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For as long as Gaia has stood, stories have been forged in the fires of Arena Battles and through actions of hero and villain alike. This Guild is a place for them all, the Good, the Bad, and the Uninvolved citizens that the heroes protect and the villains seek out as means to their ends.

This guild has been through a lot. It had a rich history, but the members decided that a fresh start would be best.

This is a role playing guild. For years, people have joined, and created their own superhero or villain (some fence-sitters as well). Within the guild you can find profiles of other members, and creating your own hero or villain should be pretty straightforward.

As for our level of role playing, you can just take a look at some past RPs. Some posts consist of one-liners, some can be somewhat lengthy, some can be straight-up confusing and mildly offensive. (Just kidding, really.)

We're not looking for people who post a novel per post, and we're not looking for half wits. Also, if you do wish to join, PLEASE try to stay active.

With that said, welcome to the guild!

Join requests are currently turned off simply because if you wish to join you must utilize our application thread. See you there!
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