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PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:00 pm
As you have Read there has been a Time Skip of Four Years. So For Each one of your characters this needs to be filled out. Just fill it out on this forum..

Notable Changes:
New Rivals:
What happened in the Last Four Years:
PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:09 pm
Name: Kaguya, Zatoichi
Age: 17
Notable Changes: Ragged clothing, Short hair. Slight cut on the forehead
Pic: same
New Rivals: unchanged
What happened in the Last Four Years: After having been almost killed by Akai, zat forced himself into solitary confidement. He has been training his body in many diffrent arts and began to forget most of his genjutsu technuiqes by bringing the power of taijutsu into his life. His body became leaner, stronger and his will empowered with the drive to excel. By winter he released himself from such confidement hoping to find old enemies or allies...


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PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:16 pm
Name: Bone (Model 00-00-00-01 Realian Series)
Age: Unknown
Notable Changes: None what so ever.
Pic: Bone
New Rivals: N/A
What happened in the Last Four Years: Trained Ginsa, Torrest, and Lileth. Started 'Friend.'

Name: Ginsa Hyumon
Age: 21
Notable Changes: N/A
Pic: Ginsa
New Rivals: N/A
What happened in the Last Four Years: Trained with Bone-sensei and assisted in starting 'Friend.'

Name: Torrest Senimaru
Age: 22
Notable Changes: He seems to be getting smarter.
Pic: Torrest
New Rivals: N/A
What happened in the Last Four Years: Same as Ginsa.

Name: Lileth Kinuta
Age: 20
Notable Changes: She is a little kinder to males, mainly to only Bone, Ginsa, and Torrest.
Pic: Lileth
New Rivals: N/A
What happened in the Last Four Years: Same as Torrest  
PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:17 pm
Name: Ayami Uchiha
Notable Changes: Longer hair
Pic:Ayami Uchiha
New Rivals: none current rival
What happened in the Last Four Years: Ayami would seem to vanish from the surface of the earth in her attempts to become stronger , Only a select few knew about here where about during the four years . Most of the four year was aimed toward training

Name: Hoshiko Gami
Age: 21
Notable Changes: Hair grew a little , went missing nin
Pic:Hoshiko Gami
New Rivals: none
What happened in the Last Four Years: For the four years Hoshiko would wonder the land seeking jutsu as she also searched for her purpose . She would come across several new faces and meet shinobi of all caliber .

Name: Kishin Okami
Age: 23
Notable Changes: none
Pic: same
New Rivals: none
What happened in the Last Four Years: Kishin continued his travels through the land of spira till his journey was complete . He would spend the for years training with his Aeons and helping around his home village of kilika .



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PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:19 pm
Name: Hido Nara
Age: 26
Notable Changes: His hair has gotten longer again, he no longer braids it, and he let a small goatee grow out.
Pic: Hido
New Rivals: no new rivals
What happened in the Last Four Years: Hido realized that even after all of his training, it wasn't enough to protect people how he had hoped. Shortly after becoming Anbu he trained his hardest to keep himself as strong as possible developing his individual skill better. He obviously spent more time with Ayami, their relationship growing, and started to realize that training wasn't everything. He now is much more laid back, harder to get into a fight with, and a generally better all around guy.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:59 pm
Name: Eluamous Nailo: Hidden Mythology's Spartan Clan
Age: 21 ---> 25
Notable Changes: New Armor; His hair grew out over two years, wasn't cut once!
Pic: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/GoldDragon1188/Roleplay/The_wind_by_heise.jpg
New Rivals: None
What happened in the Last Four Years: After engaging the Homunculus Graze, Eluamous and his familiar, Fai Ryu, entered the land of Spira, home of the Eidolons, in search of training against the unique beasts which resided there. While in training, Eluamous's infinity armor was damaged while facing off against the icy prowess of Shiva in pitted combat. In order to counter this, Eluamouss had his armor reforged from the mysterious cloth with threads similar in properties to Mythril; a pale blue material known for its resistance to ice-based attacks. His new armor incorporated the same basic design of his original, using ancient runic patterns of the Spartans, but was designed more streamline so that he could better maneuver in combat. It is also a cloth-based armor, thus preventing his former weakness of the armor joints clinking together at times.
After four years traveling the entire length of Spira, Eluamous finally left the land and returned to the natural world.

Name: Immolatus
Age: 24 ---> 28
Notable Changes: Stopped drinking Coffee o_O
Pic: No new pic
New Rivals: Naniyori
What happened in the Last Four Years: After the pilfering of his entire set of coffee suppies by the Cloud Nin known as Naniyori, Immolatus faced off in Leaf against the Agents and fought to his limit. Realizing his own power was not enough he sought out Double Helix; but tested positive for caffeine addiction. He was sent on a four year "Coffeeholics Anonymous" course to straighten out and told to return when he'd gotten over his caffeine addiction.

Name: Rahvin Ared Mosinel
Age: 15 --> 19
Notable Changes:
Pic: No new pic
New Rivals: Gana [?]
What happened in the Last Four Years: After Winning the Sound Nin Tournamet, Rahvin returned to his tribe in the desert and celebrated his victory within the nomadic traditions. Remaining home to complete his training, Rahvin forged a pact with the summon spirit Sazo the Guitar Major, and was finally given permission to travel freely from his nomadic tribe.

Name: Cagnazzo
Age: ???? ---> ???? +4
Notable Changes: None
Pic: No new pic
New Rivals: The teachers at the Shinobi Academy
What happened in the Last Four Years: After his notable breakout of the Shinobi Academy, Cagnazzo spent his time lurking outside small settlements and feeding off of the people who lived there to restore his strength. After all, being imprisoned in a toilet system for nearly two centuries takes its toll on your appetite.
After two years of devouring humans, Cagnazzo found a quiet bog and slept to digest his massive meal. For two years everything was quiet until a wading fisherman vanished, only a pair of bloody, rubber boots remained of him. Cagnazzo, had awakened....



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PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 12:41 am
Name: Yuan Shisho
Age: 24
Notable Changes: None really, at least not physically

New Rivals: Ella, Reina (old), Akou (really old), The world (even older)
What happened in the Last Four Years:
After his botched attempt at capturing an odd skeleton shinobi in a mission for the Akatsuki, and then further failing to capture Akatsuki's known enemy Ella Dantes, and with no recollection of his partner's defection from the ranks of Akatsuki, Yuan set off on a trip to many far away lands. This was in part a punishment on himself for failing so miserably, and in part a search for Crius, Yuan's ex-partner who seemed to have removed himself from the charted territories. While traveling, Yuan picked up and developed some new techniques, but his attitude seemed to remain the same. A general disregard for society, and principals, and a hatred of any society based on principals seems to be this ninja's guiding light, and it leaves him with an unquenchable urge to destroy those things that the majority see as good and just. Yuan has now returned to the lands of leaves and fire, and with him, it seems, has returned his appetite for violence.
PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 2:47 am
Name: Sabuko no Matsuri
Age: 20
Notable Changes: hair is much shorter, has grown in to an adult body, finally. Greed tattoo is underneath her arm band.
Matsuri / face

New Rivals: Fuka Zeru and Kaguya Akai
What happened in the Last Four Years:
Matsuri still has her childish behavior however she now has gotten more serious in the kage business, now doing the paper work and actually visiting other villages for peace treaties. Her study as a medical ninja has greatly improved over time and now can heal people ten times as fast then before. But is still violent when having her bone saw in her hands. She is still with the Cool group however rarely visits the group unless there is a meeting. Has been tagging along with Ryuko and Zeru for the four years and has taken Zeru under her ‘wing’. Teaching him medical jutus. But is still angry at him for taking her first and second kiss. Plotting on putting his hands in cold water while he sleeps.

Name: Ryuko
Age: 25
Notable Changes: Cut and styled her hair different. More make up than normal. Seems to have relaxed more. Wears gloves, hiding her tracking ring from Bone.
Ryuko now.
Side View

New Rivals: Fuka Zeru and Bone.
What happened in the Last Four Years:
Ryuko is still slightly insane and bent on destroying Hidden Leaf, still having dreams of the village being destroyed. She even cuddles in to her pillow when having it. Within the four years she has continued to travel with Matsuri and Zeru, and is enjoying the new males company. Even thinking of him as family. She is hoping to find a way to disconnect from Matsuri’s body but has yet to find anything besides a few small hints. But all of them come with a large cost which she is not ready to do. Within no sign of Bone within the four years she was grown slightly bitter, even sad as some might put it. Usually every Sunday night she is found at a small bar, singing songs on the large karaoke machine.

Name: Pan’ya Pillo
Age: 22
Notable Changes: Her make up as shifted a lot. Hair is much longer than before.

Pic: Without Makeup
Makeup on
New Rivals: None
What happened in the Last Four Years:
During the four years Pillo has moved out of her parents house and is now living on her own in a small apartment in Hidden Clown. She owns a small rabbit named ‘ Clopin’ which she got the name from an old Disney movie. The girl has also gained a part time job as a ramen stand helper. She has been training to go to the chuunin exams however she has yet to pass any of them within the years. Right now she is staying in her home village wanting to train and gain knowledge of the other villages before traveling around.



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PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 7:48 am
Name:Masked man majora to Majora
Age:Still unknown
Notable Changes:He gets taller
Pic:no known pic
New Rivals:none
What happened in the Last Four Years: Majora disappear for a while with shaneko and he trained with her for the past Four years with her learning new skill that he made up on his own and alone with shaneko's help but during the time he enjoy life as a ninja training every day.

Name: Ryu Hoshi
Age: 22
Notable Change: he gets buffer and more taller like 5'10 and he weights about 155
New Rivals: All taijutsu Masters
What Happened in the last four years: he trained in the academy for four years....thats it

PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 7:55 am
Name: Drago Hudeni
Age: 22
Notable Changes: Drago hair has changed back to the color red. With the use of his Tokijen he is prone to go to into fits of violence. he has regained his hope in humanity. He is usually seen with a light blue aura around him..due to his power with the Cool. Drago uses has less of a sense of humor and is more withdrawn..
In Costume: Drago in Costume
Out of costume: out of costume
New Rivals: Anthro
What happened in the Last Four Years: Drago fought Anthro with no clear winner. After he released another shot of his chakra it tore threw most of Hidden Mythology. He turned his head and he walked away slowly. He promised Anthro that he would kill him one day. After he promised him that he told him to watch out for his family. That he would be back in four years to keep his promise and to kill him.
In the first Year. Drago trained exclusively in the Cool base. He was able to stretch out all of his chakra. L earning how to control his power of Hope even more. Drago was amazed by the hope that the humans had. He even learned that his energy could not be used offensively but heal the world. Drago left the base after this.
The Second Year Drago went out to Sea. It is unknown were he went but it was said that he entered many tournaments over seas. He won many of hem but came back with a X shape scar over his left cheek.
The Third Year Drago came back to the Hidden Lands. He Stayed with Matsuri and Ryuko..for a moment of the year but he soon dispersed and he stayed within his own home. Developing New Techniques and jutsus. He was left rather undisturbed..He would come out every now and then to face a Giant Monster or two. He would occasionally leave his home to visit his wife. But he would leave in costume. He didn't want to see her..not yet.
The Fourth Year. Drago has made his return back home. Now out of costume he has decided to see what has changed in the Last Four Years..



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PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:04 am
Name: Maimu Joker
Age: 13
Notable Changes: Joker's hair has grown out..He has grown even further out of his mind. Joker Girls now Have Specific jobs.

Harley Quinn- Offense. She has the Weapons; Specifically A Hammer, The Alchemy Gloves, and Her body can be shift to knives, and spikes.

Joker's Daughter- Offense/Defense- Joker's Daughter is now filled to the brim with Joker Venom. She is able to emit this gas on the fly. She also is made with a more durable metal. So she also protects Joker from most of his damage. Joker's Daughter is equipped with Explosives, Kunais.

Pic:The Joker

New Rivals: Reina Huiden.

What happened in the Last Four Years: Joker has been dead for the Last Four Years. He has just made his return back from the Dead a few days ago. He is still a little bit in shock from what happened. He can't exactly remember what happened but he is still pretty upset making him more hell bent on killing the world.  
PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:12 am
Name: Kaguya, Akai
Age: 22
Notable Changes: New clothing, red blindfold
Pic: Akai
New Rivals: Kaguya, Zatoichi, Hidden Leaf VIllage
What happened in the Last Four Years: After the sudden end of the battle he had been in, Akai had moved off and began a little training, teaching himself under certain abilities, with the use of his new blindfold in order to mask his sight and make fighting harder for him to handle. Naturally, he used a jutsu to make himself blind, and did not need the blindfold other then because it looked interesting.

Name: Dante, Than
Age: 21
Notable Changes: none.
Pic: Thantos
New Rivals: Ella and Company [:'D]
What happened in the Last Four Years: Not being able to age, Thantos looked exactly the same as he did at the time four years before. Although he went off to search for something to learn, he found nothing aside from his abilities to teach himself interesting techniques, that took a decent while for him to flly understand.

Name: Akasun, Crius
Age: 18
Notable Changes: Longer hair.
Pic: Crius
New Rivals: Akatsuki Organization, Hidden Leaf VIllage
What happened in the Last Four Years: Once the battle he was in was over and done with Crius had gone into a hiding and silent training. Staying away from the open in order to prevent the atacks that may be from him leaving the Akatsuki years before. Now he came out of hiding, though he was not going to trust any one of those that he meets. Who were not of his own group.

Name: Kagerou, Zaman
Age: 23
Notable Changes: Longer hair, new clothing.
Pic: Zaman
New Rivals: Hidden Leaf VIllage
What happened in the Last Four Years: Zaman had gone off and spent a great deal almost literally within the volcanoes of Hidden Flame. Enjoying what could only be seen as a little vacation from the real world. FOr now he had nothing better to do then to lounge about, and maybe get a little training in along the way. Although he was not rushing either.

Name: Zetsu, Slade
Age: 18
Notable Changes:none.
Pic: Slade
New Rivals: none.
What happened in the Last Four Years: Slade was off in a secret lab for a few years, working on genetic theories that would allow him to modify his own body in ways that he could never imagine. As of these four years, there were no really no great improvements on the challenges he had faced as of late.

Name: Fuka, Zeru
Age: 19
Notable Changes:none.
Pic: Zeru
New Rivals: Matsuri, Ryuko
What happened in the Last Four Years: Zeru spent all four years, moving around with the two females Ryuko and Matsuri. Though he had found out they were one being, it did not matter all too much. He was more intent on gathering the last of both of their chakra, that it did not matter whether they were two or many. Due to being around Matsuri and Ryuko, he was gradually being tught by Matsuri with the ways of medical jutsu.

Name: Serkan Hisame
Age: 20
Notable Changes: none.
Pic: Serkan
New Rivals: Hoshiko Gami
What happened in the Last Four Years: Serkan remained in his own village. Training and slowly taking it over in a not so kind pace. He was eager to simply reign supreme, as the God of Blood that he was. Although there were plenty of things that were stopping him at this time. He did not care for these things. Seeing as he believed he could stop them quite easily.


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PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:13 am
Name: ONE
Age: ??
Notable Changes: One carries more weapons than before. he has also retorted to become even less human. He considers himself more of a machine. He Also has created a partner named TWO. which is a large Mechanical golem.

New Rivals: None
What happened in the Last Four Years: One met one of his only friends. However when he returned back home. He saw that his brother had finally went crazy and killed his family. One lost control of himself and killed his brother. Leaving himself an orphan. He burnt his brother's body. But used the parts of his mother and father to create TWO. His new companion. However this wouldn't replace the love he once felt. He trained hismelf around the clock and continued to lose what little of humanity he had inside of his training. He kept looking at his paper butterfly that followed him. But he was still sad. He always hoped his best friend was safe..but he had to get stronger.  
PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 9:16 am
Name: Nonohara Nemu, the Narcoleptic Nara Ninja (of Kamakura)
Age: 23
Notable Changes: Nothing to speak of. She's still narcoleptic, and Kyoumu is still mostly locked away.
Pic/Character Song: Click!
New Rivals: None, she's a noncombatant. As Kyoumu, humans.
What happened in the Last Four Years: Nemu had been drawn to Kamakura by a mysterious compulsion. She soon found herself in a place that seemed achingly familiar, though she couldn't remember it. She soon settled in at the Kaede House, and began living a peaceful life of relative comfort and peace. She never really forgot her training as a ninja, but in this land where fighting seemed afar-off dream, she was content to leave her past behind her, and make a new life. Even so, some things cannot be buried...



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PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 1:59 pm
Name: Hedoro Koutai
Age: 8
Notable Changes: Physically, none. Mentally, she's become much nicer and approachable.
Pic: Can't post it here, if you want to see it, PM me.
New Rivals: None yet.
What happened in the Last Four Years: After living in a very violent manner for so long, a certain incident happened that made Hedoro realize there were other ways to live, ways that didn't require hurting, killing and eating everyone in sight. So that's the life she is trying to live. At least for now.
Theme Songs: (Three different ones, for three of her personalities.)

Name: Tamao Suzumi
Age: 21
Notable Changes: She's matured a little, but doesn't look too different.
Pic: http://kr.animecharactersdatabase.com:81/images/Strawberrypanic/Tamao_Suzumi.png
New Rivals: None yet.
What happened in the Last Four Years: Tamao basically just traveled the world, seeking out new masters of the sword to teach her, new enemies against which to test her blades and herself.
Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8vCmH1u4DM

Name: Liesel Hansel
Age: 18
Notable Changes: Since she hasn't appeared yet, none.
Pic: http://i397.photobucket.com/albums/pp51/Hedoro/LieselHansel.jpg
New Rivals: So far none, but Tamao in the future.
What happened in the Last Four Years: Nothing. (Since I haven't posted her yet, I'm just having her start after the Time Skip.)
Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzCA9ohd5TI


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