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Kingdom Hearts: Beyond the Door (1st KH RP GGN)

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Originally known as Kingdom Hearts : First Generation, we pride ourselves in our literate KH roleplays & community. 

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Gentleman Knives

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 27, 2015 8:09 pm
Joe : Narnia : Negator Hall

Joe had made it down to the chamber just in time to hear Kyle and Fearless Leader arguing about what to do with the Negator. It was an argument that Fearless was winning, by the sound of it.

"If you're sure, go for it."
Joe said to the monk "The costs outweigh the benefits at this point. Most of us might want to back off though, just in case."

Turning his attention to the dejected-looking Kyle, Joe was now convinced that something was wrong. The dragoon had been completely stoic up until now, but all the emotion that came pouring out of that scream indicated that the man was anything but calm.

Since no one else was doing it, Joe figured he might as well be the one to check up on the guy.

"Kyle, are you holding up alright?"
PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2015 11:55 pm
[ Mathy ; Jenny ; Sayrike ; Anthony ; John ; Josh ; Melisandre : Narnia : Negator Room ]

Many of the others had no issues about trashing the Negator. John and Anthony seemed more than eager to do the honors themselves, and even Melisandre was eying the hovering machine with a predator's glare. Jenny was more apprehensive, looking between all the parties while biting her lip.

Kyle's outburst and Joe's vocalized concern did draw the attention of some, such as Josh, Matthew, Sayrike, and the sorceress. Sayrike was silent, but seemed at least aware of the situation, her masked gaze remaining in Kyle's direction. Melisandre's glare softened as she looked at the human, becoming more analytical, a brow raising in query. Matthew turned, and though he was also masked, an obvious wave of concern washing over him as he approached the dragoon, eager to offer support should he respond.

Josh's expression seemed hesitant, watching his brother with a look some might have identified as expecting. It looked like he wanted to say something, but wouldn't do so for one reason or another.  

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 1:09 am
{James : Narnia : Negator Room}

Upon speaking the answer to the riddle aloud and from it they were led to the White Witch's statue and a hidden interface which then opened to reveal a secret stairwell that led down. The corsair made sure he was in the center of the group, having not had time to get a weapon from someone or by himself he didn't want to be caught on the outside, exposed. They continued down until they burst through a door where none other than the source of their powerlessness resided, the negator. The corsair had hoped he would never seen one again, this marked the third time that he had lost connection to his summon and in essence a part of himself.

He remained silent as Joe moved to destroy it, he wanted it gone. Smashed into oblivion to never be seen again. He thought that the feeling was all around mutual until Kyle bellowed for him to wait. The dragoon's logic was sound, and so to was the monk's counter leaving Kyle to concede. As Joe prepared to destroy the negator, the corsair, much like the other Joe and a few others focused on Kyle. Something was clearly not right with the dragoon, and it went beyond fatigue. He didn't want to pry though, warily the corsair backed away from the machine in case something might happen when it was destroyed.

'Just get it over with already. We'll deal with whatever comes next then.'  
PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 3:49 pm
[Amy : Narnia : Negator Room]

"Alright," Amy said to Joe, still uncertain. "Go for it, then."

She backed away as some of the others were doing, and turned to check on the entrance to the room. She felt like a giant bolder was gonna roll down the stairs, or spikes were gonna fall from the roof, or something Indiana Jones like.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 3:59 pm
[Joe: Narnia: Negator Room]

The male nodded, though he took a moment to be...somewhat concerned over Kyle. He definitely saw something, there, while staring right at the guy. But...he had a more pressing matter to take care of. And it should be a quick matter.

Joe turned to the negator, mace gripped tightly in his hands. He raised it, and swung it down, all his strength swinging the weapon into the machine. And if that didn't stop it? He'd swing again and again and again until it stopped working, until they had their abilities back.

Until they had their fighting chance..  
PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 6:00 pm
[[Narration - Golden Slaughterer]]

Reality- is that all will die.

Life -is such a fragile thing...

As the hammer fell and collided with the metal that should not have existed, it spat forth sparks and with a resounding boom it collided with the floor for a second crash. The negator sputtered for but a moment as though struggling to survive, before exploding. Fortunately, their magic had returned that very moment, protecting them from the mundane damage through the use of their dress spheres.

However, all was not right with the world.

Static shot through the air like rips in vision. Blurs and distortions ran through the walls and pulled apart bricks revealing pitch black abyss beyond. The small square room constricted and expanded, dimensions seeming to collapse in on themselves before something pulled it back together with a wining, screeching, scraping halt. The world grew still yet... flickered occasionally like a faulty connection.

Those within could feel a deep sense of Déjà vu, a minor headache, memories tickling the backs of their minds like spiders running up their spines. What was it? What could it be they were forgetting?

As these thoughts could plague their minds, footsteps rang down the staircase corridor. Uneven, stumbling, unhealthy steps approached. How long was it they stood their awaiting the figure to reach the doorway? Apprehension atop the rest of their growing confusion reached a climax as a hand reached through the darkened hallway and gripped the frame.

What came through the shadows was not a person, or, not what could be called one under normal circumstances. Certainly it had human shape, but with wisping trails of shadows being its only form besides a single reverse-teardrop shaped mask, pure white and featureless in absence of all but a pair of eyes and golden, jagged streaks like tears of gold running from each eye to the edge of the mask. This figure stumbled into the room amidst the gathering of earthlings. Though it looked at no one in particular, it seemed to make eye contact with everyone, it was staring down, a deathly gaze of black pits chilling to the core.

It was obvious to each of them that this thing standing before them, the featureless shadow, an embodiment of mystery, this was whatever, whoever was responsible for all the nightmarish acts on the floor above. Yet, despite any efforts to strike, maim, or kill this creature... even the most powerful spell at their disposal would all phase through it like the body-less ghost it was, barely tethered to the perception they considered reality.

In a distorted, unrecognizable voice, it breathed in like a hiss resonating with the small enclosed space around them causing it to vibrate, even tremor as though under the weight of a rushing train overhead- cracking of wood, shattering of windows, screeching, screaming, cries for help, a gurgling noise beneath the floor- It spoke with an almost tortured tone with a hint of exasperation begging for answers, "Who... am... I?"  


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PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:17 pm
[ Kyle : Narnia : Negator Hall ]

"Eh," he responded, obviously deflecting. "Long day, long night. I'll be okay."

As the Negator's influence vanished, Kyle, like everyone else, felt his magic potential rush through him, filling the emptiness that had taken its place like water breaking through a dam. Kyle sharply inhaled as the energy circulated his body for the first time in hours, feeling it pouring out of his heart and beyond. His dress sphere quickly shifted back into his hooded, sleeveless coat-robe thing, and he felt normal... somewhat.

Reunited with his power, he looked apprehensive. He cautiously lifted his hands and looked down at them, as if expecting something; for the briefest second, he looked confused.

Then the tightness in his chest suddenly, instantly, painfully reversed, and he felt as if he were coming undone.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

Kyle's head was thrown back, his back forcefully arched and his arms locked in place as magic overwhelmed every circuit on his body. Every visible inch of skin was suddenly illuminated by overloaded magic circuitry, iridescent and blinding, his eyes were burning stars, light was pouring out of his gaping mouth. Being near him was like being too close to a bonfire, an inferno out of control. The colors of his clothing began to both grow simultaneously brighter and darker, bleeding contrast until it looked as if he would soon be nothing but white and black, a crackle of pained groaning escaped his throat--


As quickly as it started, the lightshow ended, and Kyle suddenly passed out, falling to the ground with an anti-climactic thud.

A moment passed, and then another; finally, regardless of whether or not people came to check on him, he began to stir, groaning as he pushed himself up and onto his knees.

Then the strange, shadowy entity appeared before them, his unnatural presence distorting what little was left to be normal. Kyle remained silent, still trying to recompose.
PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 9:36 pm
[Joe: Narnia: Negator Hall]

The monk held up his arms, shielding his eyes when the negator exploded. With it gone, he immediately dropped the mace, hands instinctively grasping for his bo, which appeared instantly in his hands.


He could once again feel the wind fairy buzzing about his head and heart, and Joe wanted to revel in the magic that was coursing through him once more...except Kyle was suddenly a lightbulb, and then suddenly on the ground.


Joe ran towards his friend, not really sure what he should be doing. Was it magical? Did he need more energy? Or would that hurt him more?

It was then he looked up, staring at the 'shadow' in the doorway, as it came into the room. He immediately flung out his hand, sending a wave of wind blades at the thing...which did nothing at it looked around the room.

And Kyle was on his knees...Joe was immediately defensive, standing between Kyle and the shadow thing, his weapon at the ready. With a cry of "Sylph!" he called on his summon, the two fairies appearing with a flash of light and a gentle breeze billowing through the group as they started circling the dragoon, always keeping him in between the two of them, wind flowing around them as a sort of makeshift barrier and possibly keep Kyle safe from...whatever the thing could do.

Not that he knew it would help, considering not even the creature seemed to know what it was.  

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2015 12:07 am
[[ Joe : Narnia : Negator Hall ]]

Joe raised an eyebrow at the dragoon's response. He didn't buy for a second that the man was 'OK', but before he could press him further, their leader had slammed his mace down on the Negator.

He winced at the explosion, raising his blade to cover his head as his dress clothes were singed. As the air settled, he began to feel his magic coursing through him again. The whispers of other peoples mana, the shifts in gravity around him, the feeling of control at his fingertips. It was liberating.

Discarding the longsword he reached out for his weapon, his Cosmic Fugue, and out of nothing it appeared. As he flourished the blade in his hand again, he barely noticed as his ruined dress clothes morphed back into his battle garb.

'Man, I missed this.'
he thought 'The feel of the blade, the magic coursing through me...'

'FINALLY, MY WORDS HAVE REACHED YOU, MEATBAG! Although your mind has been overcome for too long by this pitiful example of mortal technology, know that I, Atomos, am now free to guide you once more!'

'...And then there's you. Hello Atomos, how have you been?'

'IGNORED, you milquetoast oaf! And now that my words are free from the confines of the void, I shall shine as brilliantly as your dragoon!'

Joe wondered briefly what his summon was babbling about before he caught it. Hell with his abilities, he felt it. Kyle was overflowing with magical energy like someone had poured kerosine on an open flame.

Compounding things was the ever-present feeling that something was wrong going into overdrive. Where Joe had once merely thought that his memories were being messed with he now knew that they were. Before he could press that train of thought, however, the creature came out of the shadows.

Joe instantly moved to point his sword directly at the thing, whatever it was, and lower himself into a combat stance, ready to engage at a moments notice.

'Ah, a creature from the beyond, barely tethered to the physical plain. If it wasn't likely to kill us, I'd admire it's beauty.'

Joe wasn't even paying attention to Atomos' rather disturbing admiration for a likely spree killer, as the thing was babbling to them about amnesia in an inhuman tone.

Slowly inching towards the creature and beginning to charge a spell to pin it in place if worst came to worst, Joe responded to the creature's question.

"I know who you're not: a fool. You are going to do the smart thing and have a nice, nonviolent conversation with us about what you do remember."
PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2015 1:08 am
[Nicholas <> Narnia <> Negator Room]

The Ivalician had remained quiet throughout this little adventure, lost in thoughts of his own. None of this had made any sense, the riddle being a rather strange twist to this murder puzzle. Now add the Negator in the basement hideaway, and the young man seemed lost and disappointed with the turn of events. As the Negator was smashed, the Host of Chaos expected the Esper's rage to flood into his mind.

Mana flowed through, but his summon remained silent.

Nicholas closed his eyes and tried to focus in on his summon. There was nothing but darkness in his view, no words, no colors, no sights. The only thing Nicholas could hear was a very faint sound of piano music, starting from the beginning as soon as the 'song' would end. He blinked, coming out of his apparent stupor in shock.

Chaos was sealed? But when could he have done it? And for what purpose? Did the other Earthlings help him? He looked around, ready to ask the blonde agromancer for help, but she was nowhere to be seen. Turning towards the Dragoon and the eternally angry monk, he opened his mouth to ask.

Alas, interruptions of the dark entity variety always seemed to show up whenever the swordsman needed exposition. He faced the gurgling shade, Garland's sword drawn into a battle stance in its default form.


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PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2015 9:56 am
[Amy : Narnia : Negator Room]

Amy was near the door when Kyle's magic overwhelmed him. At least, she assumed it was his magic. It happened at the same time the negator was destroyed, so it had to be because of that. She hesitated to cast any curative magic on him; if magic had overwhelmed him, maybe it wasn't the best to throw more on top of it at the moment.

There was someone coming down the stairs. Amy immediately relocated. The feeling of wrongness was all around her. She didn't know how to describe it, but the thing that came through the door seemed a pretty good manifestation of what-in-the-world. Something was missing or distorted. This creature looked to be distorted itself, almost fading. Hard to pinpoint, but there.

Joe attacked it. That didn't seem to work. She wondered if any defense against it would work, either. Joseph was trying to reason with it. The question itself, though... who am I?

"Are you Steven?" she said. Steven the Villain? There was no doubt he was the one who had attacked their loved ones. Zee was close beside her, but she positioned herself a little in front of him, to defend him more easily. But something was off about Zee, too...
PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2015 3:35 pm
{James : Narnia : Negator Room}

When Joe smashed the negator James felt it immediately. His body even shook slightly as his magic was restored. The last time they had experienced a negator he had been out of his mind when it's effects were removed so he didn't remember the sensation. The power coursed through his veins, returning energy to the deprived networks both regular and lunar. The corsair's focus turned to Kyle briefly as it seemed the return of his magic did not agree with him at all and he collapsed.

'Fenrir!' The corsair called out mentally, glad to once again feel the nudge against his heart by none other than his wolf summon. 'I hope that is the last we lose contact.'

'As do I, that makes the third time. I grow very tired of it... On your guard!'

James snapped to attention hexagun immediately called to his right hand and aimed at the doorway as the shadow creature stood there. A strange figment, the likes of which the corsair had not seen before screeching and wailing and begging the same question. 'Who am I?' This was the monster that had taken their loved one's hearts and as Joe proved with his attack, it seemed it could not be hit. The corsair had let his guard down once around a dark entity and had paid for it dearly. He wouldn't make that mistake again, he listened as the other Joe and Amy tried to reason with it. Something seemed off about the creature, like it was barely tethered to reality... a lot of things were starting to feel that way.

'Fen do you know what's going on?'

'Everything about this is a lie, Don't trust any of it. Beyond that I'm not sure,' The lunar wolf replied.  

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