A Long time ago the worlds were tormented by foul creatures known to all as heartless. They killed and stole the hearts from people and even worlds turning these heartless world to corrupted shells of there former selfs. But in all darkness there is light. A group of unlikely heros formed, lead by Void to defeat the darkness and restor order to the light. Void, Ivy, Tyro, Yukio. Together they fought back the darkness to reclaim the light. But at a great loss.

In the final battle Ivy and Void chaced after the darkness Persuing it into the heart of creation. There they defeated the Darkness at the cost of there own life’s.

The portal leading to the heart of creation closed for ever more. Trapping them and the worlds ends secrets behind its door.

Time passed and peace fell across the lands . Yukio and Tyro married and traveled the world telling there dear friends stories for generations to come. Of how the dark lord Arumhan had tried to destroy all of creation it’s self. But two fearless heros now lost to the ages defeated him.

And as we know as one story ends another opens. Tyro And Yukio lived out there days on destiny island, careing for the decedents of there friends who fought and died to bring about this world of pease. They created a land free from the darkness... or so they thought

After Tyro an Yukio died there two children Gilleant and Lance together created the Destiny Islands to train thoughs