandoned there. he took her away from the village and trained her in the ways of the ninja, but it was soon discovered that she had powers beyond normal. (her powers are the 5 elements, earth, air, fire, water, and spirit, though she feels most confortable in the water....though she doesnt know why...) he then trained her as a mage as well as a ninja, even though he has no powers of his own.

on her 16th birthday, her adoptive father told her that he was her real father. later that day while battling a demon, he drowed in a whirlpool. from that day forward she has worn her ninja veil in mourning.

she moved back to the ninja village and met her childhood friend Koyuki again, and she was hoping to see her best friend Hakura, but she wasnt there. after training for a year, she left with Koyuki and Dororo for Tokyo, where she got an apartment close to the Hinata's house.

She left for 7 months to try and find out about her parents, but she found nothing. she then returned to the Tokyo, only to find her long lost BFF Hakura waiting for her there.

She spends most of her time at Hakura's or Koyuki and Dororo's.

what she doesnt know: her father isnt dead, and her mother is a sea nymph, which is why she has elemental powers and also why her parent's love was forbidden.

~Seyuyo Azumaya  



PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2010 2:15 pm
((eehhhhhh should i use keyuyu or domomo?))  
PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, 2010 2:22 pm
Name: Hakura Nishizawa

Hair color: Light Brown
Skin tone: White-ish tan

Hakura is Human!

Personality: Hakura is a calm person...until she finds Kururu's camera's in her bathroom,bedroom...whole house.... then she gets angry! Like "Blood Violence Death Kill" angry!

She loves to sing/dance/play music/cook/bake
A very peaceful and helpful person most of the time

(Kururu if your reading this...DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT PUTTING ANYMORE CAMERAS IN MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!)


Mother: Hisoka (Past away)
Father: Haiokimo (Past away)
Cousin: Momoka Nishizawa
Uncle: Mr. Nishizawa (Momoka's father)
Aunt: Mrs. Nishizawa (Momoka's mother)

Telekinesis (becomes shrouded in dark energy), emotions(she can control/read them) and see the past and slight glimpses of the future. Lets say she is trying to find a criminal, she can use her ability to look into the past and find where they went.

Boyfriend: Dororo (she loves him so much, she would literally take a bullet for him...and has...well more then once. She also nearly died for him...more than once...)

Best keronian Friend: Keyuyu (Hakura's Keronian Friend)
Best Human Friend: Seyuyo Azumaya
Past crushes (there's alot, these are in order)

-Giroro (shut up kururu....and everyone else... But she now loves him like a brother, when she saw the way he looked at Natsumi she realized it wasn't meant to be between her and Giroro)
-Kururu (don't worry Keyuyu..)
-Garuru (INSANE CRUSH! but not anymore...love you Dororo<3)

Painting, Drawing/Sketching, Animating on the computer(she is fluent in computers...thats one of the reasons she liked Kururu), meditating, training and hanging out with Dororo and all her Keronian buds <3

bio: When Hakura was 5 years old, her house was burned down. She lost her Mother and Father.
She was brought by a Ninja master to a Ninja village and had forgotten everything about her past.... (the village Koyuki went to, Koyuki wasn't there yet though) She was then trained from age 5 until age 15. She helped Koyuki train when she was young, they were great friends. But Hakura needed something more than ninja life, she needed to know her past. So she went to find out her family tree. She soon found Momoka's father's place. He recognized her and told her who he was and told her to take his jet to Momoka.

She now lives in a separate house beside Momoka's mansion. Tamama is one of her BEST friends!

She met all of the platoon because Tamama wanted to bring her to meet them all. She became fast friends with Angol Moa. Keroro is also a great friend of her's.

Thats most most of the story <3

Likes: (in the hobbies/personality)
-when people have crushes on Dororo...
-cleaning up after cooking/baking etc.
-gross stuff (when Tamama passes gas) or any other disturbing things

that pretty much sums it up

Quote: (this is not original, just a favored quote)

Side by Side
Or Miles Apart
Friends are Forever
Close to the Heart <3

~Hakura ^_^

too much?  


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PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:48 pm
gaia name: kururuluva999
Name: Domomo
Age: 19
Personality:tough, strong, grudgy, sometimes happy and bubbly but only when around people i trust, peaceful when i am singing.
Story: when i was only a tadpole i was taken away from my father and two brothers. i was put in a a testing tank they put a hat on my head. at first i thought they were being all nice to me.......then they put me in the tank and the pain started. every 10 seconds the hat on my head would change into a different animal and it would send pain through my body cause i was quickly gaining the instincs and the body of the animal. it hurt so much that all i ever did was scream and bang the glass. they had to change my cell 28 times cause i gained great strength. the only time i stopped screaming was when kururu walked in the doors for some reason when i saw him i felt calm and the pain went away i soon discovered i was in love with him. he used to put on music that would calm me down. it was fast tecno music but i loved it. soon they let me out and i started walking and talking but the racoon hat i always wore never came off. then one day i finally met kururu and we chatted for the first time and for the first time i actually felt a strong connection with someone..........but after a while i couldn't see him anymore and he could only visit for a little. i grew tired of this i was always in pain when he wasn't around so after a while i got confused and i started hating him and loveing him so one day i told him that "i love u so much i hate u so i have to kill u so i don't suffer" he realised this and i never saw him again. i escaped the facility to go look for kururu and thats how i met up with shurara he took me in and i became good friends with putata and mekeke.and i lost my eye when a pekoponian car hit me. but im still hunting for kururu........

SGT.Frog/Keroro Gunso

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