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A place for reject shinigami.
And Mountain Bikers

An anime guild for serious discussions, fanboy/girl lamenting, vs threads and just plain proclaiming your show to be the best.

Welcome to the 7th Level.

Want to have a serious Bleach, Naruto, NHK or any anime/manga discussion?

Want to have a Vs. thread not lost in the CB? Could Goku really beat Superman?

Want to tell people that "insert show here" is the best?

Want everyone to know which character you're in love/obessed with? Or which character you want to be? Maybe the one you relate to?

Well then this is the place.

The rules are quite simple. Don't break the ToS and keep it in the correct subforum. Yaoi, yuri and fanboy/girl fantasies are allowed as long as they stay PG-13.

8-13 Update - Mountain Bike subforum added.
Want to tell about your last trail ride? Got a bike question or just want to brag about your new ride?

New Update- Zomg subfourm added.
Want to tell us your crazy Zomg adventures? We just made a new subfourm for that too.