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Kingdom Hearts: Beyond the Door (1st KH RP GGN)

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Originally known as Kingdom Hearts : First Generation, we pride ourselves in our literate KH roleplays & community. 

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 11:00 pm
[Kyla: ????]

It looked like Jadis’s castle but she couldn’t be sure.
Where was everyone?

After the entire thing that had happened, the illusions, the lies, the dream within a dream within a dream within a- WHEN did it END!!!????
“For the love of- WHAT THE HELL IS REAAAL????!!!!”

She yelled in frustration, arms shaking form the cold, shaking as the world shook around her. The artist was torn in two directions. To go towards the voices, back towards the light, or….

In the other direction was a path that went down into the dark. There in that shadow was a presence, lingering in the dark, plummeted down, promising, and feeling-lingering doubt as to whether or not she’s the only one who made it out…or not.

There was the faintest of lights in the dim, like the bait on the end of a lure- that’s how it felt. She thought of those angler fish…it HAD to be a trap- surely right? But doubt bit at her.



It wasn’t fair!

After going through more harrowing that one could expect in a lifetime- and be dropped right into this!?

Kyla’s skin felt like it should have been steaming against the cold, the fever was hot, making the edges of her vision blurry- she blinked against the sting in her eyes, even as she stumbled forward.

But what if everyone was down there?
But why would she be alone?
They wouldn’t leave her would they?

Despite how she felt, they’d not lea-

That voice. Who was that again? Someone was calling her?
That voice had come before, where again-?
In the dark?

Aslan, Merlin- YES, it was their voices, but where? When did they come with them on the mission? It felt like it had been so long… she couldn’t remember, her mind was too muddled to concentrate. Stumbling forward, in a direction she wasn’t sure at first she knew the world was crumbling; if she didn’t hurry she’d die. She’d die and not be able to save anyone. At this rate, with no strength, no mana, no concentration, walking into that darkness was suicide. Worse. All her previous attempts to be assertive in her mind had failed. She failed over and over-

…’ I’m not strong enough, to protect you…. I’m not strong enough to do anything…’

‘…No matter how hard I- t-try to be…I’m just…just me..

"I’m useless on my own.”

Kyla was more drained then just body. She reemerged with something missing, something weakened and broken in a place she couldn’t fix. Still, the voice called for her, by name. She had to-

‘wake up’

“..I…h-help. I c-can’t, not like this. They are back there- someone is there…. But I’m, I’m spent there’s nothing left in me...”
In the stories the keybladers could charge into fight after fight like they could never run out if inner strength, and here she was stumbling like a loser.
She was scaling the steps upwards towards the voices. NOt very reliable at all, if her comrads were back there, toiling, fighting, lost- and all they needed was her to act as even a distraction- she was failing them now wasn't she?
That thought scared her most of all. Was this the light she was wlaking to, were the voices real? Or was that doubt some other heartfelt hint, a small inkling she had always hoped would stand the test of reality that prove boends between hearts were strong. What if she was ignoring it?
She HAD to choose.
Maybe someday she’d find the strength to be strong on her own. But it wasn’t today. She’d be nothing but a burden, but perhaps if she found those voices, she could return, and drag who ever- what ever was left behind back to the light. If Sora could do it, if Kairi could do it, if other people could do it, someday-
She could too.
If there is anyone lost and alone back there- don't ..don't despair. Wait. Wait for me, I'll come back for you.
And so she found her way up there somehow, hand fumbling along the edge for balance. But if what she found up there was false- if she failed yet again. There was no reconciling the guilt she'd birth inside her spirit. She'd know that.It be the beginning of a deeper darkness something her 'mirror' could work with.
PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 7:52 pm
{ -- }
{ Silence }

As they ran down into the dark lower levels, there was a resounding and terrifying crash behind them—the grand hall collapsing, drowning everything in shadow save that distant light ahead.

And so they continued onward, chasing that light surrounded by shadow.

And so they continued onward, deeper into the unknown, deeper into darkness.

And so they continued onward, the world too black for their eyes to adjust, and the light remaining ever out of reach.

And so—  

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 10:42 pm
{ Ti }
{ Silence }

So they ran upward toward the voices of comrades, the world around them falling to pieces, the details beyond the ceiling as much a blur as the memories of how they reached that place. The stairs seemed so much longer than they looked—was it the urgency, or reality?—and as they ran toward that blinding light, toward salvation, they saw a support arch above collapsing falling toward them, going to crush them, there was no time, no time, so upward they ran, and just as their footing gave way, a hand pierced through the light, offering safety, and they reached, grasped, and—

—eyes shooting open, heart pounding, they found themselves in a bed, as if waking from a scattered dream like a far-off memory.

Or, perhaps, a far-off memory that was like a scattered dream.

As their eyes focused on their surroundings, they quickly identified the room as their cabin on the train. They were laid atop the bedding, as if brought in while unconscious. On the table beside their bunk was a glass of water, with small chunks of ice still chilling the glass; it was clear they had melted quite a bit already, so quite some time had passed.

The bed was comfortable, of course, even for a twin-sized lower bunk, but they found themselves entirely refreshed. They weren't tired, or sore, or aching anywhere; between the collapsing hall and the present, it was clear they had both been healed and naturally replenished by rest. Of course, that itself may very well have been enhanced by the train's magic. Whatever the case, they were fully rested—and a bit restless.

Out of the corner of their eye, toward the window—beyond which was a pitch black, as one would expect of a starless night—they might have noted the ever-soft, pulsing glow of their æthecite charm piece resting on the window sill. But from the opposite side of the room was a much more noticeable disturbance.

There was loud, energetic chatter coming from beyond the door, somewhere past their room. Likely from the dining car or farther. Wherever they were, they sounded jubilant, ecstatic—victorious. Without a doubt, the group was celebrating, and even if one wasn't inclined to such loud gatherings, they would feel an urge to join them, if for no other reason than to make a headcount.

The energy was contagious, really.

The light from their charm pulsed again. It was gentle and slow, just one brief glimmer, a second of dim, another brief glimmer, and then a much longer period of dim.

They would surely want to go outside, of course. The cheer, the zest, it was overwhelming!

Another double-pulse.

But that could wait! Everyone was outside, surely they should go check, would need to check!

The patterned glow was practically rhythmic...

"Wake up."

Something at the back of their minds told them it was time to choose.

But there was no choice, of course! Go! Celebrate!

The stone lit twice again...

The door was right there! The joy was clearly ever so inviting!


[[ IMPORTANT NOTE: Earthlings only! Only Earthlings experience this. Canons are out of the picture until otherwise mentioned.

And yes, each of you are alone, individual, isolated, etc. Also, no items!

NOTE 2: Basically just need to know which you go toward--the door or the stone. The moment you approach one, something happens. ]]
PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 11:21 pm
{Bobbi .:. ????}

Somehow she found the energy to run up the stairs, staggering a little as her left knee protested the exercise. Her muscles burned, as did her lungs, gasping for air that seemed too thin. The stairs seemed to be endless, but she was exhausted. The light was drawing nearer, but slowly, so slowly, and the castle continued to crumble around her. She happened to glance up just in time to notice one of the supporting arches crumbling, and put on a burst of speed. She had no idea where she found the energy to speed up, especially going up stairs, but she didn't have long to wonder.

The stairs gave out before her, and on instinct she gathered herself to jump. She saw—someone—reaching out a hand to her, and she stretched to meet them. She couldn't hear anything over the sounds of crashing, crumbling stone, and whoever it was was shadowed by the light behind them. But her hand closed in theirs, warm and firm and safe, and she—


She sat bolt-upright, her heart pounding in her throat, gasping for breath, sweat beading on her forehead and trickling down her neck. She stared around, trying to gain her bearings, only to see her room on the train. She sagged back against the pillows, allowing her breath to slow, and her mind to catch up with reality. Or what she hoped was reality; so many illusions in this castle. What was to stop one of the illusions being one of peace and safety?

Slowly her heart rate slowed, and her breathing steadied, and her sweat dried. She took stock of herself, checking for injuries she hadn't noticed she'd gotten, bruises, broken bones, anything. She was uninjured, no blemishes except the ones that were supposed to be there. She ran her thumb over the scar on her right palm, and out of the corner of her eye noticed a pulse of light. She turned her head to see her æthicite charm sitting on the windowsill, pulsing in a steady rhythm, like a heartbeat. She stared at it a moment, watching the pulses as her own heart continued to slow, until the beating of her heart matched the pulsing of the crystal.

Slowly, Bobbi got to her feet, waiting for a wince, a twinge, an ache that wasn't going to happen. She was fine; someone had healed her, and she was at full strength. Even her mana pool was full, to her surprise. She must have been unconscious for a long time, judging by her recovery, and the melted ice in the glass by her bed.

As she stood, a burst of laughter from outside her door was heard, and she turned. One hand reached to the bedside table to steady herself, as her knees had gone weak with relief. Everyone was safe! They had to be; no one would be laughing if anyone had been lost. She took a moment to steady herself as she began to cry.

"Oh thank god," she breathed, wiping her tears away with the back of her wrist. She settled her glasses back on her face, grinning from ear to ear, and turned back towards the æthicite. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she realized it was time to make a choice. A whisper to her subconscious, nothing more. But she suddenly felt like she had to choose between the charm, and her friends. But that was silly; she was going to be with her friends, of course! She'd just grab the charm and put it back on her necklace where it belonged, then she'd go to meet her friends and join in what sounded like a victory celebration. And apologize for sleeping through part of it!

Besides, why couldn't she investigate that pulsing the charm was doing while also being with the people she loved? She was perfectly capable of multi-tasking, after all. She also knew quite well that after the initial greeting and hugging and crying (because of course she'd cry), she would most likely return to her usual wallflower self. That would give her plenty of time to investigate it, while also being with her friends and knowing they were alright, and having proof right there in front of her that they were alright. It was the logical course of action, so far as she was concerned. Two birds, one stone, pun only partially intended. It just made sense to her to do both. So, she made up her mind.

She took a step towards the charm.  

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 11:44 am
{James : ???}

The corsair pressed on, he had no other choice. Despite fatigue, despite not having any magic he kept running. He scaled the steps two at a time as the world fell apart around him. All he could do was hold on and press forward. The stairs continued upward, closer and closer towards the light, not ending despite the corsair’s frantic pace. The light shining from the exit making it hard to see the end of the stairs and the doorway beyond. A thick layer of saliva coated his throat, which made breathing even harder than it already was. His breathing became short as he reached the end. Suddenly one of the central archways collapsed, threatening to cut off his escape. He could see a hand reaching out to him, waiting for him to grab on. Just as his footing gave way with the floor beneath him collapsing, James desperately pushed off of the ground, trying to propel himself towards the hand, towards safety…

The Lunar Gunner’s eyes opened as he sat bolt up right, legs not even raising a bit as he sat up. His heart was racing, as if he had just woken himself up from a nightmare. He leaned forward, his forehead resting in the palm of his right hand as he worked on regulating his heart beat, not even paying attention to his surroundings as his eyes had closed once again. When no further chaos erupted for a few moments James opened his eyes and allowed them to see and focus on his surroundings. He was on a twin-sized bed, his cabin in the Sleeping Car on the train. He had been laid on top of the covers, as if he had been unconscious. Which he didn’t doubt, he had been exhausted, on the verge of collapse. Now though he felt fine, well rested, invigorated even. The condensation on the walls of the glass of ice water, which he guessed had been placed there when he was brought in, was proof he had been out for awhile.

In his peripheral vision he saw his æthecite on the window sill. He hadn’t realized until that point that it was gone from around his neck. He looked at it briefly, curious as to why it was giving off a softly pulsing glow. However, he didn’t have any time to think or dwell on it as from the other side of the doorway that were energetic chatter, enthusiastic, rejoicing, victorious. They were celebrating and without a second thought the corsair rose to his feet, their infections exuberant energy rubbing off on him without difficulty. He wanted to go join them, make sure everyone was alright. He assumed they were otherwise he doubted they would be celebrating. However, he had to see it for himself.

However… the strange pulsing of the charm at the window sill felt important. Significant, since as far as he could tell it had never done that before. Was it only his charm doing it? Was everyone else’s as well? The only way to find out was to go celebrate with them and find out. There was no harm in grabbing it before heading out the door though. It wasn’t like he was going to miss the opportunity to be with them given the racket they were all making.

He didn’t feel right leaving the room without it so he walked towards the stone, his hand reaching out to grasp it.  
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