This role-play takes place a few years after Moka and the other graduated.

Hello and welcome to Yokai Academy. Yokai Academy is a secret school for supernatural monsters and mythological creatures disguised as humans, and any human who finds out about its existence will be killed without mercy. Once again, Yokai Academy is a special school made for the purpose of monsters coexisting with humans. It is founded by the three Dark Lords, one of whom is the dean of the school. Yokai Academy is surrounded by a barrier called the Great Barrier, which creates an alternate world separate from the human realm, hiding it from plain sight. The only known way to get to Yokai Academy from the human world is through a bus that travels through a tunnel called the "Tunnel of the Fourth Dimension", which, according to the bus driver, has various "mouths" that open to various tunnels all throughout Japan. The barrier is powered by a rosary seal that is similar to Moka's deep within the academy, and according to Mikogami, if the barrier collapses, all of the suppressed energy contained in the yōkai world will flood over to the human world, creating chaos and disorder.
My rule:
1)Qoute people who are involved. makes posting faster.
Guilds Rules:
1.) Follow Gaia ToS.
2.) No cybering. <no major details>
3.) No god-modding.
4.) There will only be three vampires, for they are too powerful.
5.) As with vampires, there will only be three humans, who enroll accidentally. It is a school for monsters, not humans and monsters.
6.) No killing another character without permission from me and the controller of the character.
7.) If you are a student, you must be 15-18. If you are a teacher, you can be 20-50.
8.) If you are a human, include how you got enrolled into the academy.
9.) If you are a vampire, show what holds your power back. Like with Moka, her rosario around her neck was what held her power.
10.) There will be a limit of five characters.
11.) Keep it PG-13, if you are going know what... then use a time-skip or be careful of wording.
12.) Have fun!

Academy Rules:
1.) No telling others what your true form is.&constantly broken&
2.) No turning to your true form on school grounds.&constantly broken&
3.) No going to the Human World except on special occasions, like a field trip.
4.) If you go to the Human World, no revealing your true form there.

That's about it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Random picture:
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Poor Tsukune...makes you wonder what he saw, doesn't it?