This is for role playing of all sorts. We don't mind if you have your kinks and sexuality involved. While no role play will be frowned upon (hopefull) my focus is a story where any member that is role playing in it can help tell what happens in the world. If I start by waking up on an island, some one else can say that island floats up into the sky. Someone else can say that zombies start rising from the graveyard in the islands forest. This makes it easier for a serious role play to work with less stress on the creator, and for those having fun, this can make for awesome and funny stories. Give us a shot!

My hope is that we will have active members who do not flame/b***h/godmod. Also that these members will play a great role in the role plays.

I don't really request a super special awesome request message but tell me something about what you would like to do in this guild or what you want to be a part of.