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This is a Angel, Demon and supernatural creature based RP guild. The main focus of the guild is a group of supernatural creatures studying for their future as an Angel, Demon or... maybe as something entirely different.

Angel/Demon and Spirit types will be restricted and will need approval. (Yes we are allowing an in between- for those undecided or wishing to play something similar from Mythology)

No one wants an influx of succubi, incubi, harbingers, or wannabe horsemen... seriously. There are several to choose from in the folklore, mythology and cultural stories in the world. Please find one that you like and try to be original.

However it is expected that angels, demons and spirits stay in their human forms unless dire circumstances state otherwise. This is for your safety and for the safety of others.

Some rules/superstitions/etc may be change for game mechanic, player or storyline needs.

Most importantly... Have fun!

Now down to the storyline....

High school is hell on earth, it's common knowledge, but when your high school is directly linked in with hell... well then it's just a whole other story. Welcome to Purgatory Academy, an exclusive high school only open to those commonly known as angels and demons.

In an attempt to restructure how their young were taught, a council of fully grown on each side decided to open a school. In the beginning, it was only pure ones of their kind that could enter, but soon they adapted to the Lost Soul Clause, stating that a lost soul, either forced to choose, or having chosen of their free will, may also enter and abide by the school's way of life. The school thrived. But so did the rivalries between the two very different types of students.

Thus our shenanigans begin. However, there also seems to be an outside force trained on the school. Will it force the inhabitants to set aside childish antics and work together?

Let the school year begin.

When applying for the guild, please send either the Captain, or Vice Captain, a sample of your role playing.

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