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Kingdom Hearts: Beyond the Door (1st KH RP GGN)

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Originally known as Kingdom Hearts : First Generation, we pride ourselves in our literate KH roleplays & community. 

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 22, 2014 3:54 pm

[Kyla: Disney Castle: Library]

Bobbi was right, of course. When it came down to it, the groups survival was far more important. If the danger was restricted to just herself then Kyla would have been fine with it, but Carbuncle and Maggie were right. Through her- the darkness could unleash something horrifying upon everyone else.
The artist felt her chin lifted and she had no choice but to stare into Bobbi’s eyes as she smiled. Bobbi smiled like that a lot. Kyla had begun to recognize it distinctly from other smiles.

Kyla couldn’t let something bad happen to Bobbi-


Bobbi should always keep smiling like that.

With a more relaxed expression then before Kyla did her best to smile back. Strange, she couldn’t force it like she usually did. Not as easily at this moment. Maybe it was the ache in her back, or the cornerstone, or everything that happened- Kyla just couldn’t hide behind her mask at the moment.

Unfolding her arms from her knees, the artist straightened up on the floor into a straighter sitting position.

“It’s this thing…” she reached behind and pulled her hair forward, letting the lengths drape over her shoulder revealing her back. From her vantage point Kyla couldn’t tell how it looked, but it was ugly. Like someone spilled ink. It was an unnaturally looking bruise. Spotty and corrosive looking and it stained her skin pitch where it had spread from her shoulder blade, partially down her back and over towards her arm. It was tender to the touch, it hurt like someone had hit her really hard with a blunt object.

“It’s been there since Atlantis. I thought I could get rid of it myself over time. I have my reasons for trying but... it seems like I don’t have enough time for that. The darkness doesn’t work in the way I thought it did. Once I leave the barrier, I’m afraid of what may happen...”

She met the archer's gaze again. "Bobbi, with this," her hands clenched, fisting the fabric of her clothes."-that thing we fought- it could find me. And make me do horrible things to all of you. You have no idea... just how dangerous I really am, with this power of mine. I make you all.. I could transform you all into..such.. horrible things..."

"-horrible, terriying things." the artist brought her hands to her face, just thinking about it made her feel sick.
PostPosted: Tue Jul 22, 2014 5:46 pm
{Bobbi .:. Disney Castle .:. Library}

Bobbi saw Kyla's attempt at a smile, and her heart ached with sympathy for the pictomancer. When the taller woman revealed her bruise, Bobbi hissed, and reached out to gently touch near the edge. Surprisingly, the skin around the "bruise" wasn't hot to the touch, but rather cold. And with the contact came a flood of emotions; fear for herself, of rejection, fear for her friends and the possibility of them being hurt, depression and anguish and the feeling that her life was a burden or a cage, not necessarily to herself but to someone she cared about, everything roiling together into one great big lump of despair… All of these were feelings Bobbi had felt and understood to some degree, some of them so recently as to be raw, but also were emotions she had either learned to control or become adept at shoving into boxes in the back of her mind.

The archer's eyes clouded for a moment as she recognized and categorized everything Kyla was feeling, and when her eyes cleared they were filled with concern, sympathy, and a profound understanding. She felt her own fear for Kyla begin to well up, but she firmly sat on it and shoved it into its box where it belonged.

When Kyla mentioned that… that thing, that dark being or beings that had possessed Ajora, she couldn't repress the shudder that ran down her spine. She moved her hand away from Kyla's bruise as the pictomancer met her gaze again, and hid the foreboding chill she felt behind a wry smile.

"I'm reminded of some of my favorite books," she said. "There's a sorceress named Kethry who is bound to a warrior named Tarma by a Goddess-blessed bond. Once when Kethry threatened to turn Tarma into a frog because of some sarcastic remark Tarma made, Tarma asked, 'oh, would you? Frogs don't get hauled out of their beds to rescue stupid wenches in the middle of the night.' I love Tarma, she's almost as sarcastic as I am." Bobbi smiled for a moment more before the expression slid away to be replaced with contemplation. She knelt beside her friend and put an arm around Kyla's shoulders; not quite a hug unless the older woman leaned into it, but a simple show of support.

"You're right that your powers are dangerous, but there's no power that can't be countered by something equal or greater. Although if we can get this… um, bruise, cleared up before we leave, that would be one less thing to worry about."  

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Jeimuzu Kuro
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 22, 2014 5:56 pm
{James : Disney : Fairgrounds -> Castle : Library}

The corsair still had a lot on his mind, and wasn't likely to have a clear mind on anything that had happened or been discussed for some time yet. However, that didn't stop him from finding ways to pass the time. There was plenty to do at the festival and the corsair hoped he would have time to try it all. He found Michelle and spent some time with her before they parted to do different things. He enjoyed the chocobo racing, both just watching and also riding in them. He had gotten pretty comfortable riding on the backs of the large birds,, and definitely would be able to enjoy his ride with Feni all the more when he got the chance. The Rumble Racing was fun too, like go-carts but hovering, that took some getting used to. He was all for going fast, but really didn't like crashing or hitting people with the available weapons all that much. It was one thing to do it in games like Mario Kart, but it felt entirely different doing it when it was actually real. Tetra Master was a lot of fun too, the gunner had always been pretty good at the game as long as he had a decent hand to play with, and the same held true here.

Sometime during the day, the corsair's shoulder length hair started to get on his nerves so he found some white ribbon and tied his hair back in a short ponytail at the back of his head. He had occasionally done something very similar back when he still worked at ShopKo when he was out in the lawn and garden shop during his shift. It wasn't particularly his favorite way of dealing with his hair, but it would work.

As the afternoon went on the corsair got hungry and found his way through the food stalls, sampling all different varieties of foods, though of course for the corsair they were mainly meat oriented, being more carnivore than omnivore.

Afternoon carried on into evening and the corsair felt like it was time to start heading back towards the castle, passing by the drinking tent as he did so. He looked in to see a number of the earthlings and canons playing some sort of drinking game, something which didn't interest the gunner in the least. He had never had an alcoholic beverage in his life and he had no intentions of starting now. He eventually re-entered the castle and began exploring the vast halls, there didn't seem to be too many people there, most of the earthlings were probably still enjoying the festival. The corsair meandered the hallways until he came across the frozen shut entrance to the library. He knocked on the frozen entrance, curious just how thick the ice was.

"Hey! Can anybody hear me in there? Is something going on?" he shouted, projecting his voice into the library as best he could.  
PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2014 8:48 pm
[???.:Sherwood Castle:.Sherwood]

“Oi, I’m off. Say hi to the missus for me” a Rhino guard said as the night shift changing of the guard took place. “It’s a bloody shame that ceasefire happened. I haven’t had a human on the end of me pike in ages.”

“No good white devils is all they are if you ask me”, the other Rhino guard retorted. “They should be thankful we can’t raid’em no more. I tell you what, if I ever see one of those pale-skinned freaks off duty I’ll give’em what’s comin’ to’em.”

The first Rhino guard left as the second took his place in the rounds. Sherwood castle’s grey exterior gleamed in the moonlight. The sky was clear and the moon was nearly full. Torchlight helped to light the darkest of places. The guard on duty looked out to the grounds between the castle and the forest to the north. Nothing out of the ordinary could be seen. All the shrubs were in order, all the grass was flat. No one was poking around trying to steal from the king or, even worse, do something that would break the peace of the ceasefire.

The Rhino guard was about to continue on down his usual predetermined path when all of a sudden movement in his peripherals caught his eye. Out of the woods and into the clearing strolled a tall burly figure. The moonlight reflected off his armor, giving him an eerie glow. The insignia of King Arthur’s knights could be clearly seen on the shield he carried.

The Rhino guard from atop the wall rushed over to meet the knight. From atop the palisade, he shouted, “You there! Stop! What is your business here?”
The knight stopped, looked up to the guard, and smiled. In an instant the knight pulled out his bow, armed it, and fired a shot at the rhino guard. The movements were so quick that the guard did not have time to understand what was happening until the arrow was two feet in front of his face. His attempts to dodge the arrow were futile. The arrow struck the guard clean between the eyes and above the horn. The guard teetered for a bit and then fell backwards with a resounding thud.

The knight sheathed his bow, casually turned around and skipped to the treeline. Before he entered, however, he stopped at the forest line and turned around. He calmly walked back ten feet into the clearing and pointed his hand at the ground. A single broad bolt of black lightning shot from his hand in a stream. In the ground he burned the insignia of King Arthur.

By this time a commotion had arisen in the castle. The shouting and bellowing of animals could be heard as they echoed off the castle walls. The knight looked up, smiled, and waltzed back into the darkness from which he came humming all along.  

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2014 8:55 pm
[ Elsa : Disney Castle : Main Library ]

Elsa couldn't help but shake her head in a small chuckle at Bobbi's reaction--all of these Earthlings were so interesting. They obviously understood courtesy, but also obviously came from a world where such courtesy was rare or even out-dated.

Thankfully, the young woman caught on to Kyla's needs. More thankfully, Kyla actually heeded her advice and opened up. Best of all, Bobbi seemed to immediately go into a concerned, listening attitude, what Kyla needed. And with sound advice, to boot.

Still, it was... concerned what Kyla had to say. She could "transform" people--that must have been what happened to her sister. And yet, Bobbi voiced an equally valid fact: there's no power that can't be countered by something equal or greater. Could the darkness really fuel her with so much power that the likes of Merlin couldn't counter it? Elsa didn't think so; Merlin had been able to handle her even at her most dangerous of times, but that was personal experience, after all.

Suddenly, someone else came knocking--and shouting. The library was rarely this popular; must be the Earthlings. At least they were learned--though his question was... odd. Was it not obvious from the wall that something was going on?

She didn't want to push Kyla. Having one person was quite a lot as it was; at the moment, she had two, Bobbi and herself. Adding a third... Elsa considered how hard Kyla had to be pressed to finally open up. Would another overwhelm her? Or just strengthen her resolve? The Ice Queen looked to the artist and other young woman, gauging both their reactions with a raised brow.  
PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2014 11:30 pm

[Kyla: Disney Castle: Library]

Kyla looked up at Bobbi and didn’t speak for a moment, but her expression changed quiet a bit- from the start when the brunet archer lifted her chin, the other bespeckled girl looked vulnerable and almost afraid- but the more Bobbi talked the more she seemed to relax, more and more until she wore that calmer, calculating expression. Like she was really gauging every word Bobbi chose.

A litch of horrors isn’t – exactly- the same as a frog but…
She got what Bobbi was trying to say in her onw lighter hearted way.
Still, when she knelt down beside her and put her arm around her shoulder the artist nearly came apart. While Kyla didn’t pull away, her eyes misted up, and she closed them to save face. Kyla would nod softly, Of course Bobbi was right, so was Maggie, and James too- In the end Kyla couldn’t do this alone no matter how long she always had before. this was one obstacle she couldn’t easily solve by herself.
She felt so ashamed. Partially from the bitter taste of feeling so helpless, but also from knowing- deep down- that she could have crammed forever and nothing would have worked.
She just didn’t want to admit it.
“I’m sorry I’m not good at being a team player. I’ve always dealt with my problems on my own. I can’t help but feel ashamed admitting I can’t do this by myself.” Kyla muttered pulling her knees up to her face again just when she heard someone calling-
Immediately her head snapped up to the sound of the Corsair on the other side of the wall.
She felt Elsa’s gaze before turning towards it. She could tell what Elsa was thinking and looking back towards the wall the girl gave a deep breath and nodded a little. “ I- It’s ok.. he.. sort of knows. It’s ok if it’s him…”
Her voice shrank to a whisper but Elsa would still hear it.


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PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 9:24 am
{Bobbi .:. Disney Castle .:. Library}

"Hey, it's hard to go from a lone wolf to being in a pack," Bobbi said. She hadn't missed Kyla tearing up, but decided not to comment on it. She knew where that was coming from, especially the hiding it. "I un—"

She cut off as someone knocked on the ice and started shouting. She craned her head around to give the wall of ice an annoyed look. Well, it was aimed at James, but the ice was in the way. Despite Kyla being okay with him joining them, Bobbi had to admit she didn't really want him there. It was easier for her to help Kyla when she wasn't baby-sitting Kuro on top of it. One-on-one was ideal if she was going to give Kyla her best. Besides, Kuro tended to steam-roller any conversation and make it all about him, whether he intended to or not.

Still, though, it had been a long time since they'd spent any decent length of time together, plus all the adventures of the past week. He could have grown up.

But, instead of saying anything, Bobbi just made an exasperated sound that was somewhere between a sigh and a snort, and scooched a little closer to Kyla. Her arm shifted to simply being a hand on Kyla's shoulder, and she leaned in to the taller woman's ear.

"When he leaves, do you want to take this up in private?" she murmured. She'd learned a long time ago that for some reason her murmurs were quieter than her whispers, so she employed that odd little trait now and actually made it useful for once. "Like in my room or yours, doesn't matter. Or we could hit up the kitchens; I know where they keep their tea. I just think it'd be better if we just girl-talk this, you know?"  
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