Dear Incoming Pirates,

Welcome one and all to the finest ship that ever sailed through time, The Royal Maiden. Here in this guild, you have a chance to join my crew of time-traveling pirates as we venture through time to discover the ancient treasures and secrets of the Ancient Gaians who gave way to what we now call "home". This Guild includes Lots and Lots of Role-playing and Team work. Everyone who enters the Crew will start out in "Crew" Rank. I will promote those who earn it as I see fit and those who don't deserve to sail on the Royal Maiden...Well let's just say you'll have to figure out how to Time-Warp back home yourself. You are more than welcome to team up with other crew mates in love affairs or friendships. But remember, sailing the Royal Maiden comes first. This ship will become your new home away from home so try and keep her clean. With that being said, i look forward to sailing with all of you.

Captain Yuki