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Often when you sleep, a dream can feel so incredibly real, but when you wake, it starts to fade into nothing more than a distant idea. What happens, in those few moments before consciousness, to cause this? Where does the dream go?

Rhiod: where an
ything that a human can imagine, is real. Your nighttime imaginations do not end when you wake - they live. In a world created by the hallucinations of humans, anything can happen. And although this may appear at first to be an idyllic fantasy, it is in fact, far from that. You see, not only the pleasant dreams come here... the nightmares do as well.

Currently, Rhiod i
s in a state of peace, but only barely. The nightmares have been plotting, and are poised to overthrow the current monarchy - the only thing keeping this chaotic world in balance.

There a
re three factions with which you can align your character. The King's Syndicate, the Rebellion Forces, and the Treasure Hunter Guild. The king seeks to keep order in a land so eclectic and chaotic, and will always try to do right by his people. However, his dated methods have grown weak in comparison to modern technology, and the rebellion has developed out of fear that the king is unable to stop the monsters that nightmares form.

The rebe
llion seeks to overthrow the current king, and to elect their leader as protector of the land instead. Of course, not everyone in the rebellion has such intentions. Some merely enjoy the chaos of conflict and seek to feed off of the fear it brings. Though many may be there with varying intentions, they are are all unified under the purpose to destroy the monarchy.

Lastly, the Treasure Hunter guild. This guild formed from the people of Rhiod and ultimately serves those that bring its members prosperity. Of course, they abide by the laws of the land, but their services are given to those who willl pay the most for it. Truly a neutral pack, their mindset is on furthering their own status with nary a thought for the state of the kingdom. Of course, whoever takes the throne may help or hurt their status. Perhaps it is time they consider investing in a victor.

As the rebellion formed, the king has acted in favor of caution. He did not have an heir to his throne, and thus adopted a young woman as his ward. A king's ward holds no direct lineage to the king, but receives the honors and inheritance that a king's child would receive. In hopes to eliminate this new heir, the rebellion has already struck in attempts to invalidate her ability to rule.

Who will you be? Will you take the side of the Dreams, desiring to create a safe environment for all, or are you a Nightmare, searching for chaos, evil, and power? Or are you something else entirely, with your own agenda for this land? Step into the world of Rhiod, and let your story begin!

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◦ Follow all of Gaia's rules and ToS
◦ No cybering, no godmodding, none of that nonsense
◦ Be respectful! Let's make this fun for everyone ^^
◦ This roleplay has a minimum of semi-lit requirements. This means that you must post at least one good-sized coherent paragraph. Two or three sentences, chat speak, etc are not acceptable. We encourage everyone to stretch their writing abilities, and to help each other improve.
◦ You need permission from the captain or the roleplayer to kill a character.
◦ Be active. We understand that life is crazy and this should not be priority, but keep us informed of how busy you are and we can work around it.

To join, please include a sample of your roleplaying in the Join Request or in a PM addressed to either the Captain or Vice Captain. If you have never roleplayed before, PM the Captain for further instructions.

Once you have joined the guild, please familiarize yourself with the Rhiod Census Records and the Dimensions of Rhiod and its History before creating your character.