The Marketplace
A Master/Slave Roleplay - All races are welcome

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In a world different to our own, races and creatures of all kinds roam the land. Some are familiar and others almost too alien to comprehend. Science and magic know not the boundaries that exist on our earth and entire dimensions unknown can be discovered here. But for all of the differences, some things remain the same. Those of privilege will always demand service and entertainment of those less fortunate. And anything can be purchased for a price.

The Marketplace is proud to present a varied selection of “unique” acquisitions; lovely playthings with minds of their own. Or at least their own until they are claimed by another satisfied customer. Hidden away from the public eye; nestled comfortably behind tall, innocuous buildings; the market can be reached by a small, almost hidden alley. It is most discreet, but quite accessible to those who know where to look.

Within the hall there are rows upon rows of cages, many occupied by slaves available for purchase. At one end of the hall one will find the Overseer sitting behind a counter. All purchases are to be finalized there. Guards consistently roam the hall to assist the customers and keep the slaves in line. (The Overseer and the guards are NPCs and are open to be played as needed by all members.)

Further down the hall is a rather large pair of doors equipped with a hand scanner to one side. Upon making a purchase, masters may use this scanner to teleport to the destination of their choosing. They must simply place a hand upon it and name the place where they wish to arrive. The doors will then open upon a portal which will transport master and slaves to the desired place. This unusual handscanner is the reason for the popularity of this particular slave market.

The Marketplace bids you welcome.

How to Join

1. Fill out a join request. (You must include a sample of your RP skills. A link to the RP would be appreciated but is not mandatory. If you are new to RP, please include a writing sample.)
2. If you are accepted go to the Rules Thread first and read the rules.
3. After having read the rules you are free to create and submit your character profile(s) for approval.

Members must write at least one paragraph per character and post. That means at least five lines (without picture) or eight sentences. More is loved. No one liners are allowed at any time.

~Chandra Panesar, Captain

Note: We don't need donations, the Guild already has more gold than needed.
Please save your gold for something better :3