[Joseph: Louis' Heart: At the Root]

There it was. A giant...something. Honestly Joseph was at what he was hoping was the end of a long day, so he wasn't sure if this thing was familiar or not. But that didn't matter. He was brimming with POWER.

The water suddenly came from nowhere. Suddenly appearing, twisting and turning and flowing towards the creature. it spun and spiraled, creating a whirlpool around it, with the creature in the center of the vortex.

Joseph dove into the water, disappearing even though it was thinner than him. He appeared suddenly, flying out of the water and slicing at the creature before diving back in. He did it numerous times, then appeared one final time, going straight up into the air, high, high above the whirlpool.

The water started drawing itself into the center, forming a sphere of water around the enemy, then Joseph dove down, his axes flashing before they sliced into the sphere with great speed.

Joseph landed on the ground with a great force, and as he stood, the sphere bisected, each half slowly sliding apart vertically before Joe flicked the water off of his axes.

Then the sphere exploded with great force, water splashing everywhere.