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The Academy accepts all Beings who are willing to learn and see the world through the eyes of their ancestors. The teachers teach everything from Horse back riding to Physics. Royal Academy Dungannon holds high hopes for every student that steps into the door expecting the greatest and the best from every student that walks in the grand doors.


Every class and race that enters the buildings. Learn about your class and chat with others learn about what makes them tick. Find new food in the food court and enjoy the fun filled days in the Academy. Three days with be Academic classes and the other four are realization and or Extracurricular classes of your choice.


Follow Gaias T.O.S guidelines

no god modding or auto hitting (or be shunned)

No Cybering (time skip or Pms)

Cursing is fine but refrain from being excessive

You can Fight but not obsessively

★-School Rules

no cussing infront of teachers

no fighting on school campus

no sex on school grounds

Curfew for Vampires is 9 am

Curfew for Lycans is 2 am

Curfew for Shapshifters is 11 PM

NOTE-school rules can be broken but dont get caught

Have fun

Post something about Violins on your profile so i know you decided to read the rulesz