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A Bleach related role playing guild that gives everyone a chance to live a life in the Bleach universe. We're the Elite. 

Tags: Bleach, Stat-Based, Roleplay, Elites, Anime Manga 

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What else needs to be done most to help the guild?
  Improve Customs Rules
  Update Techs
  More events
  More combat based story lines
  Nothing, I am happy with the guild as is.
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:43 am
Ah, it is that time again. To dust the shelves, get rid of what we no longer use and no longer fits. To freshen things up and make them attractive once more. Which means, in the case of a guild like this, it is time to clean out the stale and unused topics. Topics that no longer are of use, or simply have been abandoned. Now, I am all for keeping topics that are quiet so that people can have an inactive location to start posting in to keep track of your posts. However, some times these topics need to be packed in a box and set on a shelf in our Archives.

◦  Report your unwanted topics here.
◦  Topics that has remained inactive for a year or longer will be removed unless you post a request to keep it in the game.
◦  Topics that have been destroyed and do not have active posting of survivors or investigators acknowledging that it has been destroyed will be moved to Archives.
◦  You will have until November 15th to submit your requested moves, protest a move, or otherwise give your input, and then we will begin moving them on November 16th.

Proposed to be Moved

Anybody can object to these.

‣  Debates - Nobody uses them, and when it is used, the debates are never kept there. In the end, defeating the purpose of the debate thread.
‣  Karakura - Once the battle is over and the survivors have left. It is atomized and logically nothing left to do there.
‣  Port Haven - Destroyed by Xavior, nobody bothered to really use it before. The few that did haven't in years.
‣  Spirit Caravan - It hasn't been posted in for over two years.
‣  Profiles and Shops owned by ex-members who are no longer with us

Moved Topics

∙ Rosenqueen Earth Branch

[b]Name and Link of Topic:[/b]
[b]Move or Keep:[/b]

[quote="Mod Approval Sticker"]
PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2012 6:09 am
Name and Link of Topic: Rosenqueen, The Hollow Lord, Imperial Guard, The Legendary Trainer, The Conjurer\'s Circle
Move or Keep: Keep
Reasoning: Shops are good, and I spent Customs making them. However...

Mod Approval Sticker Wrote:

Name and Link of Topic: Rosenqueen Earth Branch
Move or Keep: Move/Delete
Reasoning: This thread became redundant as part of a previous Guild overhaul, and it's not needed.

Mod Approval Sticker Wrote:



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