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Kingdom Hearts: Beyond the Door (1st KH RP GGN)

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Originally known as Kingdom Hearts : First Generation, we pride ourselves in our literate KH roleplays & community. 

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 1:52 am
[Kyla: Narnia> Train> Asura's Cabin stall]
Cue: Loss- setsuna

As Dawn would make her way down to the chocobo stall she'd hear a voice getting steadily louder the closer she got.
Upon entering the actualy car- she might recognize Kyla's voice coming from the stall of the weathered looking Chocobo.

"It seems every time we meet, I'm tnot my best. You look like you get it-"
The artist reached out and stroked the birds beak. It seemed quite receptive, making small little nibbling gestures with his tip along her hair- as if preening her like one of his feathers.

"...would you believe I made a real a** of myself. Screaming like a babe when I thought you and the others died...?"
The bird chocked it's head to one side, listening, if other birds were rattled, ' the General' was very chill, it spoke to his age and experiance. Sure maybe he twitched a little, his wings shifted a bit, but on the most part he seemed content to look at the human across from him as she spoke.

"...I could see it- you know? the cabin filling wityh water- sinking into the dark... the feeling of water pressure, so tight its white hot... and then dying, painfully.. in terror. It made me wonder fi thats what it was like- for my family. Was that how ot felt for them.. it brought it all back to me. I wasn't ready ' General'...and I must've looked rediculous and foolish and stupid. "

The massive head of the head moved again, making another preeening gesture to the girls head. It reminded her of a dog, likcing her hand-


"..heh... We lost two of our today. Louis and now they got Rae. Again. It's terring Noelle up no doubt...and Joe... they were so close I can tell. Kyle's upset too... everyone is to some varying degree."

"..what was it like for you? I wonder. When your rider died. Did you stay with them? Did you give them company? Do you miss them- think about them?" she continued to pet the creatures head- finger tracing through the golden feathers that frayed and dulled in color at the edges. Grey slowly spreding as time crept ever onwards into the creatures lifespan.
"....I'm surprised you're here honestly. Normally- battle mount get retired after a certain time-" he looked at her funny- " n-not to dock your age, no. I mean- ...you've seen enough haven't you?"

"- maybe he feels he's still needed?" Came another voice. Higher, smaller, a bit upbeat- or drastically so in comparison ot the human's. Most likely Carbuncle if they remember how it's voice sounded.

"..thats possible."

"-well, I don't think he's embarssed of you." the summon argued stubbornly.

"..we'll be moving soon. I can feel the potion wearign off. you think I'll drop like Joe did?"

" Hopefully you find a bed before then- it's been 38- ish hours... " the creature was nestled by her lap, Kyla was after all situated on the ground in the hay bale- Asura settled in a resting position adjacent to her. The summon crawled up onto the birds back since it was so close and used the elevation to get a good look at their human partner. "-yeeeeah some beauty rest might be in order."

That for ocne conjured a wry smile from the artist. Miraculously. "- maybe later... there's something I might need to ask of the wizards. But I'm too scared to ask.. it could be bad news." she finally stopped stroking the creature head- and instad shifted to sit right against the massive's birds side- and re-summoned her book. It was hard to think she ever dismissed it. It was... comforting.. and as she cracked open it's spin the artist again rehashed her records- tkaing out the quil and began putting the final touches on what she could recall from the moment this nightmare began. "...look at this mess. What a nightmare. I'm trying to reinforce what happened in the final moments though- it seems the wizard would like to know as well. All I can do is try and isolate the memory of what I saw for them. that might help."
PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:25 pm
[John .: Jadis' Castle --> Train]

John dozed... like an idiot.

Upon reaching the castle, and realizing everything was right as rain, John found a corner away from all the action, and began to nap. He dreamed of home, of pretty colors, and of fun events. He began to fly across a great expanse, the wind flowing through his-

Why are you sleeping...

...The wind flowing through his hair! Bouncy, bountiful clouds tossing themselves to and fro before his own eyes! The ground far far beneath him cracking like an earthquake...? Starting to rumble and-


John snapped awake. He dashed up the stairs and dove through the open door plowing through any poor soul that happened to be in his path. As he lay on the ground he breathed in deep, heavy, long breaths.

"I'm here!" he gasped, as he lay face down on the ground.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 6:51 pm
[Dawn : Train : Stable Car]

Dawn stopped for a few seconds as she heard the talking from within the stables. She hadn't thought anyone would already of been here. Slowly, she sneaked inside, being careful not to disturb Kyla with her chocobo and summon. Though the dancer quietly listened to the conversation.

She stopped in front of Sky's stall and watched Kyla silently for awhile longer then looked one of the empty stalls. The one with the name plate "Jessie". Something inside Dawn broke.

"Louis' chocobo..." she said in a soft voice as her vision started to blur with the memories of her first night with the group came to her in a rush. How he so kindly treated the birds. How they seemed to trusted him in return.

'Garuda. why did it have to be this way? Even covered in a lie. He was still a good person. He was one of us. It isn't fair,' she asked to her summon trying to to get some sort of reassurance from someone.


Dawn started to shake as fought to hold back her sob that was in her throat. Louis was gone. Rae was lost. She felt empty inside, like something else inside her was missing.


Sky had came to the door of his stall and touched his beak gently to Dawn's tear streaked cheek, in a comforting gesture. She leaned her face against her chocobo in response with her hand pressed against her mouth to muffle her sobs.  
PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 7:25 pm
{Bobbi .:. Narnia .:. Jadis' Castle >> Bobbi, Demyx, Zell, Nanaki, Yuffie Narnia .:. Outside/In/Around the Train}

Bobbi had made it outside the castle, wobbly legs be damned, when Joe's message came over the charms. It hit her like a blow to the gut, so painful, so stunning that she didn't even notice her knees giving out until they impacted the ground.

"Wait—" she said, the words barely more than a murmur. Her mind reeled; this couldn't be happening. It can't be happening. They'd just finished fighting. She'd just said goodbye to Louis. And in all that mess, they'd finally gotten Rae's heart back! How, how could she have been snatched away when they were just on the verge of bringing her back?

I'm not ready to say goodbye again—


She had heard the yelling, of course. How couldn't she? Fueled as it was by such intense rage, and pain, she felt Kyle's reaction, even from here. The explosion now was no surprise to her, not with Joe's message on its heels, but it took her a moment to register that she wasn't the only one affected by this news. She had to hold herself together, for everyone else's sakes, at least. They didn't need her going nuclear as well, much as she wanted to. Screaming and exploding things would be very cathartic right now, but no, that would serve no purpose. Hard on that nebulous thought came James' advising that Joseph had fainted, and Bobbi swore, turned to assist...

And found herself leaning against the outer wall, catching her breath. Too much, all at once, it was starting to overwhelm her, and she could feel a panic attack coming on. She closed her eyes, blocking one stimulus, and focused on her breathing. Deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Two fingers on the pulse point in her neck, monitoring her heart rate as best she could. When Kyle gave warning that he was going to warp everyone else—or whatever he was doing—Bobbi forced herself to move along with him. Once by the train, she moved closer to it and leaned against the massive metal hulk with a thump, checked her pulse again. Slower now, good.

Dimly, she heard Riku say something about getting on the train, and with great effort she pushed herself away from where she leaned. She looked around, not sure where exactly the door was since she had been paying more attention to where her feet were going, and spotted Noelle, Jenny, Dani, and Kyle around Aslan. Poor Noelle, Bobbi could feel her heartache like it was her own. She longed to go over, to offer the blonde some form of comfort, but at the same time she didn't dare. She had to get herself strong enough to shoulder another's burden before she could even get close. Too close, and Bobbi would break down with her. She was on the verge of it now.

She felt a bump at her hip, and looked down, only to see Nanaki staring up at her.

"Do you need assistance?" the lion-like creature asked. Bobbi looked around, and realized that everyone else seemed to be moving under their own power just fine. She bit her lips in thought, trying to take stock of her personal reserves. The conclusion she came to could have been much worse.

"I think I'll be okay," she said as she headed towards the train door. "Eventually."

Demyx figured he'd waited long enough after that weird explosion to poke his head out of the train. He'd been in the dining car when Kyle had deposited Joe, and watched as a couple of the girls passed through. Uncharacteristically, he didn't say a thing to either of them. Even he could tell, just by the looks on their faces, that they needed to be alone. And even he understood at least some of the significance of the communications that had been happening over the charms.

As such, as the Melodious Nocturne headed towards the open door, when John came hurtling through said open door, only to land sprawled on the floor and not get up, Demyx was mildly inconvenienced. This didn't stop the Nobody from poking the Earth man with the toe of his boot.

"Hey, you're blocking traffic."

Zell was busy in the engine car, making sure everything was good for their imminent departure. So far nothing appeared to have been damaged, sabotaged, or Captain Jack Sparrowed (which was Zell's personal phrase for what certain Earthlings would refer to as "******** beyond recognition," and had been so ever since said pirate captain screwed everything up).

It wasn't that he was ignoring or hiding from everyone else. No, he was giving people space to grieve, to breathe, to have their own reactions to the huge hullabaloo they had just been through. Zell was dealing with it in his own way, as evidenced by the six hotdogs within arm's reach.

Nanaki watched Bobbi board the train, and turned to see if any of the other Earth children might have needed assistance. He knew Aslan could take easy care of the group around him, but the others... Well, they had been through a lot. More than any could, or even should, be expected to handle. How so few of them had broken under such stress was beyond him.

Yuffie could be found in the Lounge Car, huddling in one of the booths a few rows down from Joseph. She'd covered him with a blanket and tucked a pillow behind his head so he could at least be comfortable in his unconscious state. She had no idea what to say to anyone, and so kept to herself as people passed through. Sure, there was a lot she could have said. There was a lot she could have done, too! But given everything everyone had just been through, it didn't seem, well, right to act like her usual boisterous self.  

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 9:02 pm
[ Kyle : Narnia : Outside the Train ]

Kyle gingerly took her hand and helped her up to the Lounge Car (making sure to keep out of John's way with some time magic if necessary), and began to make his way to one of the more isolated booths. He stopped along the aisle to see if she wanted to be alone in her sleeping room instead, but she declined, taking the booth seat. He paused for a second, trying to decide where to sit, before finally sliding in next to her to put an arm around her shoulders.

"It's not your fault," he said. His mind went to a memory from the day before, a memory of a deal regarding traded hair. "No one could have expected it."
PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 9:43 pm
[Noelle : Narnia : Outside the Train --> Lounge Car]

Noelle stood on wobbly legs and clung to Kyle for support as he guided her to the lounge car. She declined to go rest in her room because, though she was exhausted, she didn't want to be alone. After she sat down she pulled her bare feet up onto the seat and sat with her knees close to her chest. There was, somehow, already an embroidered handkerchief on the low tea table in front of her which she took. Funny magic train always seemed to know. When Kyle put his arm over her shoulders she leaned into him tiredly. She didn't respond to him at first, only hiccuping and wiping her tears with the kerchief that never seemed to dampen.

"I kn-know it's n-not." She responded eventually, trying to breathe and calm the hiccups staggering her speech, "Bu-ut . . . I was there, and she was right the-ere and . . . it wasn't e-enough . . . I just keep thinki-ing what if."

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