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PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:36 pm
{ Meanwhile… }

[ Wise Ones ; Princesses of Heart : Disney : Hall of the Cornerstone ]

“She’s gone! The poor girl just—Oh my.

Flora held her breath as she looked upon the massive gathering of people in the Hall; she had only expected Yen Sid, perhaps that strange Enchantress… but everyone was present. Her sisters, Fauna and Merryweather, the Genie, Triton, Calypso, and Kashekim all gathered on separate sides of Yen Sid, while each of the Princesses curiously stood around the stone with even spacing. Only Aslan and Merlin were absent, but they had left shortly after Noelle’s return. Even Mickey stood next to the towering sorcerer. And despite the seeming congregation, all were frighteningly silent—they simply gathered, staring in concern and confusion at the Cornerstone.

Now, startled out of her panic after her failed search for the healing Earthling Noelle, she realized why they had gathered, why they all silently observed. The stone was… churning. The lights within had always flowed and fluxed, of course, but now there was a heavy weight in the air, a stifling pressure filling the room and their hearts.

A handful of them only briefly glanced toward Flora in response to her outburst, but as the red fairy slowly drifted into place next to her sister, Yen Sid spoke up.

“Vanished in a flash of light?” he replied, finishing her sentence. The short woman only nodded, and though whispers seemed to echo between a few people very briefly, the sorcerer merely nodded in response, turning his solemn gaze back to the stone.

“Whadya think’s goin’ on?” Mickey asked his old master in a hushed whisper. The wizard shook his head.

“It’s… struggling,” Jasmine said, cautiously reaching out to touch the stone, closing her eyes in concentration.

“That’s right. The turmoil…” Belle added, holding one arm across her chest and the other to her chin. “Like the flow is being stopped.”

“Quite right, like a clog,” Alice chimed in, her normally precocious voice sounding shyer now than perhaps ever.

Calypso hummed, her lips taught as her arms crossed her chest in discomfort. “Trapped. There is an anger there, I know that feelin’ anywhere.”

“So, what, we bring up to give it some fresh air?” Genie said, and though he nervously chuckled afterward, he was only half-joking.

The swirling streams of white and pearl twisted into new and turbulent angles with every moment, as if constantly searching for some new pattern. A low but steady hum had begun to reverberate through the floor and walls.

“No, dear. But… I don’t know, it’s ever so fitful,” Snow White replied, briefly smiling to Genie before looking back. “It’s… almost familiar, though.”

“As if it were struggling without knowing, against…” the Enchantress muttered, her hooded gaze unswerving from the chaotic flows of light.

“Are you implying the stone has a consciousness?” Triton questioned, looking suspiciously toward the recent speakers. “There is enough darkness in the world now that perhaps the simple essence of light is trying to fight back.”

“Do not be so quick to doubt the possibility,” Kashekim remarked, looking amongst the princesses. “And they are tied more intimately to the light than you or I.”

“I agree with Snow White—I recognize this feeling,” Cinderella remarked, taking a step closer but doing no more. “It’s… it’s like a terrible dream, twisted against its own wishes.”

“That’s exactly right,” Aurora whispered, covering her mouth as her eyes grew wider. “It’s caught within a nightmare, and wanting desperately to get out.”

“You mean to say that this is not an instability of the worlds’ light, but the throes of a panicked dreamer?” Yen Sid remarked, looking amongst the Princesses for confirmation.

“I think…” Kairi started, stepping forward with an outstretched hand, eyes focused on the flowing light within, “they’re saying it’s both. Master…”  
PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:37 pm
{ Stirring }

When next the prodigal three opened their eyes, they quickly found that they were simply back upon their stations, alone, staring out at some distant flickering star. Joseph and Noelle were suddenly struck by the sound of a pulsing heart, their eyes glancing down to the æthecite charm at their wrists—and instinctively they raised it up, allowing a piercing beam of light to cascade down from the stone into their station. Nicholas, though without a charm, found the light of his heart filling his form, covering him in iridescent light.

And thus the star glowed more radiant.

— — —

Kairi turned to look at Yen Sid. “I think it’s waking up.”

— — —

{ Cue : Destati (Project Destati) }
{ Alt : Destati (Drammatica) }

Their lights burned strong, stone or otherwise, resonating with their heart. But, intriguing though the surging brilliance might be, their eyes could not avoid staring out at the distant, tiny light as it grew stronger. It drew their attention, flickering in time with their charms, pulsing in time with their heartbeat. And now, as they stood on the hallowed mosaic ground of their stations, that shimmering star grew brighter. Larger. Clearer.

Briefly, light flashed, blinding them, but they stood their ground, blinking the radiance from their eyes. When at last they could see clearly again, the star was no more; in its place was something instantly familiar yet distinctly out of place; a welcome, yet worrying, sight.

Hovering in the abyss beyond was the Cornerstone of Light, its twisting streams of luminescence shifting directions every other moment. Its light shone through the abyss, and though they would still perceive an endless darkness, other lights seemed to glow as well—fifteen colored, shimmering lights equally spaced around the Cornerstone, both pouring light upward like prismatic flashlights as well as shining from the sides. Those nearest, on either side, were still a great distance away, but they were close enough that two details were clear: their primary lights were massive mosaic columns, and atop those columns stood smaller beacons of light.

They understood without thought, comprehended without deduction: they were Stations, the hearts of other Earthlings, their allies and friends who, including themselves, made sixteen total, surrounding the Cornerstone in this endless darkness.

An endless darkness that was slowly churning into a mist of anxious, discordant streams of light.

“Wake up.”

Their loved ones were growing ever louder behind them, and though the false door had closed, something began to press on behind them, aching, urging.

Their resonating lights pulsed brighter, beat harder, and shone ever more radiant, and in response the Cornerstone’s struggling beams grew more volatile, twisting and spiraling—a tempest of pearlescent starlight grew around it, creating an atmosphere of angst and confusion. They felt it, their chests constricting, hearts pounding in empathy, and their lights flared with multicolored incandescence.

Further behind them, in the oblivion enveloping them all, the darkness churned, furious, hues of indigo barely visible in the festering black that raged around them. It squeezed down on their pocket reality, compressing, reaching—and the Cornerstone’s energies grew into a silent hurricane, a storm of terror, blinded by its own nightmares.

“Wake up!”

The shouts were more numerous now, more than just the single familiar voice—there were others, unknown, strangers, but shouting all the same, in unison, out of synch, a constant chorus; the thought briefly crossed their minds that the other voices belonged to their allies’ loved ones, but was it a thought of their own, or something else? The only clear fact was the uncertainty, the tension building in their hearts; in fact, their stations were literally trembling now, the resonant power shifting into a higher dynamic. Their charms were like miniature suns, and their mosaics were like floodlights beaming into the void above.

The darkness around them grew to a roaring storm of its own, but the stations withstood its fury, the platforms acting as some unseen barrier it could not cross.

The Cornerstone’s light was discord of its own, flashing this way and that, seen like a spasming bundle of nerves in the midst of a cosmic typhoon.

Their hearts began to ache with breathtaking intensity, and some unknown force burgeoned within them. The warm presence behind them suddenly rushed forward, a new streak of light merging itself with their own shining light, be it gem or otherwise, and the beacons surged.

“Wake up!”

More voices joined the shouting choir—their own voices, burning, crying out to the Cornerstone, even as it wracked their pillars and hearts with its slumbering panic. The tempest was violently whipping this way and that, lashes of light passing around and around the stone. But resilient they stood, their calls echoing into the storm like claps of thunder. Their lights grew to a radiance unfathomed, iridescent and pure, and the power that grew threatened to rupture forth as the pieces of a new truth fell into place on the cusp of their consciousness.

Piercing screeches echoed beyond the veil, but they were quiet, distant, and irrelevant before their urging, their calling.

The onslaught of light reached a feverish pitch, struggling, fighting against the all-consuming nightmare, but no, the slumber must end, it was time to—

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

Great strands of light exploded forth from their hands, converging on the stone from all sides, striking it simultaneously with all the force they could feasibly muster—

—and reality stood still as the storm broke down into nothing, the stone revealing two wide spheres of light within its borders as their beams vanished. And then, a voice.

“I know you... Your past… your future…”

The ethereal voice seemed lost in trance, voice still caught in the grip of anxiety. The spheres, now understood to be eyes, began to flick this way and that, as if scanning for an unseen foe.

“This is the way…”

It stopped, light-eyes narrowing, confused, searching. The atmosphere began to grow strained, tense under the omniscient gaze of the stone.

”This is… This is the…”

Something within them resonated, the stations all simultaneously glowing brighter against the backdrop of shadow. The eyes grew more angular, slanted as if in frustration, and they could feel it building, more potent than the storm, a fury slowly overpowering any panic that had been present before.

Their pillars began to shake, but they stood firm. Reality itself trembled, the entity’s righteous indignation smoldering, intensifying.

— — —


“Oh, man. You left them alive!Ajora repeated, barely containing his giggling as he watched the Earthlings' bodies begin to give off a soft, white aura. “You’re gonna have a bad time.”

— — —

And then, with the brilliance and warmth of infinite suns, the Cornerstone seemed to roar to life more luminously than the Earthlings, or anyone for that matter, had ever witnessed, its light shining far beyond the void.


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PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 3:09 pm
{ Awakening }
{ Cue : MEGALOVANIA ~ Instrumental Mix Cover (Undertale) }

The humming within the Hall grew louder, the light from the stone reaching blinding intensity within the seconds after Kairi’s remark. The Wise Ones, save Yen Sid, all slowly began to step back, holding their hands up to their eyes, while the Princesses all held their ground, those who hadn’t already stepping up to the stone and placing their hand on it. Mickey gripped at his master’s sleeve, trying to pull him away, before looking up at the wizard’s face—an expression of stunned uncertainty peeking through the normally stoic façade.

Without warning, the stone erupted with all-consuming radiance, the hum briefly sounding more like a furious roar, as a massive column of light burst forth, phasing through the ceiling—

—and creating a luminescent beacon visible for miles around.

Disney’s village was so brightly lit that it seemed daylight, but what drove the people to the streets was the sound and feeling. Hundreds, thousands of people took to the once-festive streets in awe, staring up at the pillar of light, and like a wave all brought their hands to their chests, more out of unconscious drive than true understanding.

Golden dust rose from those streets, soaring into the light as though it were a vacuum.

“They need us!” Kairi shouted over the roar, hair whipping in the energy’s release, but her determined gaze still locked on the stone’s core.

Genie, Calypso, and the Enchantress understood first—and each conjured their power, sending it into the stream. Triton, the Fairies, and Kashekim were next, channeling might through their respective focuses—the Trident, wands, and an Atlantean crystal—to create beams of iridescent magic into the stone.

Kairi stepped back, hand on her chest, and side by side with Mickey, the two summoned their Keyblades, firing thin strands of white.

Yen Sid had not budged.

— — —

Miles over the castle, the massive column bent, angling away from Disney and toward its destination. It passed over deserts, mountains, oceans—entire worlds stood under its majesty, towns and peoples staring up at a night sky that felt like dawn. Clouds burst around it, pierced through and through, spreading into mist, and still it soared—

—when finally it passed into Narnia.

Aslan froze on the cliff’s edge, his breath held tightly in his lungs, and Merlin tore his eyes away from the massive dome of dark magic to check on the great lion.

“It’s done,” Aslan whispered.

“What-what? What’s done? Are they—” Merlin asked in a panic, only to turn his gaze skyward, jaw dropping. The sky was turning from black to deep purple, to dark blue, to the sky blue of day.

The great lion inhaled, turned his gaze up, and let loose a powerful roar that could be heard throughout the entirety of Narnia, the world carrying his voice as its leader. The beam streaked overhead, and his power flew into it as it passed toward the malevolent barrier, going over it, toward the center.

Merlin, slowed by awe, lifted his wand high, multicolored dust shooting from the tip.

— — —

The great wizard stepped forward between Mickey and Kairi, his stony expression returning briefly. They turned to look up at him, confused, but Mickey quickly understood, shock across his features—

—as the retired master Yen Sid, face contorted in furious resolution, called his Keyblade, the Starseeker, to his hands, and with a sharp breath loosed a radiant stream of white magic into the Cornerstone of Light.

— — —

Ajora watched as the Darkness, consumed by eons of wrath, let loose a terrible barrage of corruption and shadow into the unconscious bodies. Their lights burned brighter and brighter, though, unhindered, unfazed, and the abomination howled—

—only to screech in piercing agony as a searing light exploded through its face in the sky, crashing down on the broken station in a blinding crescendo of power. The abomination’s baleful form was dispersed, leaving a revolving cyclone of darkness around the station and the brilliant pillar.

Eight stars appeared within the black storm, however, and rushed into the light, churning, shifting, and rapidly forming eight of the Louis shards: Curiosity, Hope, Morality, Compassion, Creativity, Justice, Esteem, and Innocence, all restored, all with eyes of blinding white and two-tone voices of furious shouts, and all rushing back out at the invader that had devoured them.

Creativity spoke in an ancient tongue, his words solidifying as flying runes of power that rushed through the abominations form, and Hope raised a staff of cleansing pearl, its light binding the glyphs through the monstrous form to force its manifestation. Justice, armed with a gleaming white scythe, soared opposite Esteem, his claws glowing in brilliant iridescence, and the two tore through the form, ripping it, shredding it, but leaving pieces behind.

Pieces which Compassion, armed with a massive sewing needle and gossamer thread, rushed through, pulling and stitching and weaving together into a single, solid mass of writhing obsidian that looked vaguely humanoid. So flew Innocence, lengthy ribbons of every color and hue, around and through the beast, condensing and shaping the mass into arms, legs, and face. Then Curiosity, with shattered chains of forged pearl-steel, ensnared the monstrosity, forming manacles and a collar of gold to bind its wrists and neck; as they clasped shut, beams of light formed chains from the fetters to the station, locking it in place.

And finally, Morality called forth a single white revolver, hovered before the beast, and with a shout unleashed a single, devastating shot into the abomination’s chest. The blast pierced through and through, forming a massive heart-shaped cavity and locking down the manifestation in its gargantuan Darkside form.

They vanished then, and the horror was left screaming in agony and fury both, forced to stand just outside the station and pillar of light to bear witness to its final retribution:

In the midst of the shards’ efforts, the Station of Awakening had once more become whole, its mosaic radiant in the surging light, though no pictures revealed themselves in the art. And there the Earthlings’ bodies hovered off the ground, still unconscious but bathed in massive bursts and swathes of prismatic color, Noelle's slowly reappearing through a glimmer of light that extended from Nicholas' chest. Their lights burst outward in rainbow streaks, enveloping their other native allies in light, and soon all hovered, rising, pulsing, living—

—and eventually turning upright, their minds returning, their bodies reawakening. Refreshed. Revitalized. Unbound by gravity, by any physical laws in this heartbound realm, and empowered beyond anything they could comprehend.

But they didn’t need to comprehend. Within that station-consuming column of light, they knew, understood, and felt three things:

The Light was awake.
The Light was enraged.
And the Light demanded justice.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?! WHY WON’T YOU DIE?!” the beast shouted, reduced to a single, raging voice. “WHY WON’T YOU DIE?!

It raised its two hands and unleashed a sweeping beam of black and purple that tore through their ranks—though now it would be no concern to dodge.




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PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 5:32 pm
[Joseph: Station of Awakening]

It felt so...clear.

As he awoke, his body 'rippled', like his body was water and a rock had gotten tossed in. It was during the ripple that things seemed to change.

The boots and pants seemed to have stuck around, though the boots because a soft brown leather, the red pants retaining their color but weren't as 'poofy' as before, though still had room. The two crossing leather belts didn't change, but a third, 'normally placed' belt of fur was added on top, looking of wolf fur. It matched the fur bracers that appeared on his forearms.

The shirt and breastplate and cape were gone entirely. Replaced by a vest of dark brown bear fur with leather lining. With pauldrons of hard leather covered in tiger fur adorning his shoulders, Joseph swung out his arms, his two axes appeared, the mother of pearl blades shimmering in the light.

Oh, yes. He had changed alright. Pointing one of his axes at the dark being, he glared.

The beam swept, and he swam through the air, spinning and twirling to dodge. And once he had some breathing room, he spun to a stop, facing the monster of darkness.

He gritted his teeth, and his breathing got heavier. His face contorted into a rage-filled scowl as he activated his newfound ability, feeling his muscles bulge and pulse with the force of rage and adrenaline. And then with a swipe of one of his axes, a shimmering blue blade of water shot out, arcing and aiming for the central eye as he flew after it, swinging in a spinning flurry of an attack on the Darkness.

Joe is now Berserker!
Joe has activated his personal Berserk skill.
Joe cast Aqua Blade.
Joe used Dance of Death.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 7:59 pm
[Dawn : Station of Awakening!]

Time passed slowly as her heart broke apart the illusions of darkness. At the same moment, Dawn felt her own self coming back together with each slowly passing second. For the first time in what felt like forever, she felt Garuda's gasp.

The dancer didn't know how much time had passed, but her mind and body came back to life with the warmth of light. Her eyes slowly opened as she floated over the station and stared up at the darkness that continued to toy with them.

She wasn't surprised when Joseph charged in for the first attack.Though everything about him was different. From his clothes, to his weapon, and his wind.

'Garuda the wind certainly certainly moist here isn't it...?' she said lighthearted to her summon.


"Hey Joe! You feeling okay? Your wind seems a bit off. Garuda says we need to show you how it is done!" the aeromancer shouted up at Joseph in a playful taunt.


The small grin on Dawn's faded for a brief moment at Garuda's silence as she summoned her Tessen. In a single moment she summoned wind around her weapons and threw them in a single motion at the Darkness. In the same twirl she began her dance with a twirl. She enhanced her allies even more with Haste

[[OoC recap:

Playfully taunt Joseph.
Wind Raid on boss.
Haste to party]]  
PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 8:09 pm
{Bobbi .:. ????}

It was only a few short steps to the stone. Again she heard that voice, those two syllables, in perfect time with the pulsing of the stone. In perfect time with the beating of her heart.

Again she heard the voices of her friends, just a few feet away, and she yearned to join them, to celebrate with them, to laugh with them. But just three seconds and she could grab the charm and go to them—


She staggered a moment with the intensity of that thought—a thought that didn't even feel like hers. Her fight was over? No, not until her parents and brother and friends were home safe and sound. Her fight would never be over until that was reality. Just because they beat the darkness this time—

Wait, did they? Did they really? She couldn't remember the end of the fight. She remembered the Tree... and after that, the darkness, the door, the castle, the stairs. There was something in between that was missing... Or something that wasn't real.

Bobbi's hand closed over the æthicite, feeling the warm crystal pulsing with light even through her gloves. She held the stone in her fingers, holding it up to the blackened window like she often held quartz to the sun at home. And the stone continued to pulse, and she stared at her reflection in the window. Grey eyes hard, expression resolute, just as stubborn as ever. But with her reflection was the reflection of the stone, pulsing in the distance...

She remembered with intense vividness the thought that she was going to die. She also remembered her resolve that if that was so, she would go down fighting. That resolve hadn't changed, not in the slightest. And she could see that resolve in her reflection, a conviction, a resolution that hadn't been there a mere week ago.

And she realized that the blackness beyond the window wasn't just night devoid of stars. No, it was true darkness. And that pulse she saw in the distance truly was in the distance, not just an odd reflection. The world went silent; she couldn't even hear the beating of her heart or the rush of blood in her veins. And there was a crack—

And suddenly she wasn't on the train anymore. She was back in the ruins of Jadis' castle, the æthicite still held firmly in her hand. She stared back down into the abyss, and saw that pulse of light further down the stairs. The charm continued to beat with light, still matching her heartbeat. Or maybe hear heart was matching the stone. Either way, both pulsed faster, both matched that two-note song in her head, wake up, wake up. And with it, remembering, remembering being asked to choose, reminded of what she had to do, what they had to do—

But they hadn't been there to kill. They had been there to help. To heal. And so they'd chosen, she'd chosen. She'd made a promise to save him, if she could. She intended to keep that promise.

And she realized that she'd been manipulated. Her fears had been preyed on, shoved before her and forcing her to make decisions she hadn't wanted to make, but felt compelled to anyway. She put herself above her friends, even though she knew better. All because of that darkness, the darkness that surrounded her, the darkness that surrounded everything. That selfish, self-serving, self-preserving darkness that couldn't care about anyone else. And she'd let herself fall prey to it. But no more.

She didn't even think this time, she just plunged directly into that darkness, directly down the stairs, knowing what she was running to but determined to face it head on.

She would not run. Not anymore.

She next found herself back in the darkness, back in the pit of endless Heartless, with the door to light at her back. The light of the æthicite charm—the light of her heart—shone like a beacon through the darkness. She could see beyond the door that had once seemed a salvation, and saw the flickering light in the distance.


But that voice had the opposite intended effect on her. Hearing those words only hardened her resolve, because she now recognized them for what they truly were: nothing more than the panicked shouts of the villain's plan being thwarted. And, also, simply out of spite.

You want me to run? No, ******** you.

Even the Shadows seemed to be in a pother, twitching and milling and swiping. But their blows never connected, and after awhile she ignored them.

She felt the warmth of the door at her back, the warmth of that beloved voice urging her onward. That quiet encouragement, rarely voiced, always a support when she faltered, a shoulder to cry on when she failed, coupled with a proud smile and a warm hug and a gentle kiss on her cheek. It egged her on now, towards a fight that a mere week ago she couldn't have fathomed, just as it had egged her on in everything she had tried to do.

And she remembered Yen Sid's words, his speech at the parade when he had gifted them their charms. He had promised them peace, rest, if they so chose. She needn't have fought, but she had chosen to continue the battle. Master Yen Sid had given them a choice, and she had made hers. She was going to fight. That choice had been a promise, a promise to herself, a promise to the whole wide world. She would fight, she would make a difference, she would be a hero, because for the first time in her life she actually could. She had made a promise to herself that she would continue this fight, that the world would be restored to peace and everyone, everyone would be home, safe and sound. Not just her family. Not just her friends. Everyone.

She held the æthicite—the symbol of her promise—aloft, and watched as a thin beam of light shot ahead of her, burning away the darkness like cleansing fire. Feathery ash blew away, revealing the violets and indigos, golds and rubies, sapphires and emeralds, all of the jewel-bright colors of her station. Her station. And as the darkness burned away, Bobbi realized just how thoroughly she had been manipulated! And her heart burned even as it seared away the darkness, incandescent with righteous wrath. It beat a steady rhythm, and the light beat with it, scorching away the darkness, lighting her station with the flames of her resolve, of her Light! No more would she allow herself to be swayed from her chosen path.

As the last of the shadows burned away, Bobbi stood in the center of her Station, staring around at the familiar mosaic. The cracks had faded; no longer were they as pervasive as they had been. Not healed, no, not entirely, but mended, repaired, filled with the gold of the friendships she had made. Even the ghost of the memory of Louis's cancerous rose throne faded, leaving the Station untainted, unblemished.

And she felt her summon reawaken, and the warmth of her Esper's love flooded through her. Shiva's powers washed through her once again, so cold that they burned. Shiva didn't speak; she didn't have to. Bobbi smiled at having her Esper back with her again.

But still the beam from her æthicite burned, like a torch, a beacon, pulsing still with the beat of her heart—or her heart beat with the pulse. This wasn't finished.

There in the distance, the light grew stronger, closer, brighter. It grew too bright for her to see, but still she stared into it, unflinching, only blinking to clear the dazzle from her eyes. And there, before her, before all of them, was the Cornerstone of Light. Out of the corners of her eyes, Bobbi could see distantly the pillars of light that were the others' Stations. All aglow, just as she was, just as bright.

Still the words echoed, pleading for awakening, though stronger now. And somehow... more. As if it wasn't just the one voice, but many. Bobbi watched as the Cornerstone's light grew into a tempest, surging and writhing and shining. She could feel the pillar beneath her feet tremble in the storm of light, but it held firm, and she herself never wavered, never stumbled. She stood strong, and steady, a pillar in her own right, and her heart yearned towards the Cornerstone, willing it to follow the voices, urging it with all of her being. Her mouth opened and the words spilled forth, propelled by will and heart and soul.

"Wake up!"

She could feel the fear of the stone's nightmare, and her entire being strained to tell it that it was alright, its terrors were dreams, fleeting figments of a sleeping mind. Wake up, I promise you will know fear no longer. Wake up, and the nightmare will fade.

Caught in the moment, Bobbi was thoroughly unaware of her own incandescence. Her entire world narrowed on the Cornerstone, on the Light. Her own light burst forth, adding her own unique brilliance to the lights of her friends. They culminated as one—

And the world stood still.

And she was caught in a brilliant gaze.

"I know you... Your past... your future..."
"This is the way..."
"This is the... This is the..."

And suddenly the light was infinite, so bright that to look into it and not be blinded was a miracle. And the words she heard resounded within her heart like the peals of a thousand bells.


{Bobbi .:. Station of Awakening}

She awakened, standing on a blank station, surrounded by her friends. She was whole, and fresh, her very being singing in its rejuvenation. She was now what she had always been meant to be.

An instrument of fierce Justice.

Taulmaril was in her hand without thinking about it, and Bobbi leapt over the attack the Darkness dealt like a bird taking flight. And in the same breath, she layered an arrow with spells. One, an encasement of ice, to shatter at the apex of the arrow's flight, raining down shards of itself into the Darkness. Two, an explosive whirlwind of ice and magic, to prevent it from casting if she could. Three, ice sharp as a needle, to pierce any defenses the Darkness had.

She launched her enchanted bolt just as Joseph's attack hit with a splash—and she laughed over the charms.

.:Did you just piss on it? Wait... where the ******** did you get axes?!:.

[[Bobbi used: Hailstorm, Maelstrom Bolt, and Piercing Icicle.
Spoiler at the start is reactions to previous posts. Beware the wall of text!]]

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 12:13 pm
[Dani :~: The Station]

Dani after touching her charm felt it. She felt the pulses just as she began to walk back at which she had come. As she walked, she felt more of herself coming together until eventually she took her first breath back on the station. ‘This…’ Dani thought, ‘This is the surface’.

“THERE YOU ARE” Leviathan yelled to her mentally. “Do not scare me like that again. Besides, we still got a problem.”

Dani looked over to the darkness and she could feel the rage building up inside of her. ‘I see that.’ Dani said to the sea serpent. 'How about this time, we teach this darkness what happens when you mess with the sea. If you are up to it of course.'

Dani felt the surge within her as an answer before smiling.

[Cue :~: Trinity Seven OST – Last Crest]

Water suddenly seemed to pour out of her body as her light seemed to grow brighter, pooling below her. As a good amount of water was just below her it turned into Leviathan’s head before opening its jaw and engulfing the assassin in its mouth. Her two chakrams also pulsed with their own blue light. With both of them lighting up, Dani pushed the two of them together. In the end her light faded to normal levels as the water Leviathan’s head exploded outwards, revealing Dani wearing a light black jacket opened up with a dark blue skin tight tank that was tucked into her pants. Her jeans this time though were also black but had tsunami’s running along them along with other waves. Her weapon finally materialized as well revealing a single giant chakram that could easily be half of her size. The weapon was still pulsing blue at the edge but the inside was a mix of the black of Ashley and the white of her own chakram from before.

She stood, her eyes now red to match the sea serpent, ready to attack the darkness that had been mocking her. Just as she was about to move, she watched her friend Joseph rush past her with axes. Before she could question it though, she saw her element water being used and had to smirk. “It looks like someone decided to take their first swim, “ Dani grinning as she spoke through the charms. “Well Joe, let us see if we can get this filth out of OUR WATER!” before she started to move, quicker then she had ever before.

Her body started to spin rapidly as she held her new chakram out. Water encased her form again along with the chakram before she aimed directly for one of the sides of the darkness. As she came around again for another attack, her chakram instead of being imbued with water magic had changed to be imbued with other magic. This time she aimed for the darkness’ other side as she went for the magical circuits .

“Hello buddy. Remember me?” Dani spoke to the darkness getting fired up. She started to fly above the dark form she saw and smirked. “Consider this payback for taking everything from me. My chakram, my magic, and my friends. I will not allow you or anyone else trick or use my magic for their own personal gain unless I wish it. And, in case you haven’t realized it yet, you are not welcome to use it!” Dani surged forward again, more water surrounding this dive as she pressurized this dive. She aimed directly for the eye and as she did , one of her arms leaked out her water to quickly form a clamp before trying to clamp directly on the eye.

[[Authors Note:
New Stats:
Strength: 12
Defense: 9
Magic: 17
Resistance: 11
Skill: 16
Reflexes: 11
Speed: 13
Constitution: 6
Energy: 6

Moves used:
Used Spinning Dive X2
Activated Imperil on one Spinning Dive! Magic Strength is 15 for this roll if it hits.
Grand Fall: Dive overhead at the enemy down with great water power
Pressure clamp: Aimed for the eye on this so the status effect is up to the GM ]]
PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 6:28 pm
[Noelle ~ Station of Awakening]

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

Her eyes opened as her materialization was becoming complete. Things were clear--her thoughts, her vision, her goal. Never in her life had she felt so new, so empowered, so . . . different.

Nick, who was hovering below her, was just beginning to tilt upright, and she lowered just in front of him. The others were placed in the same way, and she watched as they each began to come to. Some were already on the defensive, launching attacks at the Darkside that shelled the very existence and embodiment of Darkness itself. She waited patiently with her hands cupped in front of her, manifesting a cluster of crystals that grew with each passing second, each razor sharp shard glowing with the power of Light. Joe attacked, Dawn fired, and she waited. Bobbi engaged, Dani dove in, and she waited.

But only seconds longer.

The cluster matured, and no sooner had it did Noelle lunge forward and launch it right at the belly of the beast. It bolted past her allies, in between the other attacks, and made contact a near second past when she’d thrown it. A blinding light and thunderous boom overtook the site of impact, sending a small shockwave across the station.


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PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:26 pm
{Bobbi, Demyx, Zell, Red XIII, Yuffie .:. Louis's Heart .:. Station of Awakening}

On regaining his consciousness, Nanaki looked around the station, only to see everyone hale and whole once more. He didn't miss the Darkness, now reduced to the size and shape of a Darkside Heartless bound in chains. Nor did he miss the attack the creature sent their way. With a Howl to bolster his comrades, Nanaki sped across the station, leaping the beam of energy with ease. He continued to rush forward, firing an enormous fire spell as he did so. Hot on the spell's heals, the leonine beast launched himself from the edge of the Station and slammed into the Darkside as hard as he could. His fore claws found purchase in the creature's flesh, and Nanaki used his hind claws to shred what passed for skin and muscle. As his claws did their work, he also bit into the Darkside, tearing out chunks of flesh with his teeth before leaping away.

One minute, they're facing down the darkness like it's the Final Showdown or something. Next, nothing, totally unconscious. Now, Demyx was standing with the others, completely revitalized. He could practically feel magical energies flowing through him, so much stronger than he ever had before. He heard a howl and watched as the red streak that was Red XIII surged forward in absolute defiance of gravity. Demyx didn't wait to see what the beast did; he threw himself out of the way of the Darkside's attack, and was too busy after that to pay attention. He brought up Arpeggio and started to play with a vigor he hadn't felt in ages. He blasted the dark abomination with two powerful jets of water, one from beneath the Darkside, the other directly in the thing's ugly face.

On seeing the impact of Noelle's new crystal spell, Demyx let out a cheer.

"Nice entrance!" he called to the petite blonde, giving her a thumbs up.

Zell had no words other than a jubilant whoop on being back to 100% and seeing Noelle's grand re-entry. Naturally, he got in on the action, leaping over the beam sweeping the Station. The fact that the laws of physics didn't seem to apply anymore made things so much more interesting for the monk. He flew up high, turned, and came screaming back down to deliver a hearty, powerful blow like a hammer to the Darkside's head. Almost immediately, the monk retreated, watching to see what their combined attacks had already done before he made any other moves.

"Hey, welcome back!" Yuffie called to Noelle as she ran past, her shuriken enveloped in green-ish magic. Now was the time for action. Celebrations and high-fives and all that could wait until later. She picked up speed as she ran, reaching a rate of acceleration that could only be called "light speed," and slammed into the Darkside with her enhanced shuriken from every conceivable angle. After the tenth attack, which culminated with her directly above the Darkside, she pulled her magic into a small sphere in her hand. She waited patiently for the other melee combatants to back off so she could have a clear shot...

And chucked the magical explosive at the abomination.

[[Bravery to Joseph, Noelley, and Joetomos.]]

Nanaki used Howl, Firaga, Bullrush, and Rend!
Demyx used Geyser and Water Spout!
Zell punched things really hard! (As he does...)
Yuffie used Fuma Fatale, Bloodfest, and Gauntlet!
PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 10:58 pm
[ Kyle : Abyss ]

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

It had been hell, and then it had been nothing.

Eventually, his nerves gave out, and all senses went dark, tuning out reality. His entire being became numb, static, desensitized to the overwhelming terror.

The only thing that broke him from oblivion was the shift in gravity. One moment, down had been clearly in the direction of his feet, until finally even that sensation seemed to die, but it awoke first, realizing instantly that down had suddenly shifted toward his head—and thus, he was falling.

Instinctively, he tried to resist consciousness—it had been nothing but pain in those final moments, after all—but his mind won out, and his eyes opened to find… nothing. Endless darkness as far as the eye could see as he fell. The falling, he was familiar with: it was clearly a dive into his heart, or maybe deeper into Louis’, he wasn’t sure.

His memory wasn’t hazy, though. He knew that only seconds ago, he and everyone else had been utterly defeated. Part of him ached in that defeat, but another part flared up in frustration. It wasn’t fair! They’d come together, more powerful than ever before, more numerous than any battle so far, and yet they couldn’t seem to so much as touch the abomination. Yeah, they’d been distracted, but would their full attention even have mattered? It had enough power to distract them that completely. Hell, in its waking moments it’d had enough power to pull them through the veil and force them to attack each other before anyone could react. What hope had they had?

Even Sora and Riku had been no match. Had they fallen? Could they?

It’s not fair.

Life isn’t fair.

No, but dammit, we survived, we were chosen—

—and? So what? Survivor’s guilt is a hell of a drug.

But even Ajora—

—was possessed, in his death throes, and also half you at his core, and so was probably trying to rationalize just like you are now.

******** you.


He continued looking, scanning, trying to find something to judge… well, anything. Because he certainly wasn’t falling to his station. Grumbling, he tried to right himself, but… found himself powerless. And rotational momentum was a dangerous thing to play with in free fall. Why did physics still matter? Whatever the case, it did. So, carefully, he grabbed the lining of his cloak opening, tilted backward, and very briefly spread the cloak wide, slamming it closed after hopefully catching the briefest second of wind resistance.

Except this was a heart-realm, so of course there was no air or wind or literal matter to speak of.

I hate everything so much.

No, no, I’m just really angry at the situation.

Which I couldn’t help.

Not now, self-depreciation.

He thought about his options. Either he was literally in an endless fall, or he was going to hit some unseen floor very, very hard. On the plus side, he could probably count on no long-term injuries like broken bones in a heart-realm. On the minus side, he didn’t want to hit his head anyway in case it still dazed him enough to slow his reactions. So, he did the only thing he could think of, and curled into a ball.

Time seemed to pass. He loosened his grip, growing complacent but not quite letting go—and then he hit the ground. The ‘air’ in his lung was immediately knocked out, and it admittedly took him a few seconds to get over the instinct to inhale as much air as possible (what with the no-air-necessary thing). Then he spoke up.

he shouted, rolling around and cringing, his curses eventually becoming little more than incoherent combinations of consonant and vowel, mostly guttural.

Something swiped at his back, slashing through his clothing and ripping into his skin. Instantly silent, he moved in a blur of motion and light, summoning his double-spear and cutting anything near him into ribbons of shadow and dust. Brown eyes crinkled by a furious expression took in everything there was to see, which in this case… was like a peculiar night sky stretching along the ground around him. Infinite black, broken by countless beads of dull yellow.

“OH, IS THAT IT?!” he shouted, face twisting into a sneer of derision. “COULDN’T KILL ME ENTIRELY YOURSELF, SO SEND THE HEARTLESS!”

He didn’t expect a response, so the endless, echoing laughter made him jump more than he would ever recount to others.

“Resist us once, and think yourself immune? As all things break, so too shall you, quaint heart.”

The everywhere-voices were so close that the hairs on his neck stood up. Right, darkness in darkness.

“Really? So you’re just, what, throwing shadows at me until I give up?” Kyle retorted, rolling his eyes. A moment later, a Darkball bowled him over from behind, and he barely caught himself with his hands on the ground.

There was more laughter.

Growling, he pushed himself back up and stood in a more defensive position, rotating in place. He reached out to Ultima, but found her… not absent, per se, but unavailable—unconscious, perhaps. But for whatever reason it meant he couldn’t call on her power, either. It was just him and the darkness. He snarled.

“Fine. You wanna play that game?” he asked, and though he didn’t realize it, his body and weapon had begun to give off a sliver of light. “Let’s play. Because I’m gonna rip apart everything you throw at me until you tell me WHERE HE IS!

He dove forward in a flurry, rotating mid-jump with his spear ‘round his waist to damage the surrounding heartless. And from that point he was a raging storm of steel, swiveling here, flourishing there, flipping one way and rolling the other. They were countless, but he simply didn’t stop.

He didn’t need other power. He had power, his emotions and determination, and he would be unyielding. That had been his vow—to give no ground and take back what was his, what was everyone’s. The horror thought his fall inevitable? Maybe, but he would have one more victory. Freedom or—

“Wake up.”

He reeled, gasping and stunned if only for the briefest moment, before unleashing refreshed fury in a draconic roar that shook every Shadow, Darkball, and Neoshadow in the vicinity. The aura increased, but he only saw their silhouettes, their eyes, his obstacles, and he pushed forward. Each swing seemed to loose a crescent wave in response, each stab a flicker of starlight, but where one fell, two took its place for the slaughter.

“DON’T TAUNT ME!” he shouted, rushing forward through the coming waves in a streak of white. His assault grew with his fury, his motions little more than swaths of glowing color in the dark of night. He’d heard him again, heard that beat, felt that pulse of life—

The shadows lunged and tore, but he pressed and slew, knocking them back and finishing them off. How dare they, how dare they do this, they had taken and taken and taken and he would give them no more. Let them try to kill him. Let them try to take his heart. He’d shown his tenacity the last time, at Disney. And he had nothing to lose—

“Wake up.”

His rage blossomed now into white, righteous flame streaming from his mouth in an ear-piercing screech. He craned his neck left and right before rapidly twisting around, setting anything that moved aflame. He had his own power, his own fuel, to unleash on these so called ‘truths’. He ripped, he tore. He noticed, finally, the growing aura surrounding him, but he simply attributed it to his frustration, his leaking energy. The Heartless grew simultaneously more hesitant and more desperate; the Shadows hid more often than not, and those that assaulted did so haphazardly, taking any possible opening they could find.

Kyle was no flawless fighter—more frequently than not, he was simply flailing, striking at everything nearby. In fact, his body—manifestation as it was—was beginning to ache under the constant strain. His mind didn’t care—his heart pushed him beyond the breaking point before, and he’d rely on it to do so again.

A Neoshadow pounced at his shoulders while a Shadow swiped at his calves, and even as he twisted to protect his flank their claws seared him, bringing him down to his knees. There, a Darkball finished the job, slamming him in the face and knocking him flat on his back. His breath shaky, his chest tight, he clenched his jaw as the darkness swarmed over his form.

I made a choice at Disney. The same choice Ajora made.


They assaulted his body, but he channeled it into anger and magic. Rather than letting it loose, however, he bottled that magic up in his body, burning his flesh, his circuits glowing, screaming to let the built-up pressure out—but he kept calling more. He could only fathom that this was his heart’s manifestation, and he would not lose it. He would not lose control of his ship—he’d sink it first. And take as much of the Darkness as he could with it.

He’d rest then, at least.

“Wake up.”

The voice was close, closer than ever before, like a whisper in his ear, and his breath caught. No. No, not yet, he couldn’t stop yet—

His concentration released, he cried out as the magic ripped its way out his body, detonating in a great, spreading dome of white energy that burned everything around him to ash.

Sitting up, he clutched his chest, weapon dropped at his side. Only then did he see his charm bracelet, the æthecite stone gently pulsing in light—pulsing in time like a heartbeat, a strange cone of thin light spreading forward from it. He turned his hand one way to try and get a better look, only for the cone to spread wider, thinner, barely noticeable; he turned it back, and the farther he went, the stronger it focused, concentrated, until finally it was a thin beam of light.

Pointing somewhere out beyond the heartless that were slowly returning.

There was a warmth on his back, and almost unconsciously he stood, picking his weapon up as he did so. He lifted his hand again to be sure, and the light focused. A grin spread across his face, his weapon-hand tightening, before he began making a mad-dash in the noted direction. Streams of dust and bludgeoned bodies trailed in his wake as he skewered and slashed anything that attempted to obstruct him. He didn’t know what lie that way, or even if this was just another trick. But it was a direction—a direction that he felt had been supported. He’d been so deeply entrenched in the abomination’s darkness, and always closer to the edge, when he’d heard…

The Heartless closed on him harder than ever, but he jumped, swung, kicked, rolled, and did whatever he could to get past them. No, he couldn’t stop yet. He was close, closer than he’d ever been—he felt it, and the feeling welled up inside him with such energy that he wanted to scream. He wouldn’t stop until he was dead, his loved ones were saved, or justice was brought crashing down on those responsible. And someone didn’t want him to die.

So he wouldn’t.

He saw a light in the distance, a flickering gleam, and in a flash of light—there he stood, staring out from his station.

[ Kyle, Sora, Riku, Amy, Matthew, Jenny, John, Sayrike : Louis’ Heart : Station of Awakening ]

Kyle flipped around the beam with ease, watching as others began to storm the beast. Joe was renewed, his weapons and appearance—and magic?—changed. And there—there was Noelle! Safe, sound, alive—and also changed. What the heck had happened?

Shall we?

He grinned, though it faded into a snarl when he looked back up at the monster in question. What the hell did it matter? There was vengeance owed.

He called upon draconic power, which quickly rushed through his veins. Then, he soared high in a blink of motion, only to descend as rapidly, crashing down the Darkside’s back with a streak of light, ripping through it with his spear. On the next moment, he unleashed a triple-dash, rising up at three different angles and leaving searing gashes along each angle. Finally, he leap-flew backwards, launching his spear into the beast’s chest just above the heart-shaped hole; on contact, the spear detonated in iridescent fury.

Sora was equally quick, rushing forward while flourishing his Keyblade directly in front of him with Prism Windmill, striking the enemy repeatedly as he approached. In the same motion as his arrival, he began his Ars Arcanum assault, only to finish by lifting the Kingdom Key skyward and unleashing three massive rings of pearlescent crystals to rip through the dark form.

Riku flew forward and unleashed a modified Shadowbreaker, flourishing his blade with an aura of light not once but twice. He followed the assault up with a Quick Blitz, slashing down the horror’s chest from neck to stomach, only to begin the slow but devastating Ars Solum, with hits few but extremely powerful, follow by a slashing finisher.

With Dawn taking care of Haste, Jenny felt a surge of speed—typically, she’d been the booster rather than recipient. So, putting her flute to her lips, she began to play a starsong, calling forth a constant barrage of comets, raining down on the abomination from all angles.

For a brief moment, Amy was too enraptured with her ability to fly around—but the explosions quickly broke her from her reverie. Sneering, she continued strafing in mid-air, unleashing five large blasts of shadow-reaving energy through her Diaga Blasts.

John, however, was quick to rush in, shouting a battlecry that echoed beyond. In a blur of lightning, he was in front of the beast’s face, slamming him with his maul before using the momentum to swing it back around, causing a grand light-and-electric blast.

Sayrike, eyes narrowed through her mask, allowed the beam to cross over her mirrors—and in that moment, she learned the potent dark magic the beast had used against to form the blast. Afterward, she shattered all three of her mirrors, and each shard became imbued with the abundant light magic surrounding them. With her mental control, she caused the swarm of glass to rush through and around the abomination, rampaging and gashing at every possible place it could reach.

Matthew drew his scimitar and, like John, became a blur of motion as he enacted the Sonic Blade, flying past the beast at three different angles for three separate attacks. As he slowed near its hollow chest, he channeled the Assassin’s Strike, pooling his magic might into a devastating uppercut to its head, like Yuffie, and then—while there, beside John—he began to unleash Ragnarok, striking thirteen rapid blows before flipping backward and raining down a spreading cascade of radiant projectiles.  

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[Rise, Defender of Mankind]

Whether it be due to wanting atonement for his past sins, his rage for being used by the Darkness, or the sorrow for what he had lost, Nicholas stood calmly on his station. The battle had already begun to rage, both sides throwing out everything they could. Even Noelle had appeared on the battlefield, he mused, as she called out the Darkness. Nicholas knew he needed to step into the fray, but he hesitated. The Darkness was huge, and though there were multiple Earthlings, he worried that the fight would turn from the Earthlings and the Darkness would overtake.

Mercy is for the weak, boy! Hesitation on the battlefield is cowardice, belief that your opponent might deserve to live! Die, worthless host, and give me control. Fulfill your meager destiny, and be thankful you had the opportunity to bask in my glory.

The bard snapped back from his thoughts, Chaos' words fading into the background as his weapons formed in a burst of light. The shields hung tightly around his forearms; the choker secure around his neck. He needed a song, any song, one that could motivate and protect the Earthlings so they could tell the Darkness to bugger off. It needed to be powerful, it needed to be grand, it needed to be...


With a simple devious smirk, the Bard flew into the air, cackling madly until reaching a high enough point he could see the battlefield clearly. His shields pulsed softly with a faint blue energy, as if signalling the beginning of a beautiful introduction. Fingers tapped in the air, the sounds of piano keys strumming before a brief pause.


As the music played on, and Nicholas' voice and somehow instruments rang out, a veil of magic would surround all of his allies, a feeling of protection enveloping them as they continued the fight.

[Nicholas used Protect on the WHOLE party. Let's jam]  
PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 9:57 pm
[ Joe : ??? ]

Once again, Joe woke up.

Part of him wanted to snark about being trapped in an endless maze of dreams and illusions, but he suppressed the urge. This time felt different. The power felt different. He knew instinctively that this time, finally, they were facing the real enemy. An enemy that was finally out of tricks.

As he snapped his weapon to attention, Joe was greeted by an old friend.

'Welcome back to the land of the living, meatbag. Are you finally ready to finish this?'

'With pleasure.'

Admittedly, there were many questions worth asking about what was going on: where did this power come from? Why did Fearless Leader have axes now? When did Noelle get back? And why was that a*****e Nick playing music for them?

These were all valid questions, but they could wait. For the moment, it was time for glorious payback.

He rocketed towards the thing's dominant hand with all the speed he could muster, impaling it clean through.


He spiraled up to the creature's shoulder and sliced through it, his blade charged with anti-magical energies.

"I don't believe we've been formally introduced."

He soared up, directly towards its face and grinned as he adjusted his target.

"This is my first day."

Blade charged with gravitational energy, Joe thrust into the yellow eye, absorbed in the thrill of combat .

Joe used, Sonic Fleche, Resolute Smite, and G-Impact.

There's a bunch of administrative stuff that needs to go here, but I'll wait for a working keyboard.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:50 pm
{James : Station of Awakening}

The corsair had no idea how much time had passed as his heart broke all of the layers of illusions and eventually came back to full being. His heart restored, fully awakened once again and stronger than ever. Aside from the fact that he was now floating? No flying freely. The strength of the light coursed through his energy network, invigorating him, empowering him to keep fighting. With ease the corsair dodged over the massive Darkside’s attack.

”Time to light up this whoreson,” The corsair stated as he charged energy into his gun, which was trained on the enemy, light built within it’s barrels as he charged energy into his Hexagun and when it was charged unleashed his Lunar Barrage The twelve light imbued bullets raining down upon the dark entity like a shining meteor shower.

However, the corsair was not done and quickly Dashed at the entity’s head and quickly unleashed a Light fueled Blunderbuss right at the abominations face. It was time to finish this fight and at last with the furious power of the Light coursing through their veins they had the upper hand.

When Auron finally regained consciousness, he quickly noted that everyone else was back and seemed to be more powerful than ever and he felt the same as he flew in the air. He dodged the massive Darkside’s attack without great difficulty and quickly closed the distance. His blade glowing with energy as he brought it down in a Full Break to weaken the abomination as best he could. He then followed up with two more powerful, light imbued strikes.

Leon came to and after a quick scan of the battlefield realized that everyone was whole and well again, better than ever as well. Flying freely in the air as they were and he could feel the light’s strength coursing through his veins as well. With this power came new resolve, determination and hope. Finally the fight was not ridiculously stacked against them. They had the upper hand and it was time to end this. After dodging the attack unleashed by the massive darkside Leon flew forward preparing a Rough Divide The light energy trailing behind his gunblade, which would have normally cut into the ground instead streaked through the air as he approached. When he was close enough he pulled his blade up, slashing into the Darkside, the trail of energy following behind.

The Gunblade wielder was not finished though, As he began a slow descent he charged more energy into his blade. Blasts of Fire imbued with Light surrounded him as he closed in and unleashed a spinning attack. The fire fire immediately closed in around the Darkside and exploded in the Fated Circle.
PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2016 12:53 am
[Kyla & Axel: Station of Awakening]
The big guns were out- she floated- no- flew aloft in the air, easily dodging the first initial onslaught meant to put a hamper of this rekindling. Her pen never moved so fast in her fingers, pages never filled with scores of things to dish out with lightning speed. It was time to stick it to the Darkness where it hurt the most, its pride.
Everyone was back, including a very significant member of their team, and like Joe, she was different. Noelle was cooking up something good and BOY did she not disappoint! But she wasn’t the only one, Kyla felt different too but she couldn’t place how, just- better. Stronger. She felt inspired but for now she knew what to do and it was a solid plan for now.
“Very nice-“ she complimented the greenly mage, “ it’s not the same without you.”
It was time to launch a good fury of her biggest and best whilst Haste was with her-
Firstly, from the epicenter where Kyla hovered for a moment, spiderwebs of light, weaving and branching out in a cosmic tangle of illuminated roots expanded into her noticeable collaborative spell.

“Ooohohohohohh YAAAS!”
Axel was back and blazing bigger and better than anything he could have imagined and he felt- he FELT F**king GREAT! Light pumped through him like the missing piece that should force life through his veins. His vacant coil filled to the brim, fueling excitement, a total gung-ho ready to rip this thing a new mug to speak with! And it seemed the book-mage was serving up something he could work with.

“ Oi! First dibs!” he called and chucked both of his chakrams at the tree- they sliced into a junction and exploded a masisve firey red branch with tendrils of sunlight and flames.
“Oh- this is gonna be good… HERE have another!" he summoned a new chakrma ot his hand and with a swipe of it, he cast Firage at another branch and whistled as the fireworks were set up ready to fly and burn!

Now with Unitas BACK for more, and Kyla was firing it up as well with her second spell. she smiled as the Dancing Flames already took liberties.
Leaping on air back a good distance- like n archer taking aim, the artist was suddenly a starburst! Flashes from her being harold a massive large bird- (Birn Strike lvl 2) which flew to its epicenter, the trunk of the tree! It smashed into it in a collision of light, dissipating feathers and giving the spell more for it’s life blood.
…”…this is for twisting my work….against my friends.”

It looked like a massive white tree with wings, and it beckoned any and all participants to give it what they liked to give the foul face a ‘right slap’ across its ugly mug. Possibly with luck enough to dislodge its bloody jaw!

Kyla: unitas (+ Birn strike lvl2)
Axel : ( Enflamed Chakrams + Firaga) ]  


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