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We are a roleplay guild. We are not based solely off of Naruto. We do use some techniques, but we mainly use other types. Also, please read this page fully.

P.S. If you do not fill out all fields the enrollment form below, your request to join will be automatically denied.

Enrollment Form
(In Character Portion [Your character fills this out for enrollment in the GNA])

Approximate age:
Element you will Enroll in:
Past Training you have had:
Preferred weapon:
What village you came from, if any:
Bloodline, if any:


(Out Of Character Portion [You fill this out so we know where you stand as a Roleplayer])

How you heard about us:
Gaian Name:
Role Playing Experience:
Role Playing Sample:
Bloodline Limit Details, if any:

Example of the Enrollment Form
(In Character Portion [Your character fills this out for enrollment in the GNA])

Name: Nadavi Yokoro
Approximate age: 17
Element you will Enroll in: Kaze
Past Training you have had: Intermediate Taijutsu, Novice Genjutsu, Basic Ninjutsu, and a bit of training with my bloodline.
Preferred weapon: Kusari-Gama (sickle and Chain)
What village you came from, if any: Hidden Waterfall Village
Bloodline, if any: Yokoro


(Out Of Character Portion [You fill this out so we know where you stand as a Roleplayer])

Gaian Name: Nadavi_659
Role Playing Experience: I've been in a Naruto roleplay for a few months, and some random RPs here and there.
Role Playing Sample: -The slender woman, dressed in dark blue fatigues. leaps out of the tree and onto her unsuspecting victim, her sickle drawn and aimed for the man's head. As she fell the man rolled out of the way and tossed two shuriken at Nadavi. A quick flick of the chain deflected the shuriken, and with another quick flick, the spiked weight careened for the man's left eye socket-
Bloodline Limit Details, if any: The Yokoro Bloodline isn't necessarily an ability, as much as it is a training taken on from an early age. From the time when an infant can walk, their bodies are subjected to immense stress tests, like being submerged underwater, in extreme pressured, and being sand-blasted for hours on end. This has left those with the bloodline with a very thick skin, and very strong muscular and skeletal system. their skin and muscled are so hard and tight normally, that a shuriken is usually deflected off of their bare skin with no harm. Some of the elders develop a greyish skin color, which is why this bloodline has the nickname "The Stoneskin Bloodline"

The Gaian Ninja Academy exists to train those with the potential to become great Ninjas. Our Graduates have been known to surpass the powers of even the Kages of hidden ninja villages. We will take in those with the potential for greatness, regardless of creed, alliance, or race, (Vampire, Demon, Human, etc.). We will also recruit those who show great potential, even if they have been exiled by their home village. We will offer the main Elements, and any others that can be of use to a shinobi, as we have the masters to teach it. The Gaian Ninja Academy will, if decided on by the council, help anyone who asks, or is in apparent need of protection. We are protectors of Gaia, and will be here for any Gaian, any time.

Note to all Hidden Ninja Villages
Our Ranking system is based on that of a normal Hidden Village, with the exception that, everyone has the same basic rank, aside from Sensei's and Shojiki's. A Genin here is around the same skill level as a Genin in a village. A Kage here is around the same skill level as the Kage of a village. The difference lies in the fact that, here, a Kage elsewhere would be treated the same as a Genin. No one holds rank over another (With the exception of the aforementioned Sensei's and Shojiki's).
((P.S. This is for the hate mail that I have gotten, and probably haven't seen the last of. We, by chance, were here first (before the Hidden Villages) so, there should be no whining. We have been here for a good two plus years, (Including previous threads of 15000~20000 pages combined) and we try to role-play fairly. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope to see you around ^^))

Elements and Teachers
Sensei: Mai10188

Sensei: Eerie Wind Kunoichi

Sensei: Tier Krahe
Shojiki: Nyl Phairen

Sensei: Kaimen Clough

Sensei: Daizing

If all aspects of the enrollment form are not filled out, WE WILL DECLINE IT. Fill out every field, even if you have to use N/A (Not Applicable) It needs to be said twice, just because it is that important!

Please keep in mind that all applications will be reviewed on the weekends. We will get to you, but not until Friday or Saturday.

No one here starts powerful, unless they have approval from the higher-ups and veterans of the guild. Chances are that if you're applying, you will start rather weak, compared to the people who have been here for a while. But, if all goes well, you should advance rather quickly.

Also, if you were kicked from the Guild, you are always welcome to reapply as a new Genin.