At Weird Inc. we focus on the strange and unusual in people. We're a hangout guild for spam, memes, and average topics. But mostly, we just like being as random as freaking possible.

We treat the French and Canadian like royalty and have a strange abundance of robots and obsess about cake.
A lot of us have a slightly odd sense of humor so we don't care if you don't like us cuz haters gonna hate, tators gonna tate, and hamburgers are gonna kill everyone!

Our Guild Offers...
. Lots of guild exclusive contests where you can win BIG
. A forum for selfies and to show off your photography
. Various kinds of roleplaying
. Loads of posting games and posting quizzes
. A fourm for questing items
. A forum to show off your arts and crafts
. A serious discussion forum for debates and serious advice
. A forum for making a public journal/diary
. A forum for talking about wild animals and pets
. A forum for introductions
. A fourm for your mini shops and service threads
. We also have a thread where you can add your aquarium for Booty Grab

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How To Join
First please look over our guild rules.
Guild rules must be followed at all times, not following the guild rules will get you a warning. If you get three warnings you will be banned permanently from our guild.
Our guild does go by the ToS and the Rules and Guidelines if you are caught breaking these rules your offending post will be removed, you will be permanently banned from the guild without question, and we will have to report you to Gaia's moderation team.
We welcome everyone to join us, we accept blank join requests so don't worry about typing anything in.
We hope to see you in our guild!

Guild Affiliations

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We support the movement for saving Gaia's guilds.
Please show this petition to save Gaia's guilds some support by signing and spreading the word to your friends and any guilds that you may be in.

Please do not donate directly to the guild, we have plenty saved up!
Instead please send your donations to the Guild Mule.
This will help us with holding contests and giving out donations to other guild members!