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PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:48 pm
[Kyla: Narnia: forsaken Hall]

Of all the f**king A- holes to pop in, WHY was she not surprised this jerk had to make his grand appearance. With that said entrance and clarification a vision from earlier suddenly made sense to her.

Was Kyle doing some of his own crazy meddling with the inner workings of hearts ? The guy did like Zexion a lot didn’t he? Which made the nobodies betrayal all the more bitter. Kyle was too clever to not take a chance like that- not if it mean understanding more right? Truth be told, Kyla still didn’t know what he personally wanted, aside from winning the day and getting his home back. Getting his brother back. But so simple desires left room for experimentation. And here she should she was the only mad scientist meddling with powers beyond her comprehension.

Ever since she brought that thing back to him, form Ajora… was this her fault?
The problems was that there no way to conclude one way or another. Ever since things collapsed around them at the start...maybe even earlier then that- Kyle had been acting stranger and stranger. He’s been connected to Ajora, and Kyla hated seeing what it was doing to him. Would he eventually lose himself?

The artist watched as the ‘somebody’- changed garment in front of them, a precursor to the battle finally shifting into high gear.

His appearance was the last straw for the armored Louis- sending their opponent into frenzy. He didn’t want to believe the person he knew before was standing before him. Was Ajora really so precious that any vision of him was an abhorrent blasphemy? It was difficult for Kyla get out of her own head space, given the original’s personal treatment of her person- and try to figure out some platform for where Ajora, in all his horribleness could forge a bond of some kind to vouch for this reaction.

Dumael moved, arms shivering, - here it comes. And in the darkness above them she heard someone singing. Damnit WHY did she in all this craziness- like it. If she was some cataclysmic enemy, this could easily be her ending jam. Even with defeat and death awaiting her. She mentally nodded to Bobbi’s response as the archer reacted and shoved James out of the way- Everything snapped like a spring wound too tight!

James went flying, string dragging him like a doll into the air, Bobbi used her wall, Joe and Amy were firing- and once Kyla felt her charge reach it’s threshold to release- she let the thing rip! Kyla floated of her feet as if she was suddenly under water, and from her book a line of light climbed beginning to weave a pattern around her. With the artist at the root, it created a grid which only continued to grow and branch out, and from every junction, it splinted into two more, creating a pattern reminiscent of the tree of Sephiroth.


The best thing about this spell was it was a multi targeted wide spread attack, and the more people launched into it, the more damage it could divide between the targets. So with her sights locked onto Louis and Dumael respectively, the spell was ready. With Kyla alone she fired 5 projectiles: Two would go for Dumael, and three had Louis’s name on them. If anyone fired into a junction(target) it would replicate 3 more from a sprouted branch.

Notes: Arbor de Unitas - [Long Range Multiple Projectiles MS:11] One (1) ally spell turns into three (3) projectiles of equal strength, each retaining their own element. all mana cost is split evenly amongst Kyla and the people who add in.
3 projectiles for every 1, Kyla pays half the cost and the caster pays half the cost. [ Group Spell; Multi-Target Multi-Projectiles ]

PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 9:50 pm
[ Mathy ; Jenny ; Sayrike ; Anthony ; Melisandre : Narnia : Forsaken Hall ]

"Body was taken by big bads while still alive but dying. Also lost sight of Kyle when he was eaten by darkness egg thing made by Ajora before that," Mathy replied to Joe, almost robotically, as he called his scimitar back to him. "Don't turn your back on the body... oh, and I'm not detecting any magical interference from the singing."

"... his heartsong is the same," Jenny called out over the charms to all but Kyle/Ajora as she continuously played her Haste for the party. "I mean, the same as it's been all night. But it did change after whatever happened at Disney Castle, and after Atlantis, so... I don't know."

"Clarity's not reading any different, either," Matthew chimed in, though he was sounding clearly frustrated as he watched James careen toward the ceiling. "But the only real look I got at the first Ajora was when he was possessed by pure evil incarnate, and there's no telling if possessing Kyle would change any of his magic signatures, so really who the hell knows."

"This whole thing is screwy!" Anthony actually shouted out as his chains rocketed toward the spider-guy.

"I can't claim to be an expert on either of them," Sayrike spoke over the charms, still gazing through her mirrors, trying to get a read on the battle as the others began taking action; at least, in this capacity, she could back up whoever needed it. "But he hasn't hindered us so far. Let's not judge just yet."

And then the Arbor de Unitas appeared.

Matthew activated 1000 Needles, spreading them along the tree, all meant to be targeting Dumael. Due to the spread, when they released, it would become a widespread barrage of 3000 Needles, covering the ceiling multiple times over and hoping to shred whatever threads might be hovering above them or holding him aloft.

Anthony decided, for good measure, that if his chains didn't hit or wrap around Dumael, he would start swinging the bladed ends around, aiming to cut at the rest of James' wires.

Jenny, for good measure, threw a Meteor spell into the tree, also targeting Dumael. The summoned rock appeared from a spatial tear behind her, almost as wide as a person was tall and streaking as if it had been pulled straight out of the cosmos.

The sorceress had held her tongue, but seemed to be growing increasingly tense as the situation broke apart. Her eyes blazed like embers as her gaze remained on the armored opponent and the suited potential-turncoat. Her stance was tense, rigid with undisclosed stress.

Still, as the tree alit, and others launched their spells, she did finally let loose. Flourishing her staff, it began to blur--not in motion, but in heat, which radiated from her as if she were fire incarnate. Since their entrance, she had been preparing her spell, and it would melt the foundations of the castle if she so willed it.

But her aim was higher.

Raising the flourishing staff above her head so that it spun above her, Melisandre then separated her arms, one pulling the staff behind her and the other throwing her empty palm in front of her, toward the artist's growing tree of magic. A great fireball, easily larger than a person's head, appeared in the air, raging and crackling, and with an angered shout from the sorceress, it exploded outward into not two, not four, not ten nor fifteen, but twenty streaks of screaming flame, spreading in a circle around where the original fireball had been before rushing forward into various circles of the tree.

Their target was skyward. When the tree erupted into sixty unique, scorching missiles, they would not only home on the spider monstrosity, but they aim--like Matthew's needles--at the air above them and around the party, setting the air ablaze with a grand conflagration of small, firework-like detonations.

Melisandre's spell alone would have taken a noticeable toll on Kyla, easily greater than the combined strength of Matthew's Needles and Jenny's Meteor. In that brief moment, the artist would have felt the intensity and strength of uncontrolled wildfire.

Dawn, holding her tongue as her eyes wandered the field, finally decided on her dance of choice--the Slow Dance, attempting to slow down the actions of both Louis and Sven.

As the needles flew, Matthew received a polite request over the charms:

"Mathy, I know you probably want me dead, but would you be so kind as to keep your magic eye open for any attacks I may not see, like from Sven? I'd super appreciate having a chance to dodge and maybe not die again."

Begrudgingly, the blue mage made sure to keep an eye for magic around or targeting Kyle. Or Ajora. Or whoever that is dammit why can't this just be easy Dave.

[[ Added to Arbor de Unitas:

1000 Needles [MS 11 ; 1000 projectiles --> MS 33 ; 3000]
Meteor [MS 12; 1 projectile --> MS 36 ; 3]
Fire-Bullet-Hell [MS ?! ; 20 projectiles --> MS #$%?! ; 60] ]]

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 11:26 pm
[ Kyjora : Narnia : Forsaken Hall ]

fractalJester Wrote:
"So to speak," the same voice added. Always the same voice, the same hair, the same eyes. He flashed a playful grin toward Nicholas before looking back to Louis once again. "Recognize me now? Or does something else require addressing, mein frond?"

"So... to... speak,"

As Louis' laughter erupted, Kyle--or Ajora--felt his introduction interrupted and his smile faded into bemusement, an eyebrow raising.

"Dead? Really, now? I never saw the body. Not that the old one matters anymore," he said, spreading his arms in questioning before shrugging. He began to walk forward, though his pace was slow, and his arms indifferently fell to his sides.

"So quick to your judgments. For all you bluster and insist, are you honestly so sure?" he voiced--only for Amy's Diaga to rush past toward Louis. He turned to the side, a total lack of expression as he tried to find the shooter, and when she was nowhere to be found, he instead turned back to Louis. "You called me friend. You should know me better. What did you think that chrysalis in Atlantis was even for? A spa treatment?"

The Raspaga suddenly rushed around his other side toward Louis, and he instinctively contorted his body away from the cold, misty specter, looking gradually more frustrated--but the calm, collected face returned not a second later.

"Or are you so desperately in denial because that's what you want?" His tone turned sharp, his eyes flickered violet--that ever familiar, ever piercing violet of Ultima, clear even in the darkness as a pair of shining stars--as he continued his approach. He was closing the gap, but it would take some time; the grand hall was exceptionally long, after all. Yet, in his growing emotion, his voice grew, echoing down the hall, momentarily covering up the singing. "Is that why you tried to interfere? Did you want me dead, Louis? We made a pact. We said we'd fight those monstrosities, and that's why I persist, that's why I'm here, for you. Have you given in to that forsaken choir? Louis!"
PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 11:34 pm
[Nicholas <> Narnia <> Forsaken Hall]

After Ajora...Kyle...Kyjora? Assnameface. Whatever. After his little speech, Nicholas just smiled. Ajora was really here. Everyone was likely having their internal freakouts about him being alive, and hell, even Nick was having a bit of an adrenaline rush. But it wasn't that surprising. I mean, like Ajora said, no one saw the body. And if you don't see the body, you don't have a confirmed kill. Jeez, it's like one of the oldest tropes in the books!

Despite the battle waging onwards, Nick/Nicholas made no movements to interfere on either side, only watching Kyjora with a smirk. Things had gotten miiiiiighty interesting now.


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PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 5:31 pm
[[Louis, Dumael : Narnia : Forsaken Hall]]

[[BGM: Am I by Onoken feat. Emi Evans]]

~Can you feel it, the beat possesses me...

As Joe leaped into the sky followed closely by Anthony's chains, just as gunshot rang out from down below like the snap at the beginning of a race... they both came to a sudden and unexpected stop. Joe, on one hand, nearly became clothes-lined, his upper torso snapping back while his legs still tried to move forward. Anthony, found his chains stuck and tangled... just as John's lightning shot across the simulated night sky, catching wires instead and zipping across them to shock the men stuck in the spider's web, as well as the spider itself.

Dumael twitched two more arms, as it recovered from Joe's buffet of wind, Joe and Anthony taking a new trajectory, upward alongside James. As they flew upward a few stories, Joe the Stranger, launched his own attack, phantoms that zipped about making an odd line toward Dumael, and down below, Louis upon the throne.

...Can you feel it, I burn so vibrantly~

As the shot made contact with Louis' armor, there was a flicker, like light shimmering across a shifting glass surface. There was a small, simple sound, then, crack. A thin layer of ice shifted slightly on his body just as Joe's phantom raspaga made impact, claws colliding with the ice and sliding through the cracks.

The ice armor shattered, a brilliant shrapnel storm in his immediate vicinity that quickly diminished only after tearing the raspaga to pieces. The man on the throne however, did not even flinch despite the phantom's claws clearing making their mark on his abdomen and MP pool.

~Can you hear it, my song is breaking free...

At last, Kyla's spell let loose, her tree of unity turning into a forest, covering their side of the hall with rings of light, lining the floor and vision of the front door. The result was an incredible light show. Shots went to the ceiling and the throne in enormous, unprecedented numbers. Dumael and Louis could only watch in awe or horror as the attacks converged upon them and collided against their forms.

Dumael, caught in the majority of the blasts was engulfed in light that grew and grew as more attacks plowed against his sides and ripped him to shreds as literally thousands of needles flitted past, tearing at him... death by 3000 cuts... a couple dozen meteors... the list went on. The resulting explosion engulfed the entirety of the hall's cascading ceiling and shook the very foundation of the castle itself.

...I pour my love into the void, into the void~

Just as intended, Joe, James, and Anthony were freed, allowing them to fall the semi-short distance to the floor.

Beyond them, Dumael also fell, slower, thanks to Dawn's dance, though something seemed to be changing. His limbs writhed, his skin, pulsing and shifting beneath in uncomfortable ways. He curled up around himself in a fetal position... then... his flesh tore, his clothes evaporated, and from his body sprouted a massive spider, physically impossible to have been lingering inside the boy, yet, there it was. Its body a story tall, eight bladed legs spanning from one side of the hall to the other.

~Surrender this moment...

It screeched and snapped its fangs in anger as it plunged its eight talons into the floor as it came down. From them, came an eerie glow, a poisonous color that would make anyone nervous. Matthew, in clarity could clearly see the magic flowing to and from the eight talons, each held a different color and was simultaneously absorbing and pumping out magic into and from the towering castle's crystal.

...I delight in this chaos, gently waking~

Louis, on the other hand, did and said nothing, he was silent, watching everything unfold as though completely disinterested in the fact he'd just been hit dead on by a barrage of spells that would have left any lesser man a borderline corpse.

~Surrender this moment...

Yet here he was, calmly sitting upon the throne as Kyle... Ajora... Kyjora continued to approach shouting at him for answers he would not give. Instead, to Kyle alone, flickers over the boy could be seen, a pair of demons, a man and a woman clinging to him, driving claws into his flesh while whispering in his ears, familiar, haunting, deep crimson eyes locked on Kyjora before suddenly flickering from view once more, a figment of his imagination... or insight into something else.

... 'cuz there's nowhere to hide from this passion inside~

~Engulfing Me~

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:26 pm
[ Matthew ; Jenny ; Sayrike ; Anthony ; John ; Melisandre : Narnia : Forsaken Hall ]

When Joe got tangled up in the web, and John's lightning somehow got... taken? Converted? He hadn't seen that in the magic weaves, but there was so much going on and the ability was still new to him...but when he watched the jolt pass along the webs and strike at Dumael as well as Joe and Anthony, Matthew cursed under his breath. Hopefully, the coming assault from the mega-death-life-tree would free them up...

... assuming it didn't also just take that and turn it against them. If it could do it once, what was stopping it from doing it again?

Then everything exploded.

Well okay then. Figure that quirk out later I guess.

He started running forward to make sure Joe was okay, keeping an eye on the slowly descending Dumael. He had just gotten to the monk when the other boy started being shed like old skin--and without a second thought, he used Shadow Stalker to teleport he and Joe back to the rest of the party, where he'd be safe from any sudden attack.

He was exceptionally glad he'd done so. Dumael exploded into an abomination spider terror, and Kyle-Ajora-Whoever was on the opposite side--alone with Louis.

"God is dead," Matthew said aloud, his tone plain and accepting of what was surely their doom. Though, if the gigantic spider really was based off what it appeared to be, that would explain the odd refraction of the lightning.

"I maybe agree," Anthony said, pulling his chains back. Luckily, the little zap did nothing more than tickle him. "What's going on with that thing? Is it resistant to lightning"

"Can't tell with Clarity yet, but probably. The eight legs all have a lot of magic going through them, each different...," Mathy said, staring back at the monstrous spider.

"Different colors?" Sayrike asked, sounding suddenly suspicious. She once again activated Scan on the monster, wondering if her suspicions were warranted or not--and also wondering about that lightning resistance.

"Alright. What's the plan, boss?" John asked, looking over to Joe, his rage having been tempered slightly.

Dawn continued her Slow Dance, and Jenny continued her Haste song.

The sorceress simply seemed to growl, and once more the fires around her flickered with growing intensity.  

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:52 pm
[Joe: Narnia: Forsaken Hall]

The monk had let out a whoosh of air when he got caught on the web, spinning around a bit before getting a shock that hurt, leaving him numb and tingling. It was still even lingering as he tumbled to the ground after the magnificent explosion of magic.

He fell, a** over teakettles, landing on his butt before collapsing so his back.

Mathy seemed to have teleported him to a safe distance as he moved, his tingling limbs moving somewhat normally(always good after a shock). At least, until he processed what spiderboy had become.

He was leaning on his elbows, still reclined, when he froze, mouth open and a strained noise barely squeaking out. He wanted to scream, but his body was trying so hard through the fear that nothing was able to come out. He locked into place, paralyzed by fear,

Someone mentioned 'boss' and Joe did nothing, still unable to move, unable to do anything but stare at the monstrous spider before him...but something flashed along the charms towards John.

Fear. The sensations of fear flashed towards the thunder user, along with a splattering of chaotic thoughts.

Fangs. Bite. Eyes. Legs. Web. Trapped.

Unable to do anything, Joe stayed on the floor, staring, straining to scream. There was nothing he could do in front of a giant spider like that.  
PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 4:02 pm
[ Matthew ; Jenny ; Sayrike ; Anthony ; John ; Melisandre : Narnia : Forsaken Hall ]

"Uh, guys? Joe's out of commission," John said, shuddering somewhat at the sensation of fear the older man had sent over.

"Spiders. He hates spiders," Matthew explained, still staring at the giant beast. "And that is the Satan Spider, famed for sucking."

"So what do we do?"

"Burn it," Melisandre seethed, still holding her staff as she held her ground, glaring forward. "This will be a grand fight. Live or die, your legends will spread far and wide for this."  

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 6:16 pm
{James : Narnia : Forsaken Hall}

James remained useless, strung up like a puppet with a great aerial view as the others sprung into action. He had been prepared to contribute to Kyla’s combination attack but was unable to due to his predicament. As Joe and Anthony charged forward they joined him in suspense as webs caught and raised them up as well. John’s electrical spell, aimed for Louis and Dumael, hit the spider kid but through some kind of connection the corsair didn’t understand also hit the three hanging. Electricity arced through his body painfully causing his limbs to twitch slightly as he gritted his teeth in pain. An unpleasant numbness followed afterwards as the corsair hung there.

Kyla’s massive magical attack was then unleashed, the combined power of all of the attacks obliterating Dumael and all of the threads around him causing him, Joe, and Anthony to fall. The gunner clumsily landed on his feet only for his legs to buckle from numbness, causing him to fall to his knees.

’Well that could have been worse,’ He thought as he hit his upper leg trying to get circulation back into them so he could move. ”Oh not good…,” He muttered as he saw Dumael explode into a massive spider. It’s long, taloned legs looming over the corsair, threatening to pierce his torso with one determined strike.

’Move James! Now!’ Fenrir bellowed in his head, not that the corsair needed the extra encouragement.

The corsair legs failed a few times before finally managing to rise to his feet once again. This was not the time to stumble. He had to get away, not that anywhere was particularly safe from this beast. Behind the Mirror Wall with the others though seemed like the best place, especially since James’ arm was still bleeding from his drag up the wall. Without any further thought to it the corsair took a long stride into a Dash at a slight angle to get close to the edge of the wall and then a second Dash into cover behind the wall before falling to his knees again. His right hand holding his left arm.

”Someone mind throwing me a cure… I’d appreciate it,” He stated whilst breathing deeply trying to catch his breath and regain his thoughts.

The corsair was not a fan spiders… never had been. Used to be terrified of them just like with pretty much every bug under the sun. He wasn’t terrified of them any more. However, one that big, large enough to put Sheelob to shame was definitely fear inducing and he was not sure how to proceed. Melisandre suggested burning it. The corsair nodded and rose to his feet and moved to the side of the wall to unleash a Fire Shot at the spider before moving back hopefully before it could counter.  
PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 6:19 pm
[ Kyjora : Narnia : Forsaken Hall ]

"Oh, now you're not even speaking to me?" the man said as he continued walking, his snarl becoming more of a sneer with every step. He flicked his left wrist, and it gave off an odd glow for the briefest moment before vanishing; he made no effort to hide it, but neither did he make a show of it. With a flick of his right wrist, a small glyphic clock appeared just over the back of his hand, flickering with static before vanishing.

"Christ, I knew you liked to throw a tantrum--that ship detonation when your Calypso plan failed was as flamboyant as ever," he called out, raising a brow. Events were escalating behind him; he quickly summoned a small sphere of white energy and let it hover above his head. There, a violet, slit-like pupil appeared, watching the chaos behind him.

Gigantic spider. Typical.

"But just not talking? That's more childish than I'd have expected even from your broken psyche," he continued, still pressing onward. He was more than halfway now. "Don't tell me, are you also puffing your cheeks and holding your breath? Give me a break."

[[ From this point on, I'm gonna make an effort to keep stuff being cast or otherwise out of people's knowledge into Spoiler tags. That way it's still technically there so people can check if it makes sense, but otherwise it's 'OoC info' and, you know, spoilers. ]]

Reminder, this is the last turn of Faith, so as of this ending it's run out.

  • Causal Distortion - Charged for 6 actions; current Magic charge holding at 36 due to Twisting Time passive.
  • Blink cast; 3 turns of 1.5x Reflexes.
  • Flux Æther ~ Sight cast; simple ball of energy for new point of vision.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 6:41 pm
[Amy : Narnia : Forsaken Hall]

The Diaga worked better than she expected, and worked well with Joseph's attack. She winced. Was it working too well? That had to be painful, but he didn't even flinch...

Wanting to keep her position hidden, Amy kept moving. She advanced forward, closer to the throne, but the commotion behind couldn't be ignored. She turned to look as she moved, and saw Dumael changing, transforming into something bigger – much bigger. Too big. It was almost on top of her. She ran and dove, rolled, and came up on her feet, clearing the area before the alien spider fell. Who else was on this side? Kyle-turned-Ajora was, and still talking. She expected a heartfelt speech, but not of this variety. She charged her guns, considering her next move.
PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 8:32 pm
[ Joe : Narnia : Forsaken Hall ]

Joe was happy that his spell at least appeared to work. He could never be sure about it until the enemy started failing to cast spells, but nothing really seemed to be off. As the beast above them got clobbered by spell after spell, Joe couldn't help but smirk as it collapsed to the ground.

Then the transformation started

"Oh for ******** sake!"
Joe yelled out as the giant spider burst out of the spider-boy. He high jumped back as the things talons began to come crashing down, cursing under his breath as he landed close to the others.

He was starting to gain a deep understanding and respect for what the average role playing game protagonist went through How many times were they going to have to kill this guy before he stayed dead? This nonsense was infuriating.

To make matters even better, there leaders were out of commission. Kyle was apparently possessed by his loquacious evil counterpart, and therefore was useless. Fearless Leader, of all people, was apparently having a panic attack because of the damn thing and was also useless.

Well, fine. If no one else was going to step up, he'd play tactician. It's not like the situation could get any worse.

"Alright, whatever this thing is doing its' legs are clearly channeling something and are dangerous anyway. We start there."
Joe said before exhaling out, hitting another set of people with Faith

"Alright, let's see how much this b*****d can take!"
he yelled out before unleashing a meteor spell at one of the thing's legs, hoping to at the very least knock it off balance.

[[ Buff Note: Faith is recast on Me and Kyla. Mel, James, and Bobbi also join on the buff train. Kyle and Joe-Prime are SOL.]]

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:17 pm
{Bobbi .:. Narnia .:. Forsaken Hall}

Bobbi swore—mentally, but she swore nonetheless—when the lightning refracted and nothing seemed to work. She swore again when Dumael turned into an actual ******** spider, and set an arrow to Taulmaril’s string. Although maybe the fact that Dumael changed form meant that they'd done damage, and this was Boss Phase 2? She listened to the folks with Scan, and growled under her breath, being too exasperated now to swear. She did mutter "you can say that again" when Gravity!Joe swore for her, but that was it. Without knowing exactly what elemental resistances this thing had, she had to assume—knowing Louis was an ice-user like herself—that her element would be superfluous at best, and detrimental at worst. The last thing she needed was to accidentally heal anything with her ice-magic. So she concentrated on keeping her element from infusing her arrows, and raised her bow to aim, but was interrupted by John relaying that leader!Joe was out of commission.

Followed by Mathy’s announcement that Joe hated spiders.

Ooooh, boy, she thought, hastily erected a Mirror Wall thick enough to be opaque between leader!Joe and the spider, and dashed to interpose between the two.

.:I gotcha, Joe, don’t worry,:. she sent along the charms, as well as a wave of reassurance, privately. .:I’m right here in front of you. We got this.:.

"Mathy, Syrike, can you get us info on elemental resistances?" she called vocally. She may not be a tactician, and was totally willing to leave that to Gravity!Joe, but someone had to step in as "leader" until leader!Joe was back in the game, and she didn’t see anyone else stepping up. She didn't mind playing Chrom to his Robin. "Guys, until we know what this thing is weak against, anything non-elemental you can chuck at it will be awesome. Seriously, John, no more lightning, please."

As she called out "orders"—more like forceful suggestions, really—she took advantage of the Haste buff, adding that to her Frenzied Fire technique, sending out arrows at blinding speeds to hit whatever the hell they could reach.  
PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2015 11:32 pm
[Nicholas <> Narnia <> Great Hall]

Remain in control...keep it contained...

Nicholas remained near motionless as he seemed to continue staring at where Kyjora would be if the rather large and disgusting spider wasn't in his way. In fact, the whole transformation thing made him chuckle. By all that was holy, he loved the classic boss transformation. Ooh, so edgy. 'You haven't even seen my final form yet!' So beautiful, yet so...overplayed? The swordsman shook his head, trying to focus on the battle and understand what was happening.

The only thing that caught his attention was the archer girl's comment about non-elemental attacks. As if a parade of lights flooded Nicholas' mind, the chaotic swordsman began to laugh loudly as a sickly black aura formed around Garland's giant blade.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!" He roared, as the black aura seemed to drip off the blade and onto the floor. "For my next trick, I'm going to require audience participation! I require two very simple things: an uplifting buff to my strength- he paused, slamming the blade into the ground full force. The steel punctured the castle floor, and the black aura burst outward from the swordsman, passing through 'allies' and the large spider before imploding back into Garland's sword. Anyone caught in the radius would notice a small amount of health sapped from them. Garland's sword once more held the black aura, but it seemed to glow much brighter than it had previously.

"And some of your sweet, sweet life force! I know it wasn't exactly consensual, but a small price to pay to watch the spider go squish! Now, about that strength buff..."

OOC Note: Oblivion was activated! Unless you are Amy, Kyjora, or Louis, you would have felt that minor p***k of health drain. Please direct all hate to Nicholas, although he doesn't give two shits because he's an a*****e. Trying to help, but still a huge a*****e.

11 'allies' + 1 mysterious wizard + 1 giant spiderboss = +13 Physical Strength on the next strike!

Current stats:
Strength: 27 [12 + 2 (Garland's Sword) + 13 (Oblivion)]
Defense: 10
Magic: 10
Resistance: 10
Skill: 18 [12 + 6 (Haste)]
Reflexes: 10
Speed: 11 [7 + 4 (Haste)]
Constitution: 10
Energy: 10


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PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2015 4:04 pm
[ Matthew ; Jenny ; Sayrike ; Anthony ; John ; Melisandre : Narnia : Forsaken Hall ]

"Hey, it's not like I knew!" John replied to Bobbi, defending himself. Deciding to follow up on Joe's course of action, he used Sonic Maul on the same leg, using a dose of mana to instantly close the distance between him and the leg with a mighty, hopefully leg-breaking attack.

Matthew and Sayrike didn't respond, already on the job. However, Sayrike did use Cura on James as he requested while she processed the Scan results coming in.

Anthony, on the other hand, decided it was time to rodeo. He launched both chains at the front leg on the opposite side--the one they weren't attacking--at a closing angle, hoping to wrap around it. If or when it did, he'd pull with all his strength to yank the leg out from underneath the beast, hopefully disorienting the creature. At the very least, he'd have a grip on the thing.

Dani decided now was the time to strike. First enchanting herself with Rainwater Wash and Water Skis to increase her evasion and speed, she rushed the spider in a blur too fast for the human eye, aiming to slide underneath the creature--but on the side that Anthony wasn't pulling, just in case the creature fell down.

On her way, she infused her chakrams with the debilitating energies of Bloodbind, and as she neared the spider's underside, she lifted them both in a one-two assault, hoping to lock the creature down so it couldn't do anything. If nothing else, however, she would hopefully slide out the back side, having easy access to back-attacks.

Of course, then the Avatar of Chaos decided it was a good idea to put on a show.

"What the hell?" Sayrike shouted, indignant and briefly staring at the younger man with obvious frustration, even with her mask. "Noelle disappears and you start taking from us without asking?"

Dawn, cursing under her breath at the life-stealer, transitioned into a different dance--the War Dance, enhancing the entire party with Bravery. The Slow from the previous dance, if it had been successful, would still have a duration to work through. Hopefully.

Nicholas would be included in the Bravery, but not because Dawn trusted him (because she didn't); Noelle trusted him, and she trusted Noelle. And he was hoping to take down the spider...

If you make one move against us, though, you're next. I swear it.
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