The hidden opposition... Makes for an imminent destruction
Start weak... Stand taller... Add a gambit... And make a falter

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Welcome to The Pokemon's Gambit Order!!!
We welcome all Trainers. Competitive Battlers, Traders, RolePlayers, Sprites, you name it. This is our haven, and your haven. In the Order, you'll be welcomed with wide arms, no matter your cause.

Once you've joined the Order, it is urged that you read the [Start Here] !~Introduction to The Guild~! [Start Here] thread, which you can find here.

Once you've read through the Introduction to The Guild, you should be sure to hit up the Dewford Hall : Introduce Yourself Here SubForum, which can be found here. Remember, the Order isn't just meeting you, you're meeting the Order. Be sure to read the Introduction thread within the Dewford Hall SubForum beforehand.

Within the Order, we warmly wish you all to do what you do best. Those who Battle, can Battle. Those who Trade, can Trade. And, so on. We want all Members of the Order to have the best time they can, doing what they do best.

The Order does not have many rule requirements, but please, follow the ones that we do have. Follow the Gaia Terms of Service, and be polite around the Guild. Also, again, please be sure that you read the [Start Here] !~Introduction to The Guild~! [Start Here] thread. That thread contains, for the most part, all the basics that you need to know about the Order. Each section of our SubForums should have an Introductions thread, made as a Sticky, or as an Announcement, please make sure you read them, so you can get the hang of the SubForums and feel at home, here. In the Gambit Order we try to welcome you warmly, and wish you to call this place a home. We would love it for you to stay, hangout, and chat in our Guild Hangout Thread, or take challenges for Battles in the Battle Tent SubForum, or even just relax, and trade a little, anything of the sorts is fine, and encouraged.

If you want to join the Order, just say why you want to join, and maybe how you happened to find us.

I feel I've said all that is needed to be said. Please enjoy your stay in the Order, and let it be long and prosperous.

The weak in appearance aren't always proven the weakest in strength