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Welcome to the first guild on Gaia for the band Paramore!;; Paramore is: Hayley Williams (vocals), Josh Farro (lead guitar), Taylor York (rhythm guitar), Jeremy Davis (bass), & Zac Farro (drums).

`Some knowledge of the band would be lovely (:
`Post regularly
`Don't be an a*****e or act like a teenie.
`Type as literately as you possibly can.
`Follow the gaia TOS at all times.
still want to join?
read the all of this front page, send a request,
let us know why you love Paramore, & your
favorite song & video. put "asdfgf" in your request so i know you read all this.

if you don't follow these homepage rules in your request, that's an immediate decline.

visit paramore`s official website
check out the band on myspace / purevolume

affiliation:: the fall out boy guild. // the academy is... // music = life.
patrick stump guild. // the hayley williams guild. // the fueled by ramen guild.
pm a mod to become an affiliate. the guild must be related to music, nothing random. kthx.