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We are a guild with two goals:
To help Gaians improve their writing skills
To help Gaians come up with great things to write about

In our guild, members can post short stories, essays, and poetry. The other users then offer feedback, ranging from simple compliments to full critiques. Members can also discuss concepts for stories or roleplays, and ask for help on solidifying ideas, creating characters, and setting up roleplays.

CSD relies on its members to help each other. We accept anyone who wants to join, regardless of how well they write, what they like, or who they are. As long as you are considerate to others, you will always have a home with us.

We do not have many rules. We expect guild members to be mature and behave like civilized people without anyone having to say anything. We also expect that every member participates in the guild by talking and mingling with others. If you're silent, we worry about you!

Again, CSD accepts everyone. However, I'm always in need of Gaians who are especially skilled and helpful, and enjoy reading what others have posted and offering advice on improving writing skill.

If CSD sounds interesting to you, please go ahead and join! The guild auto-accepts all requests, so there's no waiting for someone to accept your request.

If you have any questions, PM any of the crew, but please begin the subject with "CSD" so we know it's a guild questions.

If you are interested in donating gold or items for contests and giveaways, please send a trade to "The Liberation Of Noodles".

CSD is proud to work alongside these guilds:
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