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"Humans are like foxes to me. All of them wear masks.....Hiding their true intentions.Their real selves.

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A kingdom divided by two social classes, shall you accept your life as a Commoner? Or, shall you live the luxurious yet curse life of a Royal?

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nce.....was a mighty Dragon that had been banished to a country on the Earth for insubordination, the dragon decided to live with its punishment became a human female with its powers and took on the name Airin, she learned the ways of the human in a decade. Tired of not being a leader she turned into her dragon form and conquered the country. She erased the memory of everyone who saw her dragon form as she built kingdoms out of the country. Kurozure, Airin's main kingdom was born.
Kurozure, was an abundant thriving kingdom of dreams, the people were happy and the Queen was understanding and kind with a generosity that could not be matched. One day the Queen had fallen in love with human commoner man who sang songs to the people of her kingdom. A voice that soothed the heart, a melody of the loveliest bird. She would watch him everyday, and talk to him. Their relationship grew as years went by and she got married to him.
One fateful day, Aaron had decided she wanted to permanently be human and start a family, so the queen set out for the shrine the had all answers. While the Queen's absence, a rogue group of commoners who only wanted the spoils of the Queen's fortune attacked the kingdom. It was abrupt, none of the castle's members knew what was going on and in turn many died, including the king. When the Queen had gotten word and returned she saw the devastation and hid in the forest and became a dragon. She let out her perilous wrath against her kingdom and mercilessly slaughtered the rouges.
After the King's funeral the Queen was overcome with sorrow and hatred, she locked herself up in her rebuilt castle and divided the social classes. She had made some people Royalty by sharing her wealth and biting them so they would be given powers, heck, even turned into creatures themselves. Some even embraced it and a bigger gap furthered between the people of the kingdom. The Royals had thought they were better than the Commoners and hatred had grew. It grew for many many years as the Queen did nothing about it. Even now in moderne times that hatred rages on with Queen not in public sight.