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Pro-Choice and want to join? Read: This & this.

Welcome. This is the first, official pro-life guild of Gaia. The members in this guild are dedicated to protecting human life, and promoting awareness of the value of human life.

First and foremost, we wish to stress the idea that abortion is not something that we take lightly. To us, it is the killing of a human being, on the level of any sort of homicidal act that ends the life of another person. We don't think that wanting to have sex, or preserving what your idea of what bodily integrity is at the cost of another person's life is ever justified. However, in the same breath, we'd like to say that we are not against the woman, not by any stretch of the imagination. We support her whole heartedly, but feel abortion is a destructive decision, thus is better left not made.

Life is something very precious. It has something special that nothing else has, and taking that away from someone before they even get a chance to experience life is disquieting, and saddening to us. People who are helpless need to be protected.

But the seriousness of abortion aside, we are a fun-loving guild. Here, you can chat, make friends, and generally be with people who are of the same general mindset of yourself.

Should you disagree with us, or be undecided, you are more then welcome to read over the information inside and then decide if this guild is really right for you.

Here in the pro-life guild, innocent, young life is sacred. And we hope you feel the same way.

To be admitted, just please state why you're pro-life and give maybe one sentence about you. That's all.