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Wishful thinking is a guild for the breedable/changing pet shop. 

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Cael Onyx

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 3:08 pm
[ insert craptastic banner hurr ]

welcome to my breeding thread,
if you have any questions, feel free to PM me and if I'm not sure I'll ask someone who does.

be sure to read everything before posting though, all the information you need is here.

Progress Report Wrote:

Small litter:
[ 55%]Tryst(SylverStar // ImAHarumiBunny)Miharu
[ 0%]Aether(Kiareii // Prismatic Ferret)Freya
[ 0%]Scruffy([.A.V.] // mangshra)Sparkles
Normal litter:
[ 100%]Shui(Doredia // Xantara the Eternal)Angelique

PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 3:09 pm
[ craptastic breeding banner]

Here's the information you need for Breedings
this was conveniently copied from Dova xD /shot

Payment Notes

Breeding fee is 8k.
How you decide to pay for it between owners is up to you, you may send one trade or two.

Any breedings with two owners will always have at least two offspring. I never thought
having to share one offspring between two people was fair.

Breedings will be worked on after a trade is sent. I will not confirm the trade until everything is completed.

Where's my babies!?

Please don't complain about breedings not being dropped off right away. I do everything in
advance, meaning growings and sometimes certings. If it's been over two weeks and I
haven't said anything, feel free to PM me and ask what's up.

The babies will be posted in the thread, not PMed, so please watch my posts or the
main thread for them. PMing has just become a hassle and I don't like to do it. I will
do all breeding dropoffs on my MAIN account. So post stalk this one, not the mule for dropoffs.

Where's my cert!?

I won't pick genders, that's up to the owners to do. You have to tell me these things.

Please, PM me with the names, genders and a small wishful thought. Only send me one
PM, because could you imagine if I got 8 PMs per litter?

Sizes, and You

Small Litter 1-4 Babies
The default size. Most breedings will be this size.
*There will be 2 as the lowest number if there are two owners involved.

Normal Litter 4-8 Babies
A larger size, the winners of these are randomized. The price is the same though.

Owners and You!

SWEET! You have babies, you have a dropoff! You have... WAY TOO MANY! D: How
will you EVER house them all? Well, you won't. You may only keep ONE baby for
yourself. No more. So if you have 8, you're giving most of them away. Get over it
and start finding some people to shove those troublemakers at.

And before you ask. That ONE limit applies to the people you're giving them to as well.

Limits and You!

This is a new rule! Pets must now be at least 2 weeks old to breed! That means,
2 weeks from obtaining them, or 2 weeks from them growing to an adult. Please do not try to
skirt this rule, I'll find out about it!

Kits and newborns may NOT breed under ANY circumstances. That's just so wrong. ;o;

Your pair may not breed again until the children are adults. The parents need to
recuperate a bit before having more children!

The current limit is that one person may only be involved in two breedings per month.

You need permission from both owners to breed, please don't make me have to
deal with unhappy people because you didn't ask first.

New! Any enemy Halloween species are roleplay required to breed.
Werewolf x Vampire or Ghost x Zombie pairs need a minimum of 3 complete (15 or
more posts) RPs to show me how the heck that happened. These are natural born enemies
meaning they go at each others throats by just the sight of them. So... relationships between
them wouldn't make sense. If you can prove to me through RP how the relation might work I will
accept them into my slots. If not well... try again later.

New! Wolves, Dogs and Kitsunes have breeding limits, because basically
it's dogs vs. cats! Wolves believe in pure blood, so they mostly breed within their own species.
Good wolves will sometimes breed with other canines (dogs and kitsunes) but not very often. Dogs
also like to breed with other canines, so kitsunes and wolves. Very rarely will they breed with non
canine blood, but it can happen... more so for good dogs than evil. Kitsunes are the oddballs out, they
can breed with either side (canine or feline) but once they pick they're stuck in that group.


Cael Onyx

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Cael Onyx

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 3:10 pm

[ craptastic form banner ]




[b]Anything Extra?[/b][/size]

PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 3:12 pm
[ breeding slots ]

Current Slot Distribution Style:

Next Slot Opening:

Small Slots:

( 1 ) Tryst(SylverStar // ImAHarumiBunny)Miharu
( 2 ) Aether(Kiareii // Prismatic Ferret)Freya
( 4 ) Scruffy([.A.V.] // mangshra)Sparkles

Normal Slot:
( 3 ) Shui(Doredia // Xantara the Eternal)Angelique

check the first post to see my progress reports

[ insert examples bannhurr ]

i don't have too many examples yet, but there will be moar soon!

breeding entries for the colouring contest:
mother x father



Cael Onyx

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