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PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:48 pm
With the dawn came the dawning realization that the poor stallion must have not slept at all, and immediately she felt the weight of guilt heavy on her heart. Although it was the same for everyone, she imagined, why did he go such lengths? Raven had a feeling she did not deserve his kindness...but it made her no less greatful that he did. She enjoyed every moment at his side...she felt safe, warm, and cared for. May it be ambiguous, but for a mare who had nothing...it was becoming her everything.

Still flushed from her realization she shook her head, looking up at him with sad eyes. "No...it is necessary. You take so much of yourself to heal blindly...but who is to worry about you?" The mare's voice wavered a moment, was she crossing the line?

As he asked if she could rise, the mare edged her legs out from under her body, one hood hitting the ground in front of her. She didn't know if this would work or not, but she was hell bent and determined to get to her feet. The least she could do for Reject was allow him to move to a darker area where he could feed, drink and rest. Frowning her brows in concentration she heaved her weight up onto her legs...only to find out how shaky they were and fatigued. Flaring out her wings she winced as one of them spiked with pain and immediately brought the one side in which threw off her balance, with a yelp and a tumble she tried to keep on her hooves and stumbled a few steps to the side till she hit a nearby tree and remained standing against it. With most of her weight relying on the trunk she groaned in pain, noting her head at least wasn't hurting any longer but her body shook from the lack of energy to merely hold herself steady and proud.

With a heavy sigh escaping her lips she allowed her ears to fall against her skull as she glanced his way, keeping her wing against her side. "I worry about you...even if its not necessary. I will rest when we can find adequate shelter, and nourishment for you..." The look in her eyes made every intention of begging him to agree, of course it would all benefit her as well...but maybe, just maybe he would allow her to offer such a little gesture to him.

He'd done so, so much for her already.

"We...are both sore thumbs out here in the daylight.." She offered up, flicking her tail and tilting her head with a motion to her horns. She wouldn't put past those mean souls she'd encountered before to take a stand against their breed, or the dangers of the day try and take them on. She wouldn't allow anything to become of her savior. There was no cost too high at this point, as she waited for his voice to reply.
PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 10:44 pm
The yellow eyed stallion blinked, unable to hide the moment surprise as she spoke. Who was to worry about . . . him? Well, that was perhaps an easy question to answer, if he were to be perfectly honest. Giving a small snort, the every shy and skittish stallion ducked his head a moment, as if to hide in to his thick hair. "No one, but it is better that way." He quickly assured, not wanting Blackbird to get the wrong impression of him.

He had gone so long without any care in his life, it was almost a foreign concept. He was not worthy of such a thing, was not meant to live a life with companionship. In part it was fate, in part it was choice; he did not stay long in areas to settle or become well acquainted. It was his job, his life choice, to stay always on the move. Still, he did not wish for the mare to feel insulted by his words. "Though I do appreciate your kind words. I do not often hear such things." That was the truth. Compliments and kindnesses only seemed to come from those that he tended. Still, even if they were spoken as repayment, as obligation, they did warm the heart of the gentle, skittish soul. He did not -- could not -- believe he deserved them, but . . . . they were gentle on the ears, regardless.

Blackbird's were no exception.

When the mare did attempt to rise, he almost spoke up against such a thing. His own wings flared, and he had to refrain from jumping to his own hooves and attempting to giving her some sort of support. Unfortunately though, with the morning already half over, he did not trust the area enough to encourage her to rest. So long as she could get on her hooves, and stay on her hooves, she would be in much better shape just in case an unwelcome visitor might arrive.

When the uni-kalona finally did make it to her hooves, Reject himself followed suit. It was not perhaps graceful, his own bones and muscles objecting to such use. How long had he been still beside her, keeping guard, tending to what wounds he could with his horn? Too long, if the protests of his muscles had anything to say about it. "Shelter and food would do us both well." He finally conceded, giving a small, shaky stretch of his wings. Healing took a lot out of the stallion, and he felt as fatigued as she looked. They would make quite an unusual pair, should any eyes witness them this morning, and the sooner they found nourishment, the better. She had lost much blood, and he had worn his spirit thin. Still, Reject was not in such a rush so as to not give a preliminary look over at Blackbird. He wanted to make sure her fight to her hooves had not re-opened any wounds, at least not large enough to hinder their travels.

". . . I know of a stream not far from this place. We'll take it slow, but please do not hesitate to tell me if you need aid, or a moments rest." If they were lucky he might find a trail of some sort of deer or even stumble upon a nest of rabbits. Something, anything to snack upon. . . . He could hunt for them, but did not wish to leave her for long.


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PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:23 am
The mare kept her keen eyes on the stallion, her breathing escaping through her lips as she fought to keep her body upright and against the tree. As he hid away, she could feel the tightening of her own heart and wished his words weren't so...but from what she had discovered since her time 'awake' was that this world was not kind....only in the gems one found through the twisted, dark tunnels.

"That's...where you're wrong." Raven smiled softly, albeit a little sadly. Her eyes remained on him until she finally tore them away. "There's one now, and its going to stay that way."

Pushing her strength into her legs she lifted her body from the tree, taking a few steps away from the tree she felt her legs quake but pulled her self together enough to keep from tumbling back to the ground. She could see in her peripherals that Reject was rising from his position as well, and with a shuddering breath out she offered him a smile. "I'll remember to do it again then..." She had many more where that one had come from, and all of them rang with the utmost truths in her mind.

As her request was accepted, she nodded her head tenderly and moved forward till she was back at his side. Her body's cry for the basic necessities were aching in her soul, but she knew as she had been telling herself for a while now...in due time. The pain in comparison to yesterday was nothing, he had done a lot of healing and she could feel it in the way he held himself that his own strength was diminished. The quicker they could get to the aforementioned place the better for the both of them, within limits of course.

Frankly the time she had spent this far was the best times she'd had, and didn't want it to end.

"I think I will be alright..." Blackbird said truthfully, and once the stallion would move she fell in stride with him, her body no more than a breath away as she felt more contented to be right at his side. She knew the day wasn't a place for her...for them, and she felt much better being within such a close range of the stallion. "I think I would settle for even roots right about now." She joked, having tried them once in her travel before she ran into Reject and was convinced she still had dirt in her throat from that awful testing.
PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:09 pm

The stallion said nothing as they began their walk to the stream. They certainly made a most unusual pairing, neither of them with as much strength as beasts of their size should possess; she was weak and ill from injury and blood loss, while he was shaking from the exhaustion of little sleep and excessive use of his healing abilities. Hopefully, though, they would find neither predator nor closed minded and spiteful prey to give them a hard time, or worse, attack. . .

While he was certain adrenaline and basic instinct would give them renewed spirit, Reject did not wish to make such a risk. They were both compromised, and the sooner they could drink and eat, the better for everyone. Limping slowly along, he did reach out with one of his leather wings. Gingerly, he looped it ever so loosely around the back of Blackbird, keeping her steady on both sides, should she sway on her hooves or trip over the foliage of the woods. While he was weak, he was still in far better shape than her.

Unforutnately, while Reject did hear her kind words, he was so flabbergasted and surprised by them, he honestly had nothing to say. Surely, she spoke only out of kindness and politeness; surely, she meant not such a thing because he was Reject. . . He did not take well to compliments or kindnesses outside of his work. Surely, the unikalona only spoke because he was doing her a service by aiding her. . . Not that he blamed her. It wouldn't be the first time it happened, nor the last.

So it was, he focused on her commentary over roots and plant based edibles. He gave a small snort, though a hint of a smile crept over his features as he quietly mused, "I must admit, you may need to choke a few roots and flowering plants down at some point today. You've lost much blood, and there are some healing remedies that can be ingested. Your desire might very well be granted sooner than later," he assured, keeping on the trail through the woods.

It wasn't a far walk to the waters edge, but it was rather slow going to get there. The yellow eyed stallion kept his eyes out for trails -- a few rabbits scurried in to their hides, and a few smaller creatures could be heard pausing upon their approach. He noted what plants would be useful to regaining energy and aiding in healing of her wounds, and where to circle back to find them. Any trails of potential prey were also noticed and tucked away for future haunts. Reject would hunt them something after they were refreshed with water from the stream. If worse came to worse, he could try for fish.

The stream was small but its waters cold and inviting. There was no other beast or creature at its edge which was a good relief; no bears to drive off, no soquili to assure. Just the two of them, and as it was, he lead Blackbird over to the streams edge so they both might drink.


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PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:48 pm
Walking was challenging, more so than she could have ever recalled it to be so. The gift of flight was something embedded in her bones and despite the blow to her memories she could feel the ease and joy of flight in the depths of her very soul. Having been stripped of that thanks to injury left an ache on her tired hooves; only alleviated when the rather touching notion of the wing draped over her backside to keep her steady and made her heart skip a beat or three. Subconsiously the mare may have leaned into him but a bit so the warmth of his body radiated from his side to hers in such intimate proximity; eyes downcast with the warmth also resonating from her face.

Looking up only when he spoke on what may have been musing vocals did she catch a glimpse of that fleeting smile, which in turn warmed one on her own lips. What was it that she was hoping for? The inner turmoil bubbled in what if's and could be's, dawning only the cold fact that reality was once she was healed and could remember that he would vanish from her life.

Yet...as much as her heart wished such a fate would never be, she could never ask such a kindly soul as to help those in need to remain with her and her selfishness.

Making a bit of a disgruntled face at his muse to gain her wish of eating more roots, she shook her head lightly with a gentle toss of her mane. "If it is so, then so be it. However learning from my mistake...I would wash it first...and I am not sure which roots I ate so hopefully the ones you suggest may be more palatable." Even if it wasn't, she would do what he told her to even if it was unsettling in her stomach. He knew best, and she wanted to heal so she wouldn't be so burdensome...despite that it would end her reason for him to stay by her side.

Once the water broke through the foliage in her view, a dry tongue ran across her lips while her sights locked on the cool waters. Not getting to ahead of herself she walked at his side till the sands below her hooves were damp with the proximity of the stream. Moving a little out of his wings comforting embrace she allowed her two front legs to wade into the water, dipping her head down to submerge her lips and swallow back the delicious substance hard. Eyes closed she kept swallowing, near gulping till her body cried for breath and she realized she hadn't stopped for oxygen in nearly a minute; drawing up with a quenched gasp. Feeling a moment of euphoric bliss at the fire in her throat finally extinguished she looked back at Reject with a grateful smile. "That feels absolutely wonderful...don't you agree?"

Dipping her head once more she took an excess of her fill of water, it wasn't until she felt a little queasy from drinking so much so quickly did she move back to Reject's side, carefully nosing her way under his wing and folded her own out and against his chest as she had noticed he'd limped during their walk and wanted to offer him what support she could give, offering a silent but concerned look towards the noble stallion.
PostPosted: Sun May 26, 2013 8:52 pm

The stallion kept his guard up, ever alert as the mare broke away from his side and practically threw herself in to the water. Thankfully, things were quiet at this hour, outside from a few tweeting birds and the occasional movement of a foraging squirrel. Nothing seemed out of place, especially at this hour. Gods, he was exhausted.

Still, this was his job, and he would not let Blackbird down. It was bad enough she had amnesia, but the wounds he had healed had been extensive. She was still at risk for harm, and if some predator found her in such a state, she would likely have little energy or ability to fend them off -- even with her fangs and wings and horn. No, he would continue to play sentry until his services were no longer needed or desired.

He watched as the mare drank her fill; for a moment, he was concerned she might choke on the water, and he was half tempted to remind her to breathe when she came up gasping for breath. Her rapture and bliss over finding hydration was contagious; he could not help but smile in spite of the seriousness of their situation. "It is indeed refreshing." He admitted, finally allowing himself to drink, certain that the mare was safe and preoccupied. The water would serve as a good start in revitalizing both of their spirits. It would give him energy to forage, and, if he were lucky, kill. They would have to feast soon. . .roots wouldn't be enough, though they might help ease the pain and aid in her recuperation.

When Blackbird drank her fill, Reject was surprised to find her returning to his side. He almost choked on his own water as she pointedly nosed her way back beneath his leather wing, as if she wanted to be there. It . . It surprised him enough to cause him pause -- he lifted his head, briefly, yellow eyes shyly looking up at her as she resettled herself. It was strange... but perhaps she wished for comfort or assurance. When the mare wrapped her own wing around him, he was absolutely flabbergasted.

". . . Do not fret for me," he assured quietly, catching the concern within her gaze. Timidly, he averted his yellow eyes and looked back down at the water. "I am quite well. But perhaps you might wish to rest back upon the shore? I . . . I can fish here, in the lake and see if I might not find us a meal; or follow a few trails we passed to scare up some dinner. I shall need to forage this area any way, and I do not wish to over-exert your energy. You are, after all, still injured." Still, he kept his wing wrapped staunchly around the mare, not willingly to draw away from her yet. He did not want her to think her company was unwanted.


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PostPosted: Sat Jul 13, 2013 12:31 pm
With ears folded back she felt her eyes slip to a half lidded state, the fuzzy feeling she received when safely nestled against his side with the warmth of his wing spreading across her back was something she wasn't prepared to enjoy so much. While she was aware not everyone well, appreciated personal space being intruded like that she didn't hear Reject complaining or breaking away from her. That meant it was alright, didn't it?

Noting his head rose up from the water to gaze at her with such uncertainty in his glowing golden orbs she felt a confusion from in her own blood red orbs...ones not nearly as pretty as his.

"But I do..." Her own hushed words whispered out, due to their proximity it was clear he would be able to hear her. "Why can't you accept someone cares about you....is it wrong for me to?" Blackbird admitted, her gaze drawing up to the skies above. It was hard for her to comprehend at first why everyone had thought her to be such a monster when she felt in her heart she was not. Scared, alone, confused she'd pressed forth, weary but knew she had to find help. When stumbling across Reject....she was prepared for the worst....but was pleasantly surprised to find herself in a most unique position. Not only did she find kindness and healing....there was a protection and calm which fell into her soul.

Things like that were priceless.

"I just....can't accept that my heart would draw me down a path which was wrong....it was all I had which in part lead me to you in the first place." Feeling her chest clench, her gaze dropped to give him a look...even if his face was turned away from her. "We can work together, so we can rest quicker. I'll walk....slowly around and see if I can spot something edible; if you want to fish or scare game...?" She offered, her head giving a hesitant bob forward before on a second try to press her nose against his cheek.

Only lingering a moment she slowly slipped out from his wing and began to walk slowly around the clearing; inhaling softly as she tried to pick up any scent's she recognized. Berries...apples....clover....anything really. She did respect his wishes for her to take it easy so her walk was very slow and precise, not wanting to slip or take a tumble as her wings had slowly spread at either side to keep her balance; tail dragging softly against the ground.

Her mind slowly slipped into thought, wondering the extent of what she had just said; while her eyes scanned the area for edibles as she would not be able to hunt any game in this state yet.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 29, 2013 9:42 am
Reject was completely taken aback by the words the mare spoke. He stayed quiet, said nothing, even as he tried to grasp with what it was she was implying. To care about him? Was it wrong of her? Instinct told Reject that yes, yes it was wrong of her. . . . Clearly, the mare was suffering more than he had realized, if she were to care so swiftly for a beast such as him.

Still, the unikalona said none of it. They had only just met a day prior, and the mare had been through much during her time with him. Who knew where she had come from, what sort of life she had lived before her attack, before she lost her memories? Still, far be it for Reject to judge, or speak his mind. Though the concept of someone caring about him, other than during their treatment, was foreign to the stallion, it wasn't truly unprecedented. He had had others before, in their gratefulness to his healing abilities, say similar things. Still, the stallion understood that this was but a temporary respite.

Once she was fully healed and able to make it on her own, he would release her from his care. . . .and then she would be gone. Like all of them. Care was a temporary balm. Reject knew he was a monster, a beast; he still hunted, he still killed, and he was still dangerous, despite his chosen path of peace.

Ah, but he could ponder upon the mares words for as long as there was sand in the desert. It would do him no good, even if he doubted her words. "You are far too generous and kind with your words." Is all he finally replied, even as she pressed her nose against his cheek in a gentle nuzzle. "But the spirits did draw us together." He confessed, even if it were simply so he might heal her, and she might get the care she needed before she died.

Nothing more complicated then that.

Still, the stallion allowed Blackbird to search for plant edibles. He would scrounge up certain roots and plants that would aid in healing; but only after they had something more substantial to eat. He was exhausted, he was sore, but he would do right by this mare. So it was, the stallion slipped quickly back in to the woods to scare up some game.

((I'm . . . wondering if. . . maybe this is a good end point for this RP? I suspect he'll simply be tending to her wounds, and helping her regain strength over the next little bit of time. << ))


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