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Once Upon a Time, there lived two kingdoms. Both hating each other very much.
The first Kingdom was named Adreania. It was a kind Kingdom, that was more into peace the violence. Located on the other side of the river, it was well known for helping out the Town located in the middle of the two kingdoms. Adreania has never gone to war, but has a army trained and ready just incase.
The second Kingdom was named Drendani. It was known more as the aggressive kingdom. They too helped out the town, but exchange for men to come be guards at the kingdom. This kingdom has threatened was any times, and seems very dangerous. They have yet to go to war also.
Located in both kingdoms lives a Prince and a Princess. They both know nothing of each other, but if they did, would they fall in love and bring peace to the two kingdoms? Or hate one another and cause a war well awaited?

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1. Swearing, violence, and romance is allowed
2. No god-modding (No killing off a character without the character's owner consent)
3. I am the leader, what I say goes
4. This is a laid back guild. Not posting for awhile is ok, but don't expect us to wait for you.
5. You can post anytime, once you make a profile
6. Make your post nice meaning at least a picture
7. I might change the rules, so watch out