As the name suggests this is a guild for all things Random and Role play. now before i get to the good stuff some basic rules apply. to join this guild you must have the following-
-A good sense of humor
-the ability to read ^^
-the ability to type really fast or really good stuff
-the basic knowledge of all of your fave movies
-And finally, you must also be able to spell!!

Okay now that has been settled on to the good stuff!!! yay!!!

do your friends look at you funny when you start acting out different scenes from your favorite t.v. show or movie?do you get up during commercials and write out your own version of the storyline? well guess what your not alone!!
*whilst murmuring how crappy the one on t.v. is?*
then you have picked the right guild! unfortunately we can't cater for those with none of the rules above unless you suddenly have acquired some of that the rules^^

okay in this guild we include
-200 gorillas
-20 elephants in tutus
-90 penguins on tightropes
- and 50 beavers all dancing the dance of the sugar plum fairy
okay. not really. aside from it being very expensive it would also cause a very messy clean up and i'm not sure my janitor would be too thrilled to clean up that mess.

But seriously this is also a Guild from random people who will just randomly say things like...Cheese ^^ just and example. or make up random things to swap with other people who are random. maybe if your guy desperate for a date a few random pick up lines that will sure get that special girl laughing at you in no we won't be that mean.

Anyway this will for rpers include the following genres-
-Romance- for those people in love
-Fantasy- for those always in their own little world
-Action-for those in need for a release of boredom
-Anime- for those with wonderful taste in entertainment
-Comedy- for those who need a laugh
-Horror- for those who love a good scare
-...And others i just can't think of right now

okay a way to join. you can do the following-
-have a invite given to you via pm
-have a very good friend who is in the guild to recommend you so you get option one
-send in a profile or paragraph of randomness or a reason why we should let you join OR
-you could fill in a paragraph (three lines or more) continuing this sentence on the space for joining the guild ^_^

and the magic sentence is...(drum roll)

Damien sighed as he pulled up to the abandoned building outside of town, He wondered if doing this was such a good idea, he frowned and turned to the passenger side of the car and....
(please follow all instructions in the how to join before proceeding)