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Reply World Hidden in Fantasy
The Seven Legendary Swordsmen

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 4:43 pm

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A group of seven swordsmen, originally known as the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. They each carried a rare sword that each possessed a legacy of power. Each of these swordsmen knew a series of special techniques that were incredible in strength and could only be used by the seven swordsmen. With time the group separated from just the Hidden Mist and apprentices were taken from different villages. Soon the group had become the Seven Legendary Swordsmen.

Bases Wrote:
Hidden Mist Far within the forest of Hidden Mist hides the Headquarters of The Seven Legendary Swordsmen. The defense around the base is far from obvious. Chakra radiates the grounds around the base for more reasons than to cause uncertainty in the weak. Various traps lay around the base that are chakra activated. If an intruder were to trudge the grounds around the base they would be bombarded with poisonous needles as well as shrouded by a scentless, colorless, gas that would slowly kill them. The air around the base seems even more harmless than the ground had. But it is not. In the air there are thin wires that very few ninja are capable of seeing or maneuvering through. If able to make it to the door of the base a ninja is faced with a door that only opens when the chakra signature of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen are at its door.

Only the chakra signatures of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen is unable to set off the traps and open the door to the base.

Hidden Leaf On the outskirts of Hidden Leaf is a large building that is the second base of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen. The setup in Hidden Leaf is the same setup in Hidden Mist, minus the mist.

Requirements Wrote:
In order to be a part of the Seven Swordsmen, you need one of the listed swords. If you don't have one then don't even bother trying to find the bases.

Goals & Jobs Wrote:
The main goal of this group is to gather any and every ancient, legendary, and powerful sword in existence.

Jobs that need doing are listed below:
- Find the other members of the Legendary Swordsmen. - 1,000 Chakra Points Per Member found.
- Take over Hidden Mist - 5,000 Chakra Points
- Take over Hidden Tokyo - 5,000 Chakra Points
- Kill the Hidden Sand's Kage - 10,000 Chakra Points
- Ruin the upcoming exams - 10,000 Chakra Points.
PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 4:51 pm
The Legendary Swordsmen Wrote:
The First Seat: Zeke Circe [Reaver Darkside]
Legendary Sword: Nuibari (縫い針; ) "Sewing Needle"

The Second Seat:
Legendary Sword: Kurosuki Raiga's Swords

The Third Seat:
Legendary Sword: Hiramekarei (ヒラメカレイ)

The Fourth Seat: Suzumi [Hedoro Koutai], Tamao
Legendary Sword: Samehada

The Fifth Seat: Asuka Sinobi [Bandcampboy]
Legendary Sword: Momochi Zabuza's Head Cleaving Sword

The Sixth Seat:
Legendary Sword: Kabutowari "Helmet Splitter"

The Seventh Seat:
Legendary Sword: Shibuki (飛沫) Splash

KLOB MK Pauloo

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KLOB MK Pauloo

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 4:58 pm
Sword Techniques Wrote:
The techniques listed below are techniques for each sword. Each current wielder of one of the listed swords is responsible for creating techniques for their sword and submitting them into the Made Up topic for mod approval. The first sword move you can get as soon as you're a member. After that you can make a move every 10k.

Shibuki Wrote:

Kurosuki Raiga's Swords Wrote:

Nuibari Wrote:

Samehada Wrote:

Momochi Zabuza's Head Cleaving Sword Wrote:
Technique Name: Blood Reforging
Description: When the blood of an enemy of the wielder touches the blade, Zabuza’s Head Cleaving Sword regenerates itself. Any damages done to the weapon are quickly and easily repaired. More major damages such as chunks missing from the blade require more severe or lethal amounts of blood to fix. When this happens, some chakra is also drained from the wielder.
Cost: 500 chakra

Technique Name: Executioner’s Boomerang
Description: Asuka can throw Zabuza’s Head Cleaver and it will fly in a massive arc outwards. For such a large object it is surprisingly fast. The blade’s massive size and weight make it nearly impossible to stop its momentum. The blade can easily cut through smaller trees as it makes its arced path before returning into Asuka’s hands. The blade can be sent in an arc up to 100ft away from Asuka and takes about 5 seconds to complete an arc of that size.
Cost: 1200

Technique Name: Executioner’s Seal
Description: Zabuza’s Head Cleaving Sword is incredibly bulky and cumbersome to carry. So Asuka has developed a special seal for it that he has tattooed on the palm of his hand. This seal allows Asuka to summon the blade instantly without taking an action. It also gives him the convenience of not having to carry the gigantic sword around everywhere.
Cost: 800

The Kabutowari Wrote:

The Hiramekarei Wrote:

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