At the moment we are a HUGE work in process. But we'll make it eventually! My dear friend Dagoney donated this guild to me, she thought I could make better of it. I'm willing to take her up on that offer. I would love to see some new faces here. Come here to discuss/rp nintendo!

Discussion: General gaming discussion is allowed here, but unfortunately must be nintendo related. Trust me, I love Microsoft and Sony as well, but unless nintendo is involved somehow its not allowed here. Gaia has a gaming discussion fourm if you'd like to try there!
Here is a place to make friends based on your obsession, fetish, childhood memories, whatever! Just all nintendo related. I'm talking Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, Mega man, Sonic (yes, since he is now officially owned by nintendo he counts.), and more! All discussion is welcome.

Roleplaying: RP is for OCs and Game characters alike. All games are allowed to have one on one fourm rps or huge groups of people. Any style of RP is allowed as long it is kept PG-13. Yaoi, Yuri, Shota and Loli are permitted as long as the PG-13 rule is respected. Original characters from other games are allowed to interact with other game characters as well. Its basically a really laid back roleplay fourm with only a few rules to cope by.

Hope you enjoy! Also, donations would be awesome. More fourms = more awesome!