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The Hatazaki clan, located in the Village Hidden In The Shadows, was an elite group of ninja all at the anbu level. They were all masters at being stealthy, but that was their downfall...
After the Uchiha massacre, Itachi left Konoha to get stronger, so he could defeat his brother, take his eyes, and obtain the top level of Sharingan. Nothing could be hidden from the eyes of an Uchiha, so he eventually stumbled on to the village. He wanted to test the extent of his powers, so he prepared for a huge battle.

Two Genin, Tizona and Zirith (Age 12), were really advanced for their age. They had surpassed even most of the elite members of their village at such a young age. Unlike the others in their village, they had something no one else had... a Kekkei Genkai. Their rare bloodline trait was an eye technique, which they called Bandokai. They had previously observed their sensei using Inferno Blitz Jutsu, a devastating jutsu, that if done correctly, can destroy your enemy in one blow. Their sensei was the most skilled person in the village when it came to using that technique, but he hadn't quite mastered it. Tizona and Zirith were out in their training grounds, which was guarded by genjutsu. They were trying to do the Inferno Blitz Jutsu. They were practicing it in secret for days and secretly got as far as their sensei did. They just couldn't let anyone know until they mastered it completely.
They were running low on chakra, but they couldn't give up... they were too close to just quit. They were performing the handsigns ( Tora, Mi Tatsu [ Tiger, Snake, Dragon ] ), when Zirith saw something glare in the distance. He quickly shoved Tizona to the ground and let his body drop, just dodging two Kunai. One had an explosive note on it, so they had to give away their position to dodge it. Two men rose from the shadows... they were both, Itachi Uchiha! They had seen the sharingan once in battle, where they had barely escaped, and they knew that those were the real deal.

Both Tizona and Zirith instinctively activated their Bandokai, knowing that this fight would possibly be the end of them. They would have been caught in Itachi's genjutsu, but little did he know that illusions were useless against their bloodline trait. They fiercely battled, keeping up with the two Uchihas with ease, due to their speed. They suddenly stopped, so the two genin backed away, to keep some distance. The two Uchihas grinned, and started to form some handsigns. They had heard of that jutsu from their elders, it was Amaterasu... The flames of hell. Only one other man has ever used that jutsu... and his name was Madara Uchiha. There was no hope left... nothing can dodge or block the power of that jutsu. Some say that in a time of crisis, you become stronger than ever before. Tizona glanced over at Zirith and at that moment they knew exactly what they needed to do. Quickly, they formed handsigns simultaneously ( Tora, Mi, Tatsu ). At that instant, Itachi had unleashed his jutsu. The two genin poured all of the chakra they had left into one spot in the palm, revealing an orb of flame. It was smaller than usual, but they could feel its power. They charged with all their might towards the devastating attack. Instead of the Amaterasu jutsu engulfing them to ashes, their flames grew power, absorbing the flames of Amaterasu. Itachi stood there... it was impossible... but... they had took the flames from hell itself and used it to their advantage. The flames from their jutsu grew brighter, as they unleashed a devastating blow to the two Uchihas. They did it...

They walked up to the Uchihas, to make sure it wasn't a trap. The Uchihas had disappeared... leaving behind only smoke...shadow clones... Quickly, they rushed back to their village... Their Bandokai was deactivated due to the depletion of their chakra in the intense battle. When they arrived at their village, they stared in complete silence. Their village was engulfed in black flames. They couldn't have known that they were up against clones. The real Itachi had destroyed the people in their village... every last one of them. All they could hear was a sinister laugh, off in the distance. They vowed to revive their clan and enforce justice upon whoever got in their way... Itachi had more enemies. And they were even stronger than his little brother.

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