*UPDATE 11/27/09*


~shintaro inoue(former guild owner)

*UPDATE 11/25/09!!!! SAIGO NO ANNOUNCEMENT!(final announcement)*

Hey guys, Its me shintaro. Um, through the recent year my guild has been going on, there hasn't been much activity going on. Also, its hard for me to keep up and all. I didn't really want to do this but, I'm going to have to sell this guild. I don't have time to do anything anymore so yeah. I'm terribly sorry, I really don't have the time anymore im getting ready for high school and all those good stuff. So, I just want to wish all that is learning different languages good luck and have a great time doing it. I'm sure you WILL love it. I'm still up for teaching japanese, so feel free to ask me or email me @ tsuchikage23@yahoo.com or eijixteppei23@yahoo.co.jp. thanks I WILL MISS YOU GUYS!!!! ~Please feel free to add me~ BYE I LOVE YOU ALL~ heart :'(

~shintaro inoue(former guild leader)

*UPDATE 11/14/09!!!!!*
um, sorry this is a day late, but Chinese classes start yesterday...Darksorceress is hosting it. um, so for all those chinese learners out there better pay attention!! so yeah... *URGENT!!!* for those of you that gots japanese friends that can fluently speak japanese/ or is native to japan,* and maybe speak a dialect i don't care which one* I NEED NEW WORDS!!! I ran out of cool sounding words to teach. So please help XD thanks. there may be a reward. so yeah, until next time! Zai Dian! Mata ne! Anyonghikaseyo!

~Shintaro Inoue(guild leader)

UPDATE 10/25/09

1.Okay, so sorry everyone. i havent been active in the guild lately. i totally forgot what i said in the last guild announcement. forgive me. so anyways. we've got some new things that are coming up in the guild. yup new things to japanese of course. *explain later*
-word of the day(in session)
-kanji of the week(in progress)
-verbs!!!(in progress)
-adjectives!!!(in progress)
-vocab!!(in progress)

2. I need teachers!!! teachers in viet., korean, filipino, and mandarin. I cannot do korean, my korean is bad and im still learning. I hope anyone could be a teacher. I NEED YOUR HELP! Please advertise tell your friends. um to be a teacher, YOU MUST BE ON GAIA A LOT. I hate it when some one is a teacher and stops and never goes back on (no offense to my teachrs). so yeah, please help

3. i need ideas. I'm going to make a sub-forum, but i have to clue what to call it. Please help me? i can't do a reward right now cause i plan to make another guild. sorry. i'll probably reward you later! smile

thanks bye. (if you want to keep this announcement. please copy and paste this in your journal) thanks!
honna mata!
(ja mata)

~shintaro inoue

UPDATE!!!!! 8/14/09!!!!EVERYONE MUST READ!!!!

ok, so i suscribed to this quest thread. I thought it was really cool and i thought i would do something nice for the author. What she does is that she donates to all people who applies for it. She has to see if you deserve it though. What i thought is that since she's donating to people, she must be spending a whole big amount of gold. What I decided to do, is that for every 10,000 gold you donate to the guild, I donate 10,000 gold to krislovejmt. How nice is that????!!!! I'm so kind. So PLS donate this to the guild!!!! ITS FOR A GOOD CAUSE!!!! If you want to go see for yourself, here's the link http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/spritzo-charity-activate-interlocks-contests-are-up/t.18024481_1/

~shintaro inoue(guild leader)

*UPDATE!! 7/25/09*
In order to have all those fun stuff you want in the guild, we need to have taxes. So, I'm raising taxes to 5%, so that's 5 gold more. I'm raising taxes 0.5% every month * I won't have taxes TOO high *. I'm not getting a lot of donations. PLUS, I need 2500 gold to make new subforums for fun extra things. Sorry guys but i have no other choice.

~Shintaro Inoue (Guild Leader)

*UPDATE!! 7/3/09 ALL the latest announcements from June till today must be read!! *

What is this??

This is a guild where you can learn or teach Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipino, and Korean.

What can you do??

You can meet, chat with, and find teachers or students, play games, earn prizes, and learn different East Asian languages,

What are the requirements??

The requirements are that donate, have a MAJOR interest in East Asia, and YOU MUST keep this guild ALIVE. If it is dead for at least two weeks, then I will sell it.


Also, please put pictures of your appreciation!! And! I need people to make banners(please code for everyone to put on their sigs.).Thanx!

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comment me if you have any questions,concerns or suggestions. heres a link to my profileRoku-kun1's profile!


NEW SECTION!!*kinda random though*

Ok so ive added a new forum called the HATE PEOPLE FORUM. This is where you discuss all the people you hate. on gaia and/or in real life.

update!!!! june 14, 2009.

I'm going to delete "hate people forum" its kinda rude and mean, so I'm going to delete it. so yah. Also, I currently don't have teachers for vietnamese, chinese, and filipino.*korean is kinda slow right now because im focusing on Japanese*. If you would like to be a teacher or find one, please let me know by PM. thanx. Look on my new stuff*recent stuff* in the main forum, or japanese, all japanese learners might be interested.

UPDATE!!! 6/16/09

New subforum. It will be called the Bonus forum. That is where all the bonus stuff will be going like learning slang, dialects, etc. Also, you may now talk about anything you want to in the guild. make sure you follow the rules, guidelines, and forum( for example, if your in japanese forum, only talk about japanese ). I will l8er make a sub-forum where you can talk about anything you want * still following rules and guidelines *