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To Enter answer these questions (YOU CAN NOT AND WILL NOT ENTER THIS GUILD TILL YOU request to join by answering these questions)

1.what is your favorite race out of the five?and why?
2. why do you think the book was opened?
3.who side will you join, Elven, Dragons, Mages, Vamps, or Wares?
4. when you join what is the first thing you will do?

~Before the Drift~
Long ago the five races: Vampires, Dragons, Mages, Elves, and Werebeasts lived in peace and harmony, keeping the balance of power, and getting along, they would trade things from food to clothes, ,they would import and export to and fro. Everything was well. But that's because they were all of ignorant of how life really was.why There was one sacred item that noone no matter the race every touched, that item was the Book of Ages, this book was the reason they were they so ignorant , if this book were ever to be opened or read, all the races were know they truth , and the balance would be shifted and altered forever, so before those races existed another race called the Faes or fairies spelled the truth out of them, and put it in this book, then they hide this book in a cave way under the ground, but some one saw what they did and killed them only 1 survivor still lives. This survivor is very close with a royal meber of one kingdom. she resides in the land of elves, they know she is different but know not how.
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*The First Drift*
The book has been opened and the truth has flooded their minds like tsunami while some don't want to believe it, others proclaim to have known the truth all along, just didn't want to disrupt the peace, and others still don't know what to believe or do.Elves and mages are still on friendly terms with each other and the same with vampires and dragons The only person not affected is the female fairy, why? She knew it all along. Now that the book has been opened, will the races forget to the truth and continue to keep living like they have, or will they believe it and separate? that my friend is up to do

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It has been a thousand years since the last drift began, new rulers have come into power as the old ones have been laid to rest. and the fae has gone back into hiding due to how the last drift ended. She has also come to a very critical desicison how will it effect this generation, who will be involved and what will it cost? That my friend is upto you to decide.