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Kingdom Hearts: Beyond the Door (1st KH RP GGN)

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Originally known as Kingdom Hearts : First Generation, we pride ourselves in our literate KH roleplays & community. 

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, 2014 6:57 pm
[Joe: Lounge Car]

The fighter sighed. Quietly, at least. But then he nodded to himself and spoke up. "He might be expecting me, but I'm probably one of our better distractions. After all, I'm practically built for that first rush in, deal a massive amount of damage, and pray I either finish, or someone is behind me."

There was a small noise of 'displeasure' from his mouth. "Of course, pretty sure he's already aware of me. Doubt he would leave himself open to something like that, not without some defenses in the way."

With another sigh(this one audible), the male added "You're pretty much our biggest unknown to him, and possibly our biggest threat to him, Joe. So at least we have that, right?"

Of course, all this was over the charms, too, for anyone listening. Not that he really knew what to say beyond that at the moment. He didn't really plan on talking when Kyle was usually better at it than him. Okay, almost always better at it than him, so far.  
PostPosted: Wed Dec 03, 2014 6:13 pm
[ Kyle ; Riku ; Sora : Train : Lounge Car ]

"Eh, type of video game creature from our world," he replied to Yuffie as an aside while the others kept talking; It jarred him out a bit, but luckily all he really missed was Bobbi and Demyx bickering.

"Uh, whatcha cookin at the moment?" he specifically asked Bobbi when she mentioned cooking, cutting himself off just in time for Joe to speak.

"We have our share of heavier fighters, but it definitely helps to have another to balance things out," Kyle called back, now referring to new-Joe's first remarks. "Also, I really wouldn't bet too much on us running into him with enough time to be of any surprise. If he is the source of this spreading darkness, we're almost sure to have to run through some sort of gauntlet to get to him--especially since Jadis' castle is at the center of it."

"Fact is, we shouldn't rely on any element of surprise. If we manage to have it, all the better, but more than anything we need to be a well-oiled machine," he said, running his hand through his hair. Hopefully, he'd be able to get it cut soon, he was getting tired of the length. "That's going to be difficult, with so many of us having been split up, and having taken on a new member or two. At the very least, though, if we all know what we can do, we can at least know what roles are and aren't filled."

"Agreed," Sora chimed in, causing both Riku and Kyle to turn to face the young man with raised brows. Sora didn't even bother to defend himself. "We're all part of one team. It's bigger than when it was just Goofy, Donald and I, but we each have specific parts to play, and if things get messed up, it all falls to pieces. I can't tell you how many times Donald used up all his magic in an angry outburst and left nothing for healing."

Kyle very nearly exploded, barely looking away and holding a hand to his mouth to contain his laughter. After a breath, though, he recomposed--barely.

"On another note, I guess now's as good a time as any," he said, looking back to older-Joe and rubbing his arm. "In the process of dealing with the mark on my arm, my main element kind of switched, so now I use time magic."

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 05, 2014 5:29 pm
{Bobbi .:. Dining Car}

Bobbi began pulling out pots, pans, mixing bowls, and various other cookware from the cabinets, cupboards, and drawers around her, setting out everything she could conceivably need in order to cook whatever anyone could conceivably want. She was rather proud of herself when an exasperated yet amused snort was her only reaction to being reminded of how frustrating Donald was as a team member.

.:Lets do the time warp agaaaain~ But srsly, I'm in the kitchen. What do you want to eat? So long as it doesn't take longer to cook than it takes to get where we're going, I'll make it for ya. Y'know, assumin' I know how. Oh, wait, magical Disney train, there's probably a cookbook, never mind, request away~:.

She got an idea in her head for a stew, and began chopping up various vegetables and roots. It wouldn't be done cooking by the time they had arrived, but it should at least provide after-battle nourishment. Halfway through a particularly potent onion, she pulled out several pounds of meat she could chop up, and set it aside to warm to room temperature.

.:As for tactical use, just want to reiterate that I'm a range-based cryomancer. I can either shoot whatever you want me to shoot or freeze whatever you want me to freeze. However, Louis shares my ice element, so I'll be absolutely useless against him. I'd be better as support, keeping the nasties off of our heavy-hitters and our healers.:.

{Yuffie .:. Lounge Car}

"Huh, weird," Yuffie said in response to Kyle's explanation of Pokemon. "Anyway, as anyone with half a brain knows, I'm the best ninja there is. There's nothing my shuriken and I can't take out! I can be either totally in-your-face, or out on the edge picking things off. I mean there really isn't anything I can't do!"

{Zell .:. Engine}

.:Hot dog?:. Zell asked Bobbi.

.:No, that's too predictable. Okay, sure, fine, I'll make you a hotdog. Gawd, you're so needy.:.

It took Zell a minute to fully register the fact that Bobbi had even responded, much less was teasing him. One of the instruments was doing something funny for a second, but it fixed itself in short order. By the time her words had registered beyond the "sure," the conversation had moved on.

{Demyx .:. Sleeping car}

.:Hey yeah, can I actually have a BLT this time?:. Demyx asked right on Zell's heels. .:I missed out last time.:.

.:Oh my god you just reminded me I need my grilled peanut butter bacon and banana sandwich thank you yes you can have a BLT how many bacon would you like?:.

Demyx blinked at the rapid fire words that came over the charms. Man, that girl could talk fast…

.:Eh, um… six?:.

{Red XIII .:. Dining Car}

Nanaki's ears perked up as Bobbi slapped a skillet onto the stove and pulled out a slab of bacon. She was humming again, a different tune this time, and not one that he recognized. Then again, he wasn't sure if he would, considering his rather limited experience with the worlds. The humming seemed to be subconscious; likely she wasn't even aware that she did so. He was pleased enough that she was in a good mood, but he wished she could be more serious. The situation these children found themselves in did not seem to be one where joviality was called for.

Then again, perhaps the brunette, as well as a few of the other two-legs who seemed perpetually cheerful, were only thus in an attempt to make their circumstances seem more manageable.
PostPosted: Fri Dec 05, 2014 7:02 pm
[ Silver : Dining Car ]

"Ya just planning to take over m'job, are ya, lass?" Silver said, giving her a narrowed gaze as he leaned against the door frame, arms crossed and cyborg eye seeming to focus in on her.  

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2014 10:58 am
[ Noelle .:. Prote ~ Lounge Car]

Noelle sat with the others in the Lounge Car after grabbing what Ethers she could hold on her person. When questions about abilities came up through the Charms, she sat in silence until there was a brief pause.

". . . I like plants." Was all she really had to say, but when Bobbi asked about food she chimed in, "Ooh! A smoothie sounds bomb right now!"

When the conversation returned back to abilities, she finally had something useful to add, "I have a pretty good balance of ranged abilities mixed with melee. I can be a front-line, but only if I absolutely have to--I think I'm better served supporting and keeping our fighters safe. If you need healing or mana, let me know and I'll try and take care of it, but remember that I have a number of others to keep tabs on so don't expect Curagas abound. And we also have Prote, who doesn't have a charm so he probably thinks we're all being unnaturally quiet right now. Ice is his number one weakness, so he's going to have to really play it safe and probably be a sneak the whole time. However, if he can be fast enough and get in close he can do some good damage, and probably even delay Louis a bit."
PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2014 12:35 pm
[Kyla: Train: Halls> Bed rooms]

Kyla listened to the conversation, just hearing Bobbi mention food made her stomach growl. Had much time had passed since she had those treats at the fair? She made a point to go grab some food with everyone, but she needed to sit somewhere alone to gather herself.

Entering one of the rooms, she settled before a dresser where a store of potions was there just as described. Taking a full stock of ethers and potions, sticking them respectively in that pocket space her dressphere seemed to provide. For her, she discovered it was in her sleeves! They slid into the folds on the inside and vanished in a sense it was interesting to watch.

Such small practical observation on the metaphysical mechanics of magic in this world was fun to watch sometimes. She picked with her fingers at the space and sure enough the lip of the bottle emerged ready to be used. Kyla released it and let it disappear while still feeling its presence. She crossed to the mirror in the room and took a look at herself. Merlins spell did wonders, she looked strong-less pale, the bags under her eyes less noticeable. The weariness was in her eyes if she removed her glasses though, something about their expression. It was funny how true that saying was- windows to the soul indeed.

When people began to refresh on their arsenal of powers a thought did occur to her to mention-

.: I guess I should mention that my skills are evolving as well. It started with the summon equips I think. I used to just be a non- elemental, and though I think that’s still true, I can take on ‘temporarily’ any element now in a lower level. Except for light, that seems to have taken a regular level of strength if I choose it. Though, don’t worry, I’m still most proficient in my barrier spells as always- you can count on those.

It’s just my magic has brought about more space for ally augmentation possibilities. I’d like to actually try out a few things if possible. Though I’m not sure we have enough time right now. In light of that I have unlocked healing spells as well, it was through those I realized where my magic seems to be going… oh-and one multi target group spell. It seems useful since it’s not a limit break, but it has the possibility to pack a punch like one. Aside from that, illusionseems to be another area I'm working on as well. Some have seem my work but not everyone..so.. guess it helps to mention.Will I be as good as Zexion was- not sure, I don't like to assume, so I'll have to keep trying.:.

The point she hoped was coing across was hermagic was taking on a more 'manipulative' path. though the description bothered her. Whether it was in spells that handled attacks, defence, allies or enemies, or the world around her. She wasn't just a glass canon, or a walking shield anymore. Even though whatever she became, Kyla hoped to be whatever her allies needed most at any time.

Now that Kyla had time to think about it, she remembered her injury transference spell, how it moved characteristics from one person to another. And then there was her elemental transfer. She was able to use them, and they got stronger if she was boosted by someone else’s powers…this gave her an idea- just how far could she take this?

She learned something after all that’s occurred since they went to the castle- she had been holding back. Kai was right. She was so scared of the past repeating itself, Kyla was shying away from the possibilities her power could bring. She was afraid of repeating the past.
But if that same power to transform things could be put to good use, instead of..
Then maybe, there was a whole world of power she was completely ignoring.
Still, she was cautious. Tampering with such power could run the temptation of going too far.
“I need to stay grounded. Even if possibilities could become limitless somehow, for my own sake- I- have my- limits. I must.”

~I’ll be here to keep you grounded aibou, promise.~
Walking over to a wash basin she threw some water on her face and untied her hair. Using her fingers was good enough to tame the disheveled tussles thanks to the dresspheres magic. Has it gotten longer she wondered? “hmmm… I always liked longer hair.” She mused; indulging in some shallower thinking for a change, sometimes a change of thought was as good as a rest.
All this magic, could that be a reason? Maybe her powers was effecting her in ways she wasn’t aware of. Regardless- wait- “ oh no…” she leaned into the mirror and squinted. “

“Oh s**t! Oh no- nonono- crap!”
A louder and annoyed sounding whine came erupting from the bunk room as the artist held her hands atop the front of her head.
“..not now…”


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PostPosted: Sun Dec 07, 2014 3:44 pm
[Amy : Disney Castle : Train : Lounge Car]

Pens and paper in hand, Amy returned to the lounge car and sat next to New!Joe. She began recording the information on people's abilities in her Book of Many Things (she liked giving things titles).

When it seemed quiet enough over the charms for her to participate, she spoke up, verbally, "I'm a mixture of White Mage and Gunner. Gunner Mage may be more appropriate; I have pretty decent damage abilities, but I also have great buffs and healing magic. I can cure and remove status effects from a distance, if you don't mind being shot. It doesn't hurt," Amy's eyebrows furrowed, "... I think. Should anyone KO, I can also bring you back." She turned to New!Joe, "Joe, is there another name or handle we can call you by? I'd rather not refer to you as New!Joe each time we talk, and not during any fighting, either."

PostPosted: Fri Dec 12, 2014 4:53 pm
{Bobbi .:. Dining Car}

"I like to cook. Don't really get a chance to anymore," Bobbi said, shrugging. She held her hand over the skillet to see if it was warm enough and, satisfied, started laying out strips of bacon, smiling as the cured meat immediately began to sizzle and fill the air with its wonderful scent. Glancing over her shoulder, she raised her eyebrows for a moment before giving a playful smirk. Her intent was to only raise one one eyebrow, and while her right did go up before the left did, the two were inseparable and insisted on doing everything together. "But you know, I don't know if I can handle making things for folks and that stew I started on."  

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 15, 2014 8:32 pm
Joe : Train : Lounge Car

"So, surprise won't work and he's putting himself at the center of a fortress..."
Joe began, thinking out load

It was a lot to respond to and process at once. Everyone was giving very nice overviews of their tactical abilities and giving Joe some ideas of what they could be capable of as a team. He needed time to connect his thoughts and give a decent response to everyone participating.

This would be much easier were it not for the fact that a certain something was screaming like a banshee in his mind.

Atomos roared 'The loquacious meat puppet dares to bring the antithesis into MY presence!?'

Joe's left eye twitched.

'CRUSH HIM YOU FOOL! Do you not sense his inevitable betrayal? Take the first blood so that we may be UNRIVALED!'

The fencer shook his head, stupefied by his luck in the summon lottery 'No one is crushing anyone. What is your problem?'

'He is the ANTITHESIS! His very presence threatens our lives! Threats such as this must be neutralized.'

"Oh for..."
Joe muttered to himself. 'You know what? We'll resolve this like adults.'

"OK so, I don't know if you all heard that, but my summon just had a screaming meltdown after Kyle explained his place switch at the elemental table. I take it space and time are opposed to each other?"

He then turned his head to Amy "You could just call me by my full name, or my last initial. I'd prefer to just stick with Joe off the field though. Force of habit."

PostPosted: Mon Dec 15, 2014 9:09 pm
[Amy : Train : Lounge Car]

"Alright. I don't know what your last name is, so I'm gonna go with Joseph."


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PostPosted: Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:01 pm
[ Kyle ; Riku ; Sora : Train : Lounge Car ]

Riku nodded to himself as the various others started to chime in with their information. This was good; the more aligned their information was, the more in tune they would be. Of course, it was for that reason that when Amy spoke up verbally, but without using the charms, he relayed her words to the rest of the recipients, though not to Amy herself. He couldn't fault her--not after what had happened in Hawaii.

"No, didn't hear it, and if I had to make a wager, yeah," Kyle responded audibly to Joe. "Still, unless he plans on devouring the world, you really don't have much concern. We're on the same team, and there's no magic friendly-fire."

"Otherwise Donald would have knocked me out more times than our enemies."

There was another choked laugh from the dragoon. After managing to stifle it, Kyle moved on.

"Alright, anything else on the agenda?"
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