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PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 1:04 am
{James : Narnia : Forsaken Hall}

James could feel heat in his forehead and his cheeks as he heard Sayrike’s reply, nigh attack to his statement. He had not worded things carefully and was now receiving what had to be expected from those who were less sure. Sayrike, and Anthony in particular. He had not forgotten what Ajora had done, how could he? The burn scar on his chest would serve as a permanent reminder of it. In frustration he raised both his hands in front of him as if in a disarming way. Before clenching his fingers into fists before taking a few deep breaths to try and steady himself. He wanted to defuse the situation before others decided they felt the need to make a statement. These heated arguments never helped anything, which is why he liked to avoid them whenever he could. He was about to respond verbally before he stopped himself to be able to reply over the charms.

”Wait a moment, let me clarify. I am not saying we should throw caution to the wind and just ignore it. Kyle has stated the only way at the moment we could be sure, and he’s right that it would be a huge waste of energy, especially since we do not know what is to come. What I meant was if it is Kyle controlled by Ajora, which we cannot even be sure it is. There is nothing we could do about it now that wouldn’t be just as much of a waste of time and energy. All we can do is keep an eye on him and try to be prepared if Ajora starts to show ill intentions towards us. That is what I meant.” The corsair concluded with a heavy sigh.  
PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 1:07 am
[ Nicholas <> Narnia <> Forsaken Hall ]

"WHOO! I don't know about all of you, but that was a lot of fun!" The swordsman called from his resting place, sweating while sitting on the floor. Between the amount of work to shatter those legs and the immense heat he had been surrounded by before, Nicholas was just plum tired! He turned to Amy, and waved a hand like a child, sporadic and quickly.

"Ooh! Ooh! Pick me, pick me! I need a heal, if you don't mind! Hitting things with hammers is surprisingly exhausting!" He called, before turning toward his bestest friend EVAR constant rival Kyle -Or was it his former boss, Ajora?-, who was explaining about his exchange with Louis and the others in his party were responding. Nicholas held a hand up to Amy, as if to say 'wait a minute' as he stumbled/sauntered over towards Kyle. The dragoon had begun channeling some spell, apparently one called Clarity, but Nicholas didn't have any time nor the ability to give a ********.

"Hey, hey, hey, heeeeeeeey." The swordsman droned, placing an arm over Kyle's shoulder and giving him a small pat on the chest with his free arm. "You're all so wound up, arguing over whether Louis should be saved or not. I mean, sure, he's an Earthling and we need to stick together" Nick commented in a sarcastic yet silly tone, "But, as you mentioned, he murdered people and refuses parley. He's nothing more than a ravenous dog, waiting to bite into our delicious fleshy throats! But I get it. Justice is difficult, and some of you are not 'judges' or 'executioners', as our fine Dragoon friend mentioned."

Nicholas coughed violently, once again tasting copper in his mouth. He looked up after his fit, still draped on Kyle. "However, I'm not a part of this little grouping, so I could give half a s**t about your opinions of whether he deserves life or death." He paused, putting his hand up to his head as if he were to faint.

"So I shall be the villain yet again in our little story, and I'll be putting the rabid beast who haunts you all down for good. It's what he wanted, anyway." He paused, giving the group a small shrug. "I doubt any of you will believe me, and think me a monster. And that's okay!" The swordsman giggled, only to pause to continue his coughing fit. "I was destined to play the monster this far, so I might as well play my role to the end!"

How much time do I have left...
Nicholas bared his teeth in a duplicitous smile, revealing his teeth coated in a layer of red.  


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PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 1:20 am
[ Kyle : Narnia : Forsaken Hall ]

Before Kyle could even begin getting a proper reading, he saw and heard--through Mathy--Nicholas beginning to make his way over and talk. The dragoon's expression deadpanned, and he was sorely tempted to try Stopping the taller guy just to stop him from talking.

But then he caught sight of the other man's magical signature. His... essence, to put it in a word.

Instead, Kyle reached around Nicholas' shoulder, much as the other had done to him, and pulled him lower and closer so that he could mutter in his ear.

"I kicked your a** ten ways to Sunday this morning and I have gotten stronger since. Noelle vouched for you, and the only reason we're keeping you around is her belief in you," he said, his eyes glossed over. "She thinks you're better than this act you like to put on. Ajora thought you were better than this, but made do with what he had. Piece of advice: don't prove Chaos right."

And with that he let go and began attempting to process the information. The field only went out so many meters, so depending on what he saw, he'd have to start moving around.
PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 2:08 am
[[Narration : Dreams of Ice]]

With their enemies gone, the castle's forsaken hall was quiet beyond the crackling, boiling molten crystal in the middle of the hall surrounding the corpse of Dumael. Yet, despite their victory, it felt oddly dissatisfying, after all, several questions remained unanswered. The man on the throne was not Louis but a replica of Alan, both he and the spider demon were dead... but there was no sign of actual culprit behind it all. Where was the ending? Where was the closure? Where was the a*****e who tortured them and killed their family members and friends so they could bring down righteous vengeance upon the villain and receive the justice they deserved?

"I told you already, you have no power here!"

Was it getting colder? Perhaps with the smoldering floor returning to average stone, it was to be expected considering there was a blizzard raging outside.

[[Cue: Dreams of Ice from FF XIV]]

No, it was certainly getting colder, far colder than it was before, and fast... plus, the floor wouldn't return to normal that quickly, would it? Even with its origins being magical. Kyle who opened his eyes to clarity saw all, amidst the torrential ebb and flow of magic he could see everyone standing or floating about, each giving off their own unique glow. One, two... Three, four, five, six... seven, eight, nine, ten... eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen... sixteen.

Hold on... sixteen? Last he checked, weren't there fifteen of them?

There was a flicker and flash, burst of cold air and as they all stared, a massive shimmering pointed pillar of lightly transparent, purple-blue ice encased Dumael.

"Behold, the 3rd dam's collapse! Hope and faith draw thee to a precipice of tragedy. Blinded by thine light, judgement follows a march through hell. Pray, blind thyself to false hope and claim thy own oblivion! Breach the gates, Erebus!"

There was a loud scraping sound followed by a crash like broken glass. Upon turning to the source, they'd find a statue... white, opaque crystal, a light mist rising off the freshly flash frozen shape of Jenny standing uncomfortably just as she had been there just seconds before, only a almond shaped hole smoldering with shadow where her heart should have been.

Sharp screeches like nails on a chalkboard, another noise like cracking glass. The source, as they turned, Dawn. Radiant, orange red crystal was her statue, her face frozen in shock just as she'd witnessed Jenny's demise.The same smoldering hole rested in her chest as well.

The pillar containing the defeated demon cracked and splintered, and in a loud smash, broke away. Dumael, floated to the floor, all wounds vanished from his body. Next to him, appearing from swirling distortions in space... an optical illusion gave way to the man they'd been searching for.

Louis stood there, Kokytus, his naginata in hand, snow drifting down across the entire hall as the world seemed to drop to sub zero temperatures in his presence. He held out the weapon before him then let go, spreading his arms out to his sides as the naginata floated in the middle, straight up and down glowing and beginning to absorb all of the mist that had been scattered into the air after Kagatsuchi's demise. A familiar barrier sprang up from the crystalline floor and surrounded Louis making him impervious to attacks.

"The world shall end, not in fire but ice, for hell hath frozen over and I, its vanguard, before the flood shall slaughter you all and deliver you eternal slumber!"

Kyle, in clarity, saw all the magic in the castle's walls flowing into the figure at the center of the hall. It was an immense amount of magic... quantities that would make many a mage quake in fear or perhaps awe. A voice, not his summon's, like burning thunder crashed into Kyle's mind like an explosion breaking through a wall, "Take cover!"

The crystal tower, let out a flash in response to Louis drawing upon its energy. As the baleful light dimmed, the walls became see through like glass while the floor turned as smooth and reflective as a mirror making the illusion of one standing... not in a hall but in the air amidst a chasm. As the walls became transparent, what was seen on the other side was not the horizon but oddly dancing lights akin to that of refraction observed beneath water. Then, just as this revelation might have dawned upon them, seen dancing across various facets of the crystalline structure, the image of Mateus himself was spotted swimming across the various crystal surfaces... he appeared everywhere as multiple reflections, swimming this way and that till they seemed to converge upon a single point where they could at last see a singular ivalician scion swimming around and around in a spiral gradually rising higher above them.

Dumael, dropped to one knee, then launched himself skyward, vanishing into the watery, shining abyss above trailing glittering strings of light.

At last, Kyla was greeted with a warm tug at her heart, the familiar presence that felt akin to a securing embrace around her shoulders, "I'm here," upon looking down to where she could hear the voice originating, she could see her sketchbook flipping through its pages rapidly. A multi-colored light shed from it. Beneath her feet, where she thought to see her own reflection upon the floor, she instead saw her shard of Louis floating upside-down matching her pose, in his hands, a shimmering replica of her sketchbook floated in the same frantic fashion, flipping through its pages faster than the eye could follow. From her pages rose a single prismatic orb that continued to rise until it was several feet overhead. It flashed, then spread out, encasing Kyla and several yards around her in a hexagon covered sphere, large enough for her and any who were close.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:42 am
Joe stared at the pictomancer incredulously as she flounced away. And he was supposed to be the newbie? Jesus Christ.

He would respond to Kyle, but Kyle was busy dealing with Nick now. How in the world could anyone be that foppish? He made Atomos seem contained.

'I resent your comparison to any fleshbag, boy. I am uncontainable.'

So that left James, who was also in the 'Let's not kill the mass murderer' camp. Wonderful. So much for a united front. He was so frustrated

"Look, the time for being nice about this has passed. Louis might be an Earthling, but that doesn't mean he's worth more then any of the other freaks you all have dealt with over the past week. At this point, I just don't get what gives him-"

Joe stopped himself as he noticed the flash and the gust of air. He turned from the the corsair and he saw it. Dumael encased in a prison of ice.

"Oh no."

Jenny and Dawn being taken out in an instant, their bodies frozen and hearts gone.


Louis, he presumed, stood their rambling and ripping off Robert Frost. More importantly, he could feel the vast quantities of magic pouring into the guy. Whatever was about to happen, it was going to hurt.

Joe didn't have to think twice about what he needed to do. He immediately threw up a Shellaga and dashed into the protective circle that had formed around Kyla, bracing for whatever Louis was going to throw at them.

"Cluster, people!"
PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 1:37 pm
[Joe: Narnia: Forsaken Hall]

Joe had remained silent during all the different conversations. Instead of responding(after all, what could he say to three different conversations people were having...if there were even three. They were starting to run together in his head.), he just sat there trying to process it all. While also trying to not process certain earlier scenarios because they were still in dangerous ground.

Kyle stopped using him as a support, and Joe took a step away, crouching down and balancing on the balls of his feet. One hand was out, his staff in it. Mainly to be used as a sort of balance, even though he didn't actually need it. The other was rubbing his forehead and the bridge of his nose constantly.

His head was pounding. Too much was going on, and all he could do was just...shove most of it down. Down into that internal bottle to be dealt with later when it was a better time. Still, he had to try and diffuse the situation, somehow.

Except he didn't have time to even think anything to anyone, considering his timing to do so was horribly interrupted by Dumael. Didn't they kill the thing? What the hell was going on with it now. And then...


Jenny and Dawn were...gone. Nice, sweet Jenny. And Dawn...who he had just helped save from the maw of the giant spider not even a few minutes ago.

He froze up again. This time because he was so overwhelmed by his own emotions, too much to process, everything was starting to-
Into the bottle. Deal with it later. You're needed now.

He had to move, had to get into the sphere around Kyla. Had to be ready for the next attack. There wasn't time to focus on the loss, just to focus on moving forward.

Joe moved instinctively then, as if the floor beneath him was going to break. He took cover in Kyla's 'bubble', shouting down the charms, Everyone! Guards up!

He raised his staff in front of himself as if to use it to take the brunt of the attack that was likely headed their way. His hands slid along the pole to get into the best position...and Joe gave his bo a quick glance, barely a split second, before keeping an eye on the enemy.  

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 6:08 pm
{Bobbi .:. Narnia .:. Forsaken Hall}

.:I’m at least seventy three percent certain it’s actually Kyle,:. Bobbi responded to Jenny and Syrike. .:Only Kyle would be reckless enough to try something like this.:.

She continued to listen as Kyle, Kyla and Joe2 spoke. When Joe brought up the "kill or save Louis" debate, and the others said their piece, Bobbi sighed, heavily, and looked towards the ruined throne. Her arms crossed under her breasts, and she shifted her weight to one foot to let the other kick at some small bits of debris that were close enough.

"Honestly, I agree, Joe," she said softly. "He’s a rabid dog who needs to be put down for his own safety and that of others. But at the same time, I… I made a promise. That I would try to save him no matter what." She listened to what Kyle had to say, and reached out to whap hip upside the head again when he mentioned being a hypocrite. She missed, but the intent was still there.

"Kyle’s right, we can’t put ourselves in danger for the sake of one guy who’s regularly tried to kill us," she continued after the former leader was done. "Yes, we’re the good guys, we should be trying to help. If we see the chance to do something to 'save' him without putting any one of us in danger, I personally think we should take it. Is that going to happen, though? Not bloody likely. Personally, much as I really, really want to right now, I won’t go back on my promise. But I’m perfectly well aware that the chances of me keeping that promise are slim to none. If I can save him, I will. If not…" She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and looked Joe2 straight in the eyes so he could see her resolve as clearly as possible.

"I’ll kill him myself."

With that statement, she turned to look at Nick, staring at him coldly. "Get in line," she snarled—just in time for the sound of breaking glass to echo throughout the chamber. Bobbi whirled towards the sound, Taulmaril in her hand and an arrow set to the bow. There she saw Jenny, frozen solid with—no.

Her heart was missing.

Crack. Bobbi whirled again, this time to see Dawn—Dawn, her oldest friend, the person to stick by her side the longest of anyone she had ever met, who was with her through the worst times in her life, from being bullied and beaten in middle school to her unsuccessful attempts to ease the Archer’s heartbreak, to this exact moment. Dawn, who could always be counted on for a thoroughly inappropriate joke, who she could trade insults with, who had been like a sister to her for over half of her life.

Bobbi stared at a lifeless, frozen statue of the only person other than her ex boyfriend that Bobbi could honestly say without any hesitation was her best friend.

An enraged, broken, pain-filled shriek of "No!" was torn from Bobbi’s throat, almost unwillingly, as she broke into a stumbling run to reach her oldest friend’s side. Her world seemed to stop in that instant. She didn’t notice anything else, just Dawn. Not even the shouts to duck for cover, or leader!Joe’s message over the charms, or Louis’ insane ramblings were heard. When she reached the Dancer’s side, all Bobbi could do was stand there, trembling, shaking with rage and sorrow and pain. Her hands raised to grip Dawn’s shoulders, then one to stroke the frozen cheek. Tears poured from her eyes, and Bobbi sobbed once, only once. She pressed her head to Dawn’s frozen chest, weeping brokenly, one hand holding firm to Dawn’s shoulder, the other groping, grasping, looking for anything, anything of her precious friend that was still warm and soft and alive.  
PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:45 pm
[Dani :~: Narnia :~: Forsaken Hall]

As quick as she could, blocking out everything, Dani ran over to Bobbi and grabbed her arm. "Bobbi!" Dani shouted to the ice ranger, "You need to snap out of it. The only way we have a chance to save Dawn and Jenny possibly is if we live. We need to get into the barrier NOW!"

Feeling as though Bobbi was not going to move on her own, Dani wrapped her arms around Bobbi's waist as water coalesced around her arms as it pressurized. Using as much force as she could she tried to pull Bobbi away from their crystallized friend. "I might need a little bit of help over here!" Dani shouted to the group. "I am not sure if I am going to be able to get her to move!"


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PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:53 pm
[ Matthew : Narnia : Forsaken Hall ]

Matthew was left reeling--so much so that he couldn't focus on giving Kyle the sensory feed he'd asked for after the two women were struck down by... what even was it? Did Kyle see it happen?

He was quick to make his way to Kyla's barrier, noticing the familiar boss-barrier surrounding Louis, but heard Dani's shout for help. Bobbi might not budge--not in time.

Using Yuffie's teleportation skill, he appeared next to the two women, grabbed one arm apiece, and warned them, "Hold on."

There was another puff of gray smoke, and all three of them were back inside the spherical barrier, having left behind the statue of Dawn.
PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:02 am
{James : Narnia : Forsaken Hall}

James wasn’t going to say anything more on the matter even with Joe’s final statement. He still felt a bit flustered from the retaliation from his initial statement and just wanted to cool off. He took a few steadying breaths and that was as far as he got. His breath stopped short when it suddenly came out in a visible puff and then immediately after that all hell broke loose. A flash and a screech followed by a crack like broken glass and the corsair’s head whipped to the source to see Jenny… a now crystalline statue with a gaping hole where her heart should have been.

”Jenny No!” The corsair burst out only to immediately shift focus to to the sound of another screech and crack.

”Dawn….,” The name escaped, barely a whisper this time. His right hand braced himself firmly against the mirror wall that he had been using for cover.

The corsair was oblivious to pretty much everything else around him, Mateus’ appearance, Louis floating above them charging who knew what. None of it meant anything to the gunner at the moment. It wasn’t until the shouts came verbally and over the charms to get to cover that James even became aware of a threat.

”James move now!” Fenrir bellowed in his head trying to get his summoner to focus. The voice in his head easier to tune into than those around.

{{Cue: Black Mage vs. Black Mage}}

The corsair watched as Mizu ran to Dawn’s side, of course she would, she knew Dawn more than anyone else. The gunner didn’t want her to get hit and prepared to run to help her. However, Dani and Mathy came to her aid and before he could hope to do anything got her to safety which meant he needed to as well. He fought with all of his will to turn away from the statues of his friends and make his way into the barrier. Memories flooded his mind as he rushed. He recalled the song that he had played with Jenny, and meeting with Dawn again in Halloween Town and their hug after he had broken free of Ajora’s control and now she was gone… As soon as James entered Kyla’s barrier he spared one more glance at Dawn and Jenny before turning his gaze to Louis. His brows furrowed his face intense as he gave the murderer the fiercest death glare he could manage.

”You… are past redemption. I wanted to save you if we could. Now I don’t give a damn! I will kill you!” He bellowed, not caring who heard him.  

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:40 am
[Kyla: Narnia: Hall of Forsaken]

She could feel various gazes on her, some probably less than thrilled with her position on killing, she ignored Joe2 and Nick in particular.

Still she should have been used to it by now. She just didn’t think like the rest of them. It felt like she was continuously the odd one out.
What they could all agree on was that if there was a way to redeem Louis, then they’d take it- if not…

Then the artist would have no choice but to give in, and cross a line she never dreamed of crossing. Just thinking about it made her feel sick…and dirty…no doubt she’d carry the stain with her forever if she had to do it. Worse... it spelt something else for her future, something she wasn’t ready to share with the rest of the group.

She hated it. It seemed everything around her was geared towards ripping every shred of hope she was desperately clinging to. All of it compounding the message-
You’ll have to kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me.

There were no mincing words- Kyla found no point in it. Destroy- defeat, sure those were easy- but everyone knew that wasn’t what she’d find difficult.
It just didn’t compute with her how someone, who had never killed before, could decide they’d do so- without knowing what it would feel like. She had no clue if she had the strength to do it, and wasn’t going to jump the gun and declare her fervor without being sure.

And right then, in that moment, she wasn’t. Sure it would reassure everyone
and no doubt look heroic, but it would be a lie.

She took a deep breath, hovering there as people continued to talk. Would it always be like this? If she hadn’t been there- would they have a much easier time coming to concensus on things? Every time she opened her mouth, it caused dissension in the ranks.They didn't need someone like that causing such conflict.

'…maybe I’m the problem here. If I don’t fall in line… I could become a problem too. They need cohesion, and here I am causing such discord.'

Kyla’s gaze flickered down to Bobbi when she declared taking the final blow. As if she could predict it would be down to her. May be it would. Who knew? What would it do to the archer in the end? It all worried her, what was going to happen inside of all of them by the end of this? They all tormented themselves about it in some way- if Kyle or Joe was any indicator...

….brand……what will I do with you in the end?...can I finish it with my own hands?

Kyla put that thought aside for now- she had to stay here in this moment.
No matter what she had to try and keep her composure, if she had to kill- she couldn’t do it in anger. It had to be justicenot vengeance.
Cue Snowfield
When Kyla exhaled- her breath came out in frost. A grinding sound, crackling like…Ice. A gasp of shock and she twisted in the air to look at the horrifying sight below.

Jenny…. Jenny was nothing but a pale opalescent pillar of Ice her heart.. Missing, like a piece of a puzzle removed. It’s absence blatant and obvious, marring what should be a whole and complete picture-

And just as quickly- Dawn joined her.

…oh my God…

Her heart leaped into her throat- their bodies were solid, lifeless husks with no hearts. But- was it really so simple- panic, confusion, it clamored into her.
But where? How was this spell being cast?! Which direction?! She spun around in place, trying to find its source, and then he arrived. With his summon, Mateus. Kyla’s eyes followed him, as Louis declared their final battle begins. Dumael knelt and – left? She wasn’t sure- but here began their final fight apparently.

Jenny… Dawn…

The only thing she could think of was how much she wished she knew them more. Jenny was always so kind. She had a feeling they had a lot of interests in common.

Dawn.. the last thing she remembered was her back turned away from her, following Joes lead to act like the artist didn’t exist. So that was to be their last memory? Never have a chance to make a mends?

She’d leave just a bitter imprint like so many others?

No- it couldn’t end like that.

Then she felt him, a warmth on her slowly numbing heart. Already recoiling into its shell, cutting all ties to feeling- so she could keep moving.

~It’s back! The connection is back!~
Carbuncle confirmed, indeed, the shard of Louis she carried was suddenly back. Then something strange happened with her book, a spell rose out of it creating a barrier she wasn’t familiar with. Whatever, she was grateful for the help. As the team clustered Kyla lowered herself towards them, making a point to keep her feet just neigh of touching the floor… she had no proof, but for all they knew the freezing effect could be in the floor.

Better safe than sorry. If she was sure, she’d make a point to give them something ‘else’ to walk around on.

‘ Where were you? What happened? What did he do?’ Kyla asked to her fragment. Meanwhile James threw in the towel- Louis, this Louis before them… his moments were numbered as far as he was concerned.

Justice… not vengeance. Kyla repeated to herself.

Justice..for Dawn, for Jenny..

... not vengeance…?

I need to stop him.

She looked down at the shard in the reflection, her heart breaking despite all efforts to feel nothing. Damnit- she used to be so good at it. If this was the only peice she had left- she'd do her best to keep it safe. She'd do what she could to keep everyone else safe.
“…ok…” She charged for her first offensive spell, when she let it rip it would be a big one. She'd hold it till she got the signal from Joe.

Was all she could say. Let’s fight then, and see how this miserable struggle ends.
PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:17 am
[ Kyle ; Errbody : Narnia : Forsaken Hall ]

"That," Sayrike mentally responded to Bobbi, her tone subdued compared to her previous messages. "is a good point. Ajora seemed much more careful."

Kyle could not feel the chill; his sense of feeling was gone.

Instead, he perceived a mist, a fog of pale blue and barely-visible black (though even to describe such sensation as 'color' is misnomer, as color was based in light and visibility). It had been there the whole time, but it was growing thicker, more pervasive by the second. There was no perceivable source--it was the room itself, if anything.

He kept an eye on each person's essence to make sure no one was being affected. There were more than he could keep track of, to be sure, but it was at least easy to identify. Joe with his pale green breeze (not that it was a breeze, rather he could only describe it as such, and so on for them all), Bobbi with her frosty cerulean, Kyla with her prismatic flourish, Melisandre with her prismatic storm, James with echoes of moonlight, Bobbi with a turbulent blizzard veiled by thin shadows--

Bobbi? Again?

No, no it was too powerful an aura, too cold an existence, his breath seized in his throat, he wanted to scream, it wasn't Bobbi--

He felt as if he had sunk into the river of time and rooted himself in its bed of silt.

A gigantic translucent spire of cold magic erupted from the floor where Dumael had died, and in that moment Kyle's sensory feed cut out--inevitably due to Matthew's surprise and loss of focus.

Then two essences appeared to sublimate, and it didn't take him long to figure out it had been she of ephemeral song and she of fluttering rhythm, becoming immediately absent from his sense, like hands that had been pulled away.

Kyle could not hear the scraping nor the screeching; his sense of hearing was gone.

He wasn't sure he wanted it back.

The translucent spire had grown nearly opaque with mist by that point, only to erupt into a new presence of onyx and turquoise. And finally, the not-Bobbi's aura grew clearer, the veil of shadows pulled away to reveal coarser obsidian caught in a tormented cycle of fractured ice.

He knew. He knew and he cursed and he writhed and he roared, but he could not do any of those things, only watch transfixed as one witnessing a house of cards fall down.

Mist from all throughout the grand hall began to pour into Louis, for it could only be Louis, and a thick wall of magic erupted around him, a barrier he did not need to see or feel to understand.

"Take cover!"

The voice of his shard stood out, not simply because of its presence within, but because unlike so much else it seemed to go at a normal temporal pace. Kyle felt trapped in a state of removal, of the world going so unbearably slow...

... wait, was the world genuinely going slow?

A sudden empowered current knocked his feet free of the silt, and all returned to normal time.

He dropped Clarity without a moment's hesitation and looked around, noticing the physical differences in the world. Jenny and Dawn still present, if lost in ice. Kyla's shard was acting out now, a barrier of translucent iridescence exploding outward from her, an inevitable protection against the coming storm. But would it be enough?

The others all rushed into the barrier, keeping an eye out for anyone else who might stay back. Some cursed, others shouted, still others damned the man before them. No, all of that was too obvious, too clearly designed.

Once again, he impresses upon us that he has the power and evil to remove individuals with a thought, but leaves most of us standing.

We've been down this road before.

He pulled into the barrier, mind running a mile a minute. Already, Sayrike was putting up all three of her mirrors between the group and Louis, and though they couldn't physically cover all of them, he noticed some weaves of magic flowing in between each, ready to take what they could. Anthony was adding his own unique electro-magnetic magic to her weaves, creating a sort of Polarity Wall in unison with the mirror mage.

Melisandre was calling forth stone to rise from the ground in the form of a dome-shaped wall around them; it appeared as if they were hovering over a chasm, but she was not bending, she was casting, creating boulder by boulder with raw energy. The wall was rising almost as fast as if she had been bending, and would add another layer of defense around the translucent Shard-dome, just in case. She was making sure to do the sides last so that whoever was left outside the barrier could still physically get in.

He wanted to ask Mathy to use Riku's Dark Wall, remembering its unique perseverance, but the blue mage was still recovering from the previous battle and teleporting Dani and Bobbi. So he stood, holding his breath, waiting for the world to crash around them, and stared at Louis, a mixture of pity and contempt in his gaze.

Are you really so desperate to die?

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:11 pm
[Noelle : Prote ~ Disney ~ Outside the City Walls --> Disney Castle]

Noelle nodded to the Apprentice vacantly, the torrent of tears stopping just long enough for her to understand what he was explaining to her. Her eyes trailed after him as he disappeared into the forest and stared at the place where she last saw him. Prote waited for the agromancer to indicate that it was time to move onward, but was left waiting for several extended moments. She continued to stare at the trees, her teary eyes searching them as if they held the answers to the questions her mind was struggling to formulate. Prote took her hand and began tugging it lightly to guide her toward the castle gates. Noelle stumbled here and there, following the Geist's lead silently.

As they drew nearer to a sentry's gate in the city wall, Prote spoke.
"Noelle . . . I'm going to need you to explain who we are. I do not trust they will understand what I am."

"I know." Noelle responded softly, coming back to attention for a moment and brushing the tears from her cheeks, "I'll take care of it."

The two of them came to the sentry's gate, a host of sentries already standing past the iron bars awaiting. Prote's stark white form was easily discernible in the dark from the top of the wall, so word had already gotten down to the gate that visitors were approaching. A sentry requested an identification--grunting it out as more of a demand than a request. The group seemed a bit put off to have strangers coming to the wall at such an hour, as most migrants and refugees made their way to the castle en masse during the day. Noelle gently, quietly, explained herself and Prote. Merlin would be able to identify them, she said.

A few wary glances were exchanged between the sentries, but one claimed that he'd seen her before during the festival parade, and gladly went to retrieve Merlin. It was only a brief wait before the wizard appeared in a blue cloud behind the gate. As soon as he saw the two waiting in the dark he hurried the sentries to grant them access. He was alarmed to say the least. Noelle appeared distraught, and the two of them were the only ones out of the several they had sent away present. As soon as the two of them were inside, he transported the three of them to a quieter space.

It was hard for Merlin not to ask a thousand questions in a minute, but he refrained as he helped Noelle sit in a chair. He started with simple questions, and found that he didn't have to ask much, as the small blonde very quickly began tearfully rambling. She started with the train going down, beginning to struggle with her words as she explained that they lost the chocobos, and then lost comrades. Merlin listened silently, only speaking once Noelle's recount of events started to become incoherent with tears and sobs. Prote answered his questions as best he could after that, at minimum getting across all the information the Apprentice gave them. As soon as he had gathered enough information, Merlin hurriedly transported them all to the wing where Noelle could rest, offering her a small bottled sleeping draught.

"I must go tell the others." he said in hushed tones, leaving Noelle and Prote in the common room leading to the earthlings' resting quarters. Just as he had come, he disappeared in a cloud of blue smoke.  
PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 6:49 pm
[Amy : Narnia : Forsaken Hall]

Amy looked over Nich. "Nah, you'll be fine," she said, declining to heal him. He had to offer to be the executioner, which to Amy only highlighted why they shouldn't kill Louis. Throw back to what Kyle said, they shouldn't even be the ones to strike first, which was a reoccurring message that he kept bringing up. Good guys shouldn't strike first. It seemed like a situation thing, though.

For instance, that strike just froze Dawn and Jenny. This showed what he was capable of if allowed to attack. Ignoring the question of who should attack first, it would be best to keep him from attacking at all. He was just going murder the group. Why hadn't he murdered them all already? The attack was a limit-break, so it was bound to be a powerful instant kill type of move. She hoped he didn't have more of those, but even as she was thinking it the situation was escalating even further.

Amy began charging a spell first. She went toward Bobbi, but Mathy just transported her and Dany into the safety of Kyla's barrier-thing. Amy back-stepped, going around the sides of Melisandre's stone dome before it closed up. She took safety within Kyla's barrier.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 8:16 pm
[Nicholas <> Narnia <> Forsaken Hall]

"Ouch, you're so cold, Amy."

The swordsman muttered, before getting dragged into a private conversation with the host of Ultima. After his few kind words, Kyle continued moving about his whatever he seemed to be doing. Marching away, the Host of Chaos stopped in front of his sword and wrenched it from the ground in a nice, quick motion that seemed to require little effort on his part.

Then, the world came crashing down.

Specifically, a whole s**t-ton of things came down. The Dancer and the Flutist were stuck in time, everyone was scrambling to get under the protection of whatever magic Kyla was using from some magical knowledge she had. New spell? No clue. Nicholas made the trek (all of ten feet or so) to get within range of Kyla's bubble.

Now what, Louis? What's your next plan?
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