Royal Preparatory Academy

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Royal prep is a Noble and Blood guardian prep school. It trains Nobles how to use and offer their abilities, and keep peace within the kingdoms they are someday to run. It trains Blood guardians to protect and use the powers the borrow from royals. The Royal prep use to be the safest place on earth for the royals, though now, there are assassins sneaking in and pretending to Nobles and Guardians. Nowhere is safe, and murmurs claim, that a war will someday come.


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The nobles, also known as Royals are those who's blood is sacred and holds magical abilities, though the full potential of this blood cannot be unlocked by the Nobles themselves. Instead, the Nobles have Blood Guardians, a type of body guard who is able to drink from the Nobles blood and unlock the full potential of the sacred blood.

Nobles tend to have distinctive features, such as oddly colored hair or eyes, fair skin and a certain air of power to them. They are both the strongest and most vulnerable race. They are also, the only race who rely on vampires to live, just like vampires rely on them.

A noble has magic ability, meaning that aside from having powerful power to offer, they can also study magic and use their own magic, which is 80% weaker than the power they offer, yet still surprisingly strong. Aside from magical powers and abilities, the noble can also heal their Guardian when hurt, though it will drain the energy from the noble if the wounds are too serious. Bringing a Guardian back to life has a 98% chance of draining the noble to death.

The Noble's job is to rule their land and create peace between the kingdoms. Before graduating Prep school, the Nobles are referred to as Royals.

Blood Guardian

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The Blood guardian is a war machine, the ones chosen to be guardian are chosen because they are the perfect killing machine. The blood guardians are half vampire, half human. Their vampire blood allows to have vampire abilities and extract energy from blood. Their human half allows them to control the aspects of vampirism that full vampires cant, like thirst and sunlight. The guardian is named the perfect killing machine because they can master vampire abilities like speed, strengthen, enhanced senses and night vision. Though aside from those abilities, the guardian has no magical potential.

The guardian is a weapon master, though tend to specialize in one certain weapon area, they can understand and operate any weapon. The guardian is also a great fighter, practicing every type of martial arts. When in school or on the job, the guardians are forced to wear all black or dark colors. They tend to be rebellious, brave and fearless. Aspects that make their job something fun instead of terrifying.

The guardian main goal is to defend royalty with their life. Before graduating Prep school, they are referred to as Knights.


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The assassins are paid killers that infiltrated the school, posing as either Royal or Knight, to pass on information, kill, or watch the royals for the clients. The assassins are known for being part demon and have a dark aura to them, to warn innocents from falling into their grasps. Assassins are cruel and dark-minded creatures that have either a magical ability or a physical one.

An assassins natural ability is to blend into darkness and be extremely agile. They are usually cocky and dress to blend in. If not trained to watch for them, the assassin can be right beside you and you wouldn't tell the difference between him/her and a royal/knight.

Assassins come in three different types: assassins, spies, and private eyes. Assassins are cruel and emotionally detached, though also very passionate.