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Welcome to P.r.i.d.e.


Welcome to the P.r.i.d.e guild.
This guild is made specifically for:
Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Pansexuals or questioning Gaians that want a place to fit in in the Gaian community.
There are far too many people out there judging and treating Gaians like us unfairly and we want a safe environment for us to be.

- To join, you must first fill out the following:
*Sexual Orientation
*Why you want to join

-No cybering. Those that are caught cybering will automatically be banned.
- You are to be kind to everyone in the guild, not just your friends.
- If you are rude to anyone, especially moderators, this will result in an automatic ban.
-If you have any questions about the guild, you may either post in the questions forum; which is soon to come or message Naner Wafer xU
-Have fun. Don't cause trouble. Don't get banned.
-If you do not fill out the form, if you are not literate, or if you put a stupid remark in the form your request to join the guild will be denied! D< Make note of that.

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