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Furious at Gaia for ignoring the best feature on the site? Well, we are! Here at the Saving zOMG! Guild, we're looking to make a difference and meet like-minded fans of Gaia's MMO. The Devs have mentioned that not enough Gaians play zOMG! compared to other games on the site, and this is why they keep moving staff around. Thankfully, we've seen some new updates, so it looks like zOMG! is here to stay and is finally getting some of the attention it deserves. We can continue to help keep it going by getting more Gaians to play zOMG! and making sure it's one of the more popular features. Join us for discussions, roleplays, monthly raffles, giveaways, crews, and random fun before and after your latest battle with the Animated!

So what are you waiting for? COME JOIN US!

Also, if you want to donate, please send a trade to SzOMG_Mule. The donation will go towards the fund for buying awesome prizes for our raffles (without donations, raffles may have to be held less often!). To repeat: DO NOT DONATE DIRECTLY TO THE GUILD! Thanks!

btw: Big thanks to Monster-Kun for the banners!