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Kingdom Hearts: Beyond the Door (1st KH RP GGN)

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PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2015 12:29 pm
[[L.i.B, Daniel, Noelle, Amanda, Fredric, Benjamin, ???, ??? : Narnia : Northeast Wing]]

Standing by the exit to the Cathedral, the woman in blue stood, staring, dumbfounded, in shock, her lower lip trembling as her eyes watered up. 'What's going on?!' 'How could this happen?' 'This is wrong,' were all words readable through her speechless expression.

It wasn't until Joe began barking orders that she snapped back timidly, still stumbling over her words as she attempted to acknowledge him in a presentable manner. No, these things didn't come easily. They didn't come with the grace she'd presented up until now. Her mind ran in twenty directions at once, the party, the guests, the king, the negator, the heartless. Oh god the heartless were here. How were they here- and they... they'd stolen the hearts of their honored guests... no, they'd stolen the hearts of guests meant to surprise and bring joy through their reunion. An act meant to mark the precedent leading into the new rule. Their king needed to know. But first-

"Ah- g-guards," she shouted back to a few that had already gathered by the entrance in addition to Fredric and Amanda who stood there along-side two others, a tall blonde wearing a ceremonial tunic trimmed with gold and gauntlets laced with floral patterns in the same yellow hue, and a massive, rustic-looking man who wore a fur lined shirt, 'fancy' in tailoring, but hardly befitting a ball seeing the arms had been cut clean off to make room for his cannon-ball sized shoulders. They had been there for long enough to have overheard most of the progression. The woman in blue made eye contact with them, "They're right. I'm not sure how, but there's always the chance this isn't the work of the heartless. Make sure all the entrances are still sealed and no one can leave. If someone is somehow responsible for this, I don't want them to be able to leave unless we know about it. And if by some chance someone managed to get in despite this blizzard, they couldn't have gotten in without leaving a trace of their break in."

The 4 of them nodded along side a set of guards in full plate and immediately set off to the other wings of the castle, except one, Fredric, who stayed in place holding the shoulder of the small boy who poked his head around the corner of the door-frame followed immediately by Daniel who stopped dead in his tracks, his face going pale instantly.

Noelle, finally began to give up, her trembling fingers rising up to her face as she clutched her bangs and attempted to fight back the tears. Her voice a whisper as it escaped her throat.

"Please," the woman in blue motioned to Joe and Joe to pass, should wouldn't get in their way. She seemed to be calming, slowly. She needed to remain composed. She searched for the right words, she knew how it looked, Bobbi's eyes were clear as day. She couldn't make this better, the negator was a mistake, that much was certain from the moment of that debacle in the grand hall, but now this- this was a nightmare. Nothing worse could have occurred on this night. This was as bad as it gets.


[[Meanwhile in the Northwest Wing]]

In the service wing, Melisandre and Nick dashed through the long hallway lined with bars before they came to the cell filled with weapons. Her kick slammed against the main frame, denting it in, not enough to break, but enough to shift it quite a lot. Once more. A sound like gunfire, the clang of metal clattering across the stone floor.

The gate was open, the weapons free to the intruders. The servants watched in shock. What happened? What's going on? What was that scream? Why are they breaking into the weapon cell? Are we being attacked? Are we in danger? Questions whispered back and forth between the servants quickly in sharp, hushed voices as they looked around to each other. Finally one, an older gentleman that looked to be high up among the servants spoke about moving everyone to the servants quarters farthest back. It was safest there and they'd be out of the way. They could come when called upon, but just in case...

The crowd of servants retreated quickly, vanishing to the back of the wing, to a room separated off from the rest of the service wing.


[[Meanwhile in the Southeast Wing]]

Fiona looked startled when the boys ran across her in the middle of the gardens. She stared at them sharply as her head whipped arond to the sound of footsteps, a small smile of relief, the scream wasn't from one of them... then again, perhaps it was foolish from the get go to assume it was even possible to originate from one of these two young men considering the pitch. Then again, who knew what range Kyle or Josh had in their vocal chords.

She took a deep breath, the presence of another calming her greatly, "Are you boy's alright?" after a quick look over, she knew they were fine, "Let's go find out what that noise was all about, shall we?"  
PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2015 12:49 pm
[ Melisandre : Narnia : Grand Hall ]


When the door caved after the second kick, she turned to grin at Nicholas--only to notice the servants whispering amongst themselves in the distance before beginning to run off. She groaned--and not simply because her foot was now immensely sore.

"Excuse me!" she yelled down the once-dungeon's hall, hoping it would catch someone, maybe even as an echo. "There's been a catastrophe in the chapel! Someone go tell the Earthlings Joe and, uh... ah, hell, uh... Bobbi! to meet us, Melisandre and Nicholas, here!"

Hoping someone did so, she stepped into the weapon's cell, placing more weight on her left foot rather than her right, and looked around. There were plenty of weapons here (swords, glaives, bows, arrows, and maces, to name a few), and without hesitation she grabbed two swords, tying their sheathes across her back.

"Grab your weapon, but until they arrive, we hold our position," she told Nicholas, standing on one leg to give the other rest. "We cannot risk these falling into the wrong hands."  

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PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2015 7:50 pm
[ Kyle : Narnia : Atrium --> Cathedral ]

"After you, ma'am," Kyle said, giving a wide, courteous smiling as he motioned toward the double doors.


As they exited the Southeast Wing, it became fairly obvious from the crowd that the scream had come from directly north of them, in the Northeast Wing. During their approach, Kyle heard plenty of shouting, and witnessed Joe leading also-Joe and Bobbi across to the exact opposite wing, in the Southwest. He didn't bother to get their attention, either, instead slithering through the crowd with relative ease until he arrived inside the Cathedral.
I feared as much.
Kyle whistled.

"Holy s**t," Josh whispered, looking distinctly more horrified.

Many of the others were still gathered, trying to cope; even the Hostess stood by, having given the guards some commands just moments before Kyle, Josh, and Fiona had arrived.

The dragoon walked down the aisle of pews quietly, hands clasped behind his back as he stared at the scene. Their hearts were gone, to be sure--Fiona would probably ascertain that in just a moment, anyhow. He looked at them, stared from one to the next, before turning his gaze instead above--to the single candle that remained to light the once-sanctified room.

Suddenly, Kyle turned to some of the other Earthlings with a curious expression.

"At what point did they come in here?" he asked, raising a brow.

"Shortly before that little show a few minutes ago," Jenny responded, kneeling quietly beside her mother, simply holding her hand, never actually looking away. "They said they had a surprise..."

"And who discovered them?" he started, his arms still behind his back.

"Noelle," Anthony answered, his fists simply shaking as he stood near his own brother.
You suspect what I know.
So that was her scream...

"Was anyone seen leaving before Noelle walked in?" he asked, looking around. None of the present Earthlings seemed to have an answer, but the question was open-ended--he gazed at all present, including the hostess and whatever guests had happened to remain in to watch the spectacle.
PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2015 8:53 pm
[Dawn : Narnia : Cathedral]

Dawn watched Bobbi walk off after Joe and Little Joe. She remained watching the group holding Krystal tightly in her arms. The little girl squirmed a little, but with the scene before her, the dancer felt better having the girl close better for her sanity.

She soon looked over at Kyle who was asking questions. Dawn shook her head, unable to offer anymore helpful information on the situation.

"Krystal," Dawn looked to her niece, "Do you know of this 'surprise' was planned?" the young girl only shook her head at the question.

Dawn let out a soft sigh at the expected answer, but it was worth a try.


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PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2015 9:12 pm
[[LiB, Daniel : Narnia : Northeast Wing]]

[[Cue: Discolor from Umineko]]

"No, Sir," the lady in blue stated plainly, "The door was locked from the inside before I unlocked it only moments ago for Miss Bobbi and Sir Daniel."

Hearing his name snapped the Turk out of his fragile state of staring across the cathedral at the body laying face down in the corner, "Uh... y-yeah. She's..." his eyes locked on the body again as he stumbled over his words, "She's right. I tried to open the door and it wouldn't budge until she opened it with the master key."

"-and the doors can only be locked from the inside. If anyone left the cathedral, they'd never have been able to re-lock the doors from the outside." The lady in blue ended that with a glance down and to the side, thinking deeply about something that seemed to be troubling her... by the look on her face, something besides the bodies and current tragedy.

Meanwhile, Daniel drifted back into his own mind. Slowly moving his eyes up to the ceiling, the angels seemingly hovering there, that lone candle fluttering giving that soft, gentle glow on the floor below. This shouldn't have happened. They'd just gotten their loved ones back, they'd been happy. For a what felt like a fraction of a second, there was a hope things would be better again.

These angels, guardians of heaven who flew on high, meant to be paragons of truth, justice, and happiness were now hollow statues to the young man who could feel nothing but a dull pain aching in his chest as he felt the sting of tears fighting savagely to escape despite his best efforts. These angels, were not messengers of good, but indifferent observers who were just as guilty as whoever or whatever committed this act. He hated them. For a fraction of a second, he might have seen them falling from the roof, bindings holding them afloat breaking free letting them fall to the floor and shatter into rubble crushing everything and everyone beneath... but this was just a daydream. Wishful thinking to satiate his desire for revenge on everything in this place and what it now stood for to him.

He blinked, returning himself to the unsatisfying reality, staring blankly, like death, at Kyle who seemed unfazed by it at all.  
PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2015 10:42 pm
[ Kyle : Narnia : Northeast Wing ~ Cathedral ]

Kyle remained silent for a few moments after the hostess' and Daniel's answers, looking at each as they spoke before keeping his eyes on her. His gaze was unblinking, but unlike most of the other Earthlings so far, his expression was far from cold or venomous; on the other hand, it wasn't exactly 'warm' or 'friendly', either. He looked at her as one might have looked at a gap to cross or a lock to pick--a Rubik's Cube, or a rare, not-yet-understood curiosity. Daniel's look seemed to go unnoticed.
A spider needs no key to flit unhindered along its web.
"Who was made an exception to the Negator?" Kyle finally asked, breaking his steely silence.  

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PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2015 7:49 pm
[[LiB, Noelle : Narnia : Northeast Wing]]

[[Cue: Discolor from Umineko]]

"No one," the lady in blue replied, her tone level, eyes serious as she shook her head, "No one was made an exception."

"You're lying," came a whisper from Noelle, "You're lying. Someone had to be made an exception..."

"No, I assure you, the Albed made sure of it. It was considered the best course of action since you yourselves were-"

"You're a liar!"

"Lady Noelle, please I'm no-"

"You're hiding something! You and your king, you're definitely lying. This is your fault! You killed them! You did this to them!" Noelle stomped her foot and glared at the woman, eyes threatening and aflame with red rings from her tears, her hair shook into a frenzy as she clenched her fists till her nails nearly burrowed bleeding holds in her palms while she choked down heated sobs, "This is all your fault."

The woman was one more at a loss for words, she didn't know what she could say to help Noelle calm down but anyone could see by the look in her eyes reflecting Noelle's furious features that the lady in blue was desperate to please Noelle and calm her from her rage.  
PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2015 8:15 pm
Joe : Narnia : Grand Cathedral > Outside the Cathedral

"None of this makes any sense."
Joe whispered to the leader as they walked out of the cathedral. His shock had given way to anger, a very skeptical kind of anger. And that anger had led him to start thinking about things.

"You said there might be a heartless infestation. I don't think it's that simple."
He continued, turning his head towards the wind monk "There was absolutely no sign of a struggle, no marks, nothing out of order at all. It looked exactly like a body without a heart is supposed to look like. We've been at this for a week, we know the reality is far messier."

He paused and stopped a bit away from the cathedral.

"This is far enough. I don't want to get that far away from all of this."


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PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2015 8:34 pm
[Joe: Narnia: Outside Cathedral]

Joe grunted, nodding with the information. And of course blinking as he realized that other Joe made a lot of sense with the last thing he said. Figures the leader wasn't thinking things all the way through, considering his speed when running and the distance to the other side of the castle.

He turned toward mage slayer Joe, noticing Bobbi was joining the little pow-wow as well. Interesting.

"Oh, I know it's not that...well not purely. I saw the eyes, so they're there, but they don't...they were more like roaches than heartless. And the body never stays without the heart unless something is happening with the heart, and the heartless don't...do that."

He chewed on the inside of his cheek for a split second before adding on a few more thoughts. "It doesn't make that much sense, though. Why even do it? And why here and now?"

He looked to Bobbi then. "You have any info or thoughts?"  
PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2015 8:49 pm
{Bobbi .:. Narnia .:. Outside Cathedral}

"This is a trap," the archer said, bluntly, crossing her arms across her chest, legs braced in an aggressive, aggravated stance. As she continued, she ticked off her points on her fingers by holding them up, starting with her thumb and working her way around. "Think about it, the whole thing is off. First they hide the fact that they have our families, and keep them away from Disney Castle, what is probably the safest place in the world conglomerate at the moment. Then there’s the negator, which is deliberately dampening our powers and abilities all on the trumped-up 'excuse' of protecting us, despite the fact that we’ve proven time and time again that we’re fully capable of protecting ourselves and anyone else over the past week. On top of that, the Cathedral and the residential wing were locked until Daniel and I tried to get through. The hostess lady whose name I totally missed claims the locked doors must have been an accident, because they can only be locked from the other side, but I highly doubt that's the case. Honestly, any conspiracy going on, I don’t think she’s in on; she's seemed genuinely contrite and courteous every time I've interacted with her. What you said—" a nod to Leader!Joe "—about the bodies not disappearing tells me that there is definitely a higher power than mere Shadows at play here. This entire party was an excuse to round us up—us, who have proven ourselves as some of the most powerful, active heroes aside from Sora and Riku, and unknown elements for the most part besides—and eliminate us. That’s the only conclusion I can come to."  

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PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2015 2:56 am
[ Kyle : Narnia : Northeast Wing ~ Cathedral ]

Kyle's brow twitched upward, if only momentarily, at the hostess' response about the exceptions, or lackthereof. However, Noelle's immediate outburst drew his gaze away, and for the briefest of moments, a flicker of concern flashed behind his eyes as he looked at her vivid form. Though he was quiet, he walked up behind the blonde and placed a gentle, reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"We'll get to the bottom of this," he said, squeezing her shoulder to provide some small measure of comfort. "Fiona here is a nurse of sorts, see if you can work with her."
As if that would help.
After hopefully calming her down, he turned his gaze back to the Lady in Blue, his deconstructive stare returning just as strongly as before. Only a moment after talking to Noelle, he started walking down the aisle of pews toward the hostess. It was a calm, docile gait, but it was still clear that he was approaching her.

"In that case, who else has a master key?" he asked, lips pursed somewhat in contemplation after he did so.
PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2015 12:43 pm
[Dawn : Northeast Wing : Cathedral]

Dawn's expression softened watching Noelle's outburst. She placed Krystal down on the floor near her with her hand on the child's head. The dancer then eyed the Lady in Blue. Part of her wanted to feel sorry for the woman. The other part was upset that she, who appeared to be in charge, seemed to know nothing of what was going on.

"Does anyone know where the Negator is, besides the Al Bed?" Dawn said in a soft voice, "Or have any sort of access to it?"


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PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2015 6:31 pm
[[LiB, Noelle, Daniel, Fiona: Narnia : Northeast Wing]]

The lady in blue opened her mouth to answer Kyle, but Dawn's question cut in. She decided to answer her question first, since it, of all things, seemed to be the hottest topic of resentment, "The negator is hidden, only the king knows where it is. This was considered the best course of action since in case we had anyone within our ranks that was not as loyal as we would all hope, they would not even have the ability to lay a hand on it. Only the chosen of Aslan knows its location."

She sighed, this was a disaster. She needed to go to the king, but she couldn't leave the guests unattended in this dire situation.

"To answer your question, there are two master keys. One, is here in my possession," she held out the gold-laced key for all to see, "The other, is with the king-to-be in the residency wing."

Noelle gripped her shoulders, she wasn't going to tolerate this woman any longer. Aslan may have been lion Jesus and his word carried a great deal of weight with the agromancer, but... this... she couldn't overlook this. She couldn't see past the pain right in front of her. The sort of wounds to her friends even with her magic, she could never heal. She shook her head after listening to the explanation and stormed out of the cathedral passing by Daniel who still watched and listened but without a hint of life in his face or eyes, his gaze occasionally looking over to the body of his brother in the corner, not able to bring himself to approach it or any of the other corpses... even if they were technically still alive, their hearts which made them more than comatose meat sacks, were gone- stolen by the heartless.

Fiona, made her way around the cathedral, touching the necks and wrists of each body, one, by one, by one. She shook her head with disappointment, her eyes steely with the determination of a veteran in medical practice, she was used to seeing loss, but she never could shake the pain when she was forced to watch the reactions of the loved ones who were left behind.

She moved over to the group leaning against the column, and made a grimace. Unlike the others, these bodies closest to the shadows and dimmest corners of the cathedral were not left mercifully untouched. Claw marks and gashes lay scattered across the bodies and their faces. One body in-particular, had been dragged into the shadows, his face, neck, shoulders, and back ripped to shreds... likely right before the heart was lost. Not an enviable fate in the slightest.


[[Meanwhile Outside The Cathedral]]

A servant boy, no older than 16 came dashing through the crowds, passing Noelle who had slipped out to get as far away from the Cathedral as possible, "S-sir Bobbi?! Sir Joe?! Has anyone seen a Bobbi or Joe? Anyone?"  
PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2015 2:06 am
[Kyla: Narnia: Cathedral]

When she finally caught up, Kyla experienced her own reaction to macabre scene. First initial shock, then urge to run forward and actually touch, to ensure the lifeless or- heartless body of her brothers poor state. Next denial, denial denial denial- this couldn’t be real.
He was just alive, they all were- just moments ago! What was wrong? What the bloody hell was this???

But as the artist droped to her knees before him, and took the youths face in between her palms, thumbs smoothing over a soft cheek- she sensed nothing coming from him. No warmth, not in the way that mattered. No pressing of the foreheads could stir him, and then some… this lack of presence.
And that’s what disturbed her the most. It should have been prevalent from this moment. Then why…
The obvious began to confuse itself. If their hearts were removed then why didn’t they vanish? Kyla sat there soundlessly listening to everyone as they picked apart the horror of their slain family and friends.
Pulling away from Elle’s lifeless face a guarded expression slid over the artists features and she stands up, turning her back on a sight that should have reduced her to screaming panicky hysterics- and yet, all she felt was numbness. Perfect emotional protective responses kicking into gear as logic refused to her fall into madness.
She walked back away from the cluster of heartless bodies and towards the exit of the Cathedral just as their leader; Bobbi and the other Joe were talking. “I agree.” She said just as Bobbi ran a list of all the problems with this set up since they got here. “Where is this so called Negator-? Is it smashable? My only experience with them is al’bed technology – but… that’s about it. I wonder what Mr. Soon-to-be-King is doing in all of this?” Kyla’s voice was particularly monotone.

The artist kept it together for now, she pushed the boiling rage and hysteria down into her belly, ignored the ache and forced herself to believe for now that it wasn’t true until proven otherwise. She used this excuse for all it was worth- it was a trick, a dream, a nightmare, a crafted hellish scenario like- “something out of Silent hill… all this I mean.” She said, bringing her train of thought to vocal utterance. ”That’s how it feels to me anyway. I guess we’ll know if things getting even freakier then this…”


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