Welcome to the Army of Helaman Guild!!!

The Army of Helaman is a guild where LDS Gaians can gather away from the flaming and disrespect found throughout Gaia.

This guild is for those of the LDS faith and anyone wanting to learn more or just hang out with us as long as they follow the same standards. The standards are to keep the language clean (no swearing), no vulgarity, - basically what's in the For the Strength of Youth (Questions pm any of the crew). Also, we'd like it if your avatar had on pants of some form (and a shirt if your a girl). Thanks!

If you haven't had your request answered within 2 days, please PM Nephite Warrior. He is very busy but always checks when he has time.

If your request is denied and you would like to appeal the denial please PM Nephite Warrior and wait for a response.


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