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Playful Guildswoman

PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 10:17 am
Petition to get zOMG! out of Maintenance Mode  
PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 4:12 pm
Hi,all! I get a really truly new (plug-in) keyboard tomorrow! Have been over at playdom.com on a new game (was a beta tester before it went to FB, now on pd homesite, began 2-1/2 weeks ago - can play it mostly with a mouse....

It's down for maintenance, so I dropped in.  


Playful Guildswoman


Playful Guildswoman

PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 12:33 pm
I'm back, for at least a couple hours a day for now. Heartfire is year old in 3 days - let's party! Have to make it a 2-parter,I guess - Sunday since it is w./e and Monday Tuesday since it is THE day - but Tuesday will be a planning session.

Will add the announcement here, once it is prepared. Hmm- 2pm Sunday, will send a reminder announcement at the last minute. (We have to wait 24 hours to send an announcement,- and it can take several hours to arrive so let me scramble to make one up now - and keep an eye on this space!)

link to this post:

Party details here soon -
2pm PST Sunday, meet on last server alphabetically in VG, 1 screen left of null.
5pm PST Tuesday, same place, Planning Meeting.
GAMES & GIFTS both days!

Happy Birthday, Heartfire!

Heartfire is One Year Old!!

Tuesday is the clan's birthday -
Sunday at 2pm is the party-party and
Tuesday at 5pm will be a planning session.
(Both parties will have games and prizes.)

Time Zone Converter - PST = California
Meet 1 screen left of VG Null Crystal.
Clan Server? Last one alphabetically.
I am back for several hours
a day at present, more later.

Ask-the-Admin - Each Monday 5pm+ - go down to stickies,
refresh until - Ask-the-Admin (current date) pops up
- only page 1 questions are usually answered

Petition to get zOMG! out of Maintenance Mode
zOMG! Bug Fix Suggestions - Please give feedback by 11/14/12
zOMG Training Manual - ongoing clan project

PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:18 am
fyi - This clan isn't dead, just dormant.  


Playful Guildswoman


Playful Guildswoman

PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:02 am
Story -

i startd to post this in a charity thread where i hope to resume my share in the fundraising sand decided this was a better place to store the notes.

This is post-crisis period, me stable. (Edit - Ha!)

Radio seems to indicate it ain't us they are signaling, it's the whales, so be nice. I can prevent harm, if allowed.

Nidorous Wrote:
jellykans Wrote:
Nidorous Wrote:
jellykans Wrote:
Will see if I can get back to this, irl has been calling.

Nooooo! Not IRL! Come to the internet... We have cookies!

*Runs to Nidorus, greedy hands out*

srsly, have been following up on an old clearance and finally messaged Obama for the first time since his first election or even before. Was very active on the net in last national election - apolitical but srsly in favor of change - of a good sort. (I.e., we neither blow up nor poison Gaia.)

Went off Gaia for a bit to my alternative clickable gamesite, my fingers were getting numb but haven't completely broken this keyboard yet,tho have botched its buffer a bit. Just realized in past few days that most folks think I've been on the same keyboard for over a year, saying i needed another - but it appears that I am hammer-fingered when on a roll...or ham-fisted...and need a new keyboard about every 3 months. This time am getting a plug-in one,after wrecking 3 in the laptop, I have finally learned. And this one sticks but seems to be unbreakable...but am looking forward to new one mousepad and also want a gamer mouse with # buttons on it, if the shop says there is one that isn't too fragile... Also busted a perfectly good optical mouse that worked just fine til I dropped it on the hard floor.

Y'wanna tell me how cheap computers are now? Don't. Unless you are buying it. If this one hasn't broken yet, under combat duty, I better hang onto it. And I don't need any help spending my money. The other game-site I am on has a real habit of that, and I mostly just laugh when they invite me to invite friends, since they already blew so many friends off. I rage quit a couple times but returned with better ideas, what can i say? As long as I am learning something, it's likely to continue....and then there's real life stuff to get done as well, and am. Am back onstie but don't generally advertise it, so I can get work done. Last year were wicked busy holidays,
not allowing it this year. Fair warning - am like a canine. Will snap my jaws if someone doesn't listen.

*Grabs cookie, passes milk and napkin and hies for the hinterlands.*

chews hands

Messaged Obama? Hopefully something good?

So you mangled computer parts. Mourns their loss

So, in short, you mangled computer parts playing some web based game, not been lurking around gaia much, and you're working on real life stuff?

I'd advise not to go snapping in here. smilies/icon_4laugh.gif

You betcha gave himmy bona fides stright up thru the front door nd asked if we had a rosetta stone - one layer removed. actually asked if the other gamesite is part of ;seti, see jelly's news at top middle of my profile, hiding among all the memories.

Just ask a scot about a crooks and a clan. We ain't scots but they don't care and neither do the cherokee tho am def cherokee by marriage as for the rest i don't trust a mormon, sorry, but there it is. Visual rape, loookin at my bones
don't get me goin on bones dem bones dem bones - that song had clarity in it,hidden layers of meanings, metaphor an be a vital tool....2 iq points membershp into the common pool available at need, any need, only need and membership has been closed for a good long time.

and i am slow. or lazy. or crazy. but i found wiggle room

so - is that game a rosetta stone because the pacific gyre ain't good for nuthin but a f'g landing pad

bet me if i a kidding- couldn't get to the city of glass - am where the f'g untrained air traffic controller needs to be F U Ronnie Reqgen over PATCO - made the airways unsafe
sicced the blue angels on my cousin tom ex-ranger at ft benning georgia soa ??? naw, not him, can't even say window right

I am speaking around a security clearance that was need-to-know before I taught m'self to decry[t
Now you translate.

I spent a year in the crystal Cave Fire in Water
when I began zOMG nd tried to stare down the animated, had no clue how to shoot

askmiko how wierd it was to teach me basic; zOMG.

Ask Leonard peltier about the silver bullet, he won't tell. ;I just get tranked when I do.
But I remember both Wounded Knees and am tired of being walking wounded.  
PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:34 am
Clear Channel and it aint no corporation, this is now the official communicatin thread for the laning project.

Dry run or real, idk - let's just hope we are redy so their are no i am so sorry errors, like the little girl told in flower drum, clapping her hands in joy and the tiny people....

Nope, let's just pretend it is a sotory so you can go hoe and not getin the wy if fear or control is your only response.

sry - only just clearing the memory.

Hopefully we will be just-in-time

You look at my natal chart and see if qlmart invented justintime logisticss huh//////////

james Wesley Crooks, junior was an electrical ngineer who graduated from k-stte and became a rocket scientist for the us of a
dyslexic as all git out
y uncle
me,carol sue crooks, born ;12-31-19047 in anhattan kansas on new year's eve, 6:0 pm or thereabouts in st. mary's baby hospital that later became a delta sssssssssssssssssnot ig upsilorn well a Delta something fraternity.

that's enough to get you my birth certificate and ;o the damned chart

(edit - I do not recall typing this word...lol...tis the season? idk)

- this is the caaptain of this xhip.........sopaceship earth, you idjuts - y captain in trek had sa bloody space tationk......zen....ballet....shiva breathes - gonna show you this is a soled-state universe or it will be

big bang is a bad joke like economics theory tha says resources; are unlimited. the limits are great but they do exist.

Thank god for tetris and Tetris Friends - tell barbie i bitched up my beta; status ;by running back to the old game and dropping myself below the wter;ark. beta is so much easier.....but an hour-long - half hour? tetris gameboy game on youtube freed me up to do this.

messy messy, but just-in-time....doesnt anyone else wobble while i get into fighting ccnd
(NON-fighting - pecekeeping while controlling traffic is distractin0

Slow, even breathing with bqancedexhalations.....

slowing down......not burning out the brakes, not ripping out the transmissio, not cursing to the skies for having an automatic....not confuse me with a stick for flyin gear, stickshft on vehicle is just fine
Askhem Sajose sharks can i drive...or speak with a voice of thunder

Backto the present task.

Getting me ready fast.

I the Captain of Heartfire clan on gaiaonline.com - this is a public clan anyone can read, anyone can post, but I will hold you responsible if you act irresponsibly here or in any way break ToS.

I am also current Captain of the ; urrently inactive Aquarium Defenders guild, whose sole purpose is to support the game of Booty Grab on Gaia, to find, document and report any and all glitches in the game. Pan - you were never ever offered my friendship but you had my full cooperation until you got your ego involved. I acted as messenger because I just had a mixed tank I loved and had no expertise, only love. All I knew was comunity organizing and being a secretary, so I wanted to do what I could. not particularly benevolent, really, just creatively realistic.

Heartfire is an activist clan formed to support Gaia's other anchor game, zOMG.

Gamers can provide a useful contribution to r & d but not in service to creating wealth for others. Reasonable success, certainly, but responsibly and with the goal of preserving the biosphere.

Gaiaonline.com is one such site and so is playdom.com - don't care about politics but the planet is borrowed from the future and its destruction is not permitted. This is the garden. Destroy this one and you are S.O.L. So - I will not allow it to happen.

srsly. Yellow Rose of Woujnded Knee - is that like saying unnamed woman who was the victim of war? Seems so from what I can glean from the net. And I only know that when I saw the monument, I knew that name was me.

Best available metaphor - the Star trek film where the whales were returned to gg Park

Darmak and Gilad - that episode - TNG

And ty Psy and klinongon style, subscribed to your channel,. silveraiguilla.

okay, need a break, fog is further clearing, time for coffee.

Okay, that was reasonably coherent. Now - tell me if i has a problemo w/stat??? or can't learn math??? got me stuck on memrizing multiplication tables - why not just teach how to make one, I could recreate that at need. So many artificial barriers to leraning.....please, no more concussin and no more forced medication 'for my own good' and then asking me why i in't working....

I am, I just don't get paid for it.

So - personal grudge at not being allowed much freedom of choice, will deal with that later.

STFU if you feel a compulsion to interfere.  


Playful Guildswoman


Playful Guildswoman

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 7:53 am
Watch for this contest announcement in December - it's been held 2 years now. You can participate as an artist or collectors - please note it is open to guild members, old and new of the mentioned guild:

Hey everyone, the artist and art collectors guild will be hosting its second 100 day event in 2013!

Everyone is welcomed to join in, it could be just for fun or aiming for the main prize to help motivate yourself to improve. Participants who complete the 100 day event will automatically earn 500k!

And just like last year, art collectors are welcome to fill out a form for art request, which participants can draw during the event!

To register for the 100 day event (be artist or art collector), check out the fallowing link:

For rules and guidlines about the event check out the following link:

Be sure to register! And hope to see you all Monday the 7th of Jan 2013, 10pm Eastern time zone!  
PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 7:57 am

Waffles the Cat is the new exclusive item for the new Ships Happen! chance item. Currently, only one is on sale in the MP, at 77,777,777 - or roughly 78M. If you really like CI's (used to be called RIG's), this is a good one if you get the exclusive - shoe doesn't like Waffles? It is probably also a good bundle investment, if you take bundles to the Exchange. I don't - for me it's too, well, 'chancy." Lol.  


Playful Guildswoman

Cheetah Art

Friendly Fatcat

PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2013 9:15 am
Just a little add to "Clan Announcement: Clan Meet Noon Pacific on Saturday"

Convert the time for your time zone -
smilies/icon_smile.gif http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html smilies/icon_smile.gif

2-16 Saturday Noon PST

2-17 Sunday 1pm PST

Siskataya, Admin Lead -
Fri Feb 15, 2013 5:15 pm

Hey everyone!

We just wanted to let you know that since Monday, February the 18th, is our official Gaiaversary, we want to spend some good quality time with you. Let's hang out, chat, and celebrate the awesomeness that is Gaia together!

From 3pm-5pm PST, a bunch of our staff members will be hanging out in Towns and event forum threads just to spend time with YOU! We'll also be having some random giveaways during this time, so we hope you can all make it! Head to the Thanks for 10 amazing years Gaians - We <3 you! thread on Monday where we'll post more details on how this giant hangout of fun and celebration will work. We just wanted to let you know early so that you are informed about this!

Again, we wish all of you a very Happy 10th Gaiaversary - thanks for being the most awesome community on the internet!

Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:55 am

Happy 10th Anniversary Gaia!

After much anticipation, the long awaited day has finally arrived. Gaia has turned 10! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we're giving out an amazing item for the last day of item grants in our For the Love of Gaia event, your choice of either a Mini Angelic Halo and Winglets OR a Mini Nitemare Halo and Winglets. To claim your prize, just head on over to the event page, click the glowing 2003 candy wrapper, head to the "Special" tab of your inventory, find the Mini Halo and Winglets item, then click it and select either Angelic or Nitemare, it's that easy!

For logging in today, you'll also receive the exclusive Partygoer achievement! All you need to do is log in (or log out then back in) and the achievement should grant itself to you. There may be some delay due to the number of users earning it, but you should get it after a few tries at most. If it just refuses to show up though, be sure to post in my Bugs thread so that I know to manually give it to you after the day's up.

I hope you all enjoy the prizes and will join us later today from 3pm to 5pm PST in Towns/other Flash spaces and the event forum to hang out, celebrate Gaia's amazing milestone, and maybe even win some more amazing prizes. We'll also hold our regular Ask the Admin in the Gaia Community Discussion forum immediately afterwards from 5pm to 6pm PST so if you have any burning questions you can't wait to ask us, be sure to attend that!

Happy Anniversary!  
PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2013 5:04 pm
Clan Happenings 2/15 & 16  


Playful Guildswoman


Playful Guildswoman

PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2013 5:22 pm
10th Gaiaversary Devs Meat in zOMG on Monday, 2/17/13 -

Met TigerLilyChick just after 3:40 pm by Barton Fountain. Of the people whose names were recognized by the group, there was guinaoichi (sorry if I misspelled it), Xaraius, Sith Lord (not all of username), Sapsorrow Grimm ( site old-timer), gataka called in, joined us later, savvycrazy showed up for a while and had to leave, Shadey Kitty led the search and gataka searched layers for quite a while before arriving. TigerLily saw scully at one point, I think. No other dots showed up on the map for any of us.

We didn't see the devs - too many layers. They may be; at AtA - on now.

(I got sidetracked, concluding our 2nd affiliation, this post, and a new thread.)
Also am posting this in zOMGaians Unite.  
PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 1:13 am
Enter a raffle to go to outer space (3/1 Daily Treat video on Gaia Home Page) - deadline is 7/31/13. (More videos in the series on YouTube under Axe Apollo.)

They're serious, folks. This is really a raffle for a trip to outer space.

Axe Apollo Space Academy

Also check out DarkJam.com for the NASA AMmes gamers conference (free, but only wait list spots are open - they are trying to get additional space). Free gaming conference at NASA Ames, bring your sleeping bag to Sunnyvale, CA and stay from 5pm Friday 3/08/13 thru 8pm Sunday 3/10/13! Thank Dragonsthd_40 (hope I spelled that right) for the tip on 3/1 at Dev Meat.

EDIT: Over 40 games came out of the conference! See the link in jelly's news on my profile. I was accepted from the waitlist, but was unable to attend, as I was in the hospital - jelly.  



Playful Guildswoman

PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:54 pm
[ JK ], Panagrammic, and mlos have been laid off from Gaia.

Please attend all events in the clan schedule this weekend that you can, people are hurting.

Here is a good-by thread in the z!F (zOMG Forum) -

Thank you all! - [ JK ]'s farewell thread

Thanks for all the fish. A goodbye compiled thread to [ JK ] (actually to all 3 listed below)

Pan\'s last journal entry

fyi -

[ JK ] was the last zOMG developer left standing after earlier rounds of layoffs. He was officially reassigned away from zOMG in February 2012, to HoC.

Panagrammic was the public face of gaiaonline.com, moderating Ask-the-Admin meetings in 2011. He answered questions when asked, about Booty Grab and zOMG. In January 2012, he was reassigned to head systems analysis.

mlos was a QA tester who worked on zOMG and many other site features, one of those we seldom heard of but without whom we would have been lost.

Those weren't all the layoffs. I missed one in Pan's journal, purp picked it up -

purplewiz\' journal

PostPosted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:17 am
4/26 Dev Meat (with many devs)

A gathering of friends, bittersweet dev meat - video

Dev meet with Mavdoc/L0cke/Swarf/etc - thread with video

- Thank you, Platonic Purple Panda!  


Playful Guildswoman


Playful Guildswoman

PostPosted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:45 pm
Just a little family news about our mascot's relation - NASA's SDO's mascot -


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