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Welcome to the Awesome Family of Awesomeness! I am your awesome captain, MonkeyGirl188! I hope you find this guild an interesting guild and join it! I would be oh so happy if you did. But I know for a fact that you'd want to know what exactly is this guild about.

We are a family. It's as simple as that. We trust each other and treat each other as a family. We talk about anything you want...... as long as it follows the guild's rules. Everyone in this guild is awesome, you are awesome, everybody is awesome.

Now, we must go over our rules. Please follow them carefully to keep yourself from getting banned from this group.

1. Be Respectful. Do NOT mistreat others in this guild. Don't be a jerkface and disrespect them because they think differently of you or anything. We are a family, we must treat each other as such.

2. No Fighting. You might fight with your siblings in real life, but we will not be fighting in this guild. Senseless arguing is included in this rule. I will not tolerate the fighting.

3. Follow Gaia's Rules and TOS. Simple enough. I shouldn't have to explain it.

4. Keep It Appropriate. Nothing inappropriate please. That's simple enough. I'm not telling you to act like adults or anything, I just want you to have enough decency.

5. Post in the Proper Subforum. I made them for a reason. To keep the forums organized. Please refrain from adding them to the wrong subforum. I will delete it if it isn't moved.

That is all for the rules.

If you want to join, make sure you have 100 gold in your bank and press join.

If you are wondering, the 100 gold fee to the guild is to help build up the guild bank. Feel free to donate.

Also, if you have unwanted items, send them as a trade to the guild's mule*.

* If you send the trade to me, I will reject it.